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Snowflake Table Runner

My all white theme for decorating this month needed a white on white runner for the kitchen counter. In keeping with the winter theme, I pulled out some whites and found this white snowflake on an ecru background.

Snowflake Runner | From My Carolina Home

This lacy white on white print would make good snowflakes.

Snowflake Runner | From My Carolina Home

Looking at them together, this is going to be a ‘low volume’ quilt, meaning that there isn’t a lot of contrast between the colors.

Snowflake Runner | From My Carolina Home

I began by cutting some 3-1/2 inch squares of both colors.

Snowflake Runner | From My Carolina Home

I marked my usual line for making HSTs and matched up the squares, one white and one ecru.

Snowflake Runner | From My Carolina Home

Chain piece as usual.

Snowflake Runner | From My Carolina Home

Cut apart and press as usual.

Snowflake Runner | From My Carolina Home

Now, take the HSTs and pair with a white 3-1/4-inch square. Place the marked line crossways from the sewn line on the HST.

Snowflake Runner | From My Carolina Home

Sew, press and cut apart, and you’ll have a quarter square triangle on one side, and a half square triangle on the other. Note the seam lines will be a bit different from side to side.

Snowflake Runner | From My Carolina Home

I was going to make it bigger, but I decided an 8-inch finished block would be better than the 12 I had planned. So, I squared them up to 2-1/2 inches.

Snowflake Runner | From My Carolina Home

Next, I made some additional HSTs.

Snowflake Runner | From My Carolina Home

Then I put the Qst/Hsts in the middle in a pinwheel layout, and added the other pieces around.

Snowflake Runner | From My Carolina Home

Sew them in pairs, laying them back out as you go.

Snowflake Runner | From My Carolina Home

Then sew the rows.

Snowflake Runner | From My Carolina Home

Press the seams opposite on alternate rows ( such as row 1 and 3 left, 2 and 4 right) so you can nest seams. Sew the rows.

Snowflake Runner | From My Carolina Home

As I lay out the next snowflake, it occurred to me that no two snowflakes are alike, so mine shouldn’t be either. So I did this one differently.  I also started to pay more attention to the seam lines as they made a difference in the overall look of the block.

Snowflake Runner | From My Carolina Home

I sewed this one in rows too.

Snowflake Runner | From My Carolina Home

Then a third one. After that I added sashing between the blocks.

Snowflake Runner | From My Carolina Home

I added an outer border as well, measuring it for precision.

Snowflake Runner | From My Carolina Home

OK, now to quilt it, and we’ll get to that in a bit. I need to decide if ecru or white batting makes a difference.

Snowflake runner | From My Carolina Home

If you’d like to quilt along with this pattern, here is what you need.  I’m giving smaller sizes for cutting than I used because I decided to make it smaller.  Finished size of the runner is 12 x 32.

Ecru Snowflake or background print –
3-1/4″ squares – 9
3-inch squares – 6
2-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ rectangles – 4
2-1/2″ x 32″ strips – 2

White on White print –
3-1/4″ squares – 9
3-inch squares – 24

Additional fabric for backing and binding.  Pair the 3-1/4 inch squares white to ecru and make HSTs.  Pair the finished HSTs with the white 3 inch squares sewing cross ways to the seam line on the HST to make a half quarter square triangle unit.  Pair the six 3-inch squares white to ecru and make HSTs.  Square all units to 2-1/2″.  Arrange how you like.   Sew in rows.  Make three blocks.  Add sashing, then side borders.  Quilt as desired.  Bind as usual.

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Click on Quilting the Snowflake Runner to see the finish.

Have fun quilting!!


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Winter White

The fullness of the holidays brings lots of decorations beginning with Autumn pumpkins running through Christmas.  Pumpkins and pine cones scattered around, and ceramic turkeys get added to for Thanksgiving, then up goes a tree with red and green everywhere.  January brings a desire for cleaner lines and less clutter.  For years I have done all white in January, reducing the items on display and opting for a more pristine look, kind of like cleansing the palate with lemon sorbet at a gourmet meal. It is a perfect day to stay inside and piddle with this fog and rain. Taking pictures with my new camera, you can really see the the layers of mountain in front of the valley, and beyond to the next high ridge with the fog between.

Foggy Mountain Morning | From My Carolina Home

After a month of white, I’ll be ready for more color, but for now this is perfect. I put white candles in my depression glass candlesticks, and brought out my milk glass candy dish and Fenton vase.  Some white faux tulips look good here.

White corner shelf

I put the White on White Table Stand Quilt on the stand, and set it with two candlesticks of different vintage.  That little pine cone is a white wax candle with a glittery look, but I love it and will never burn it. Click on the link to get the construction and tutorial for the crazy quilted and heavily embellished little quilt.

White mini quilt

I liked the gold apples in my white reindeer from last year, so I did that again but this time put him on the bookshelf.  A Bon Appetit cookbook with a simple theme is the right choice for the stand.  More white candles in that holder too.

White reindeer

On the coffee table, a couple of white lace doilies, anchoring a Fenton candy dish, and a Depression Glass potpourri holder in the pattern American.  I leave it empty this month, preferring to enjoy the play of light in the clear glass.  Two books with white covers are placed in the middle, one I have read and the other is waiting.

White table

Over in the library / dining room, my grandmother’s lace table cloth graces the table, with Battenburg placemats and my white china.  I may have my friend and her mother over for dinner again, so I have to be ready.  I looked for  a little plant with white flowers to put in the Fostoria depression glass bowl, but so far no luck.  White candles are here too.

White table

Between the library chairs, the table has a Sukodu Quilt in sewing fabrics with an ecru sashing, and a favorite book from Victoria Magazine called At Home With White – all about decorating with white. The pic is a little dark because there is no sunshine with all the fog.

White library table

I had three candles given to me as gifts, two this year.  The scents went together well – vanilla on the lower right, cupcake on the left, and butter cookie in the tall glass.  They aren’t all white, but are neutral enough to burn them now.  The scents are wonderful!  They are sitting together on the kitchen counter, but not on a quilted candle mat.


Neat and simple.  Now I realize I need a white quilted item for the counter top.  So, that will be the next project!  I already have a snowflake idea, off to the scrap pile again!

Do you decorate for winter?


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Table Stand White Quilt

When I get in one of my Victorian moods, it is hard to stop embellishing!  The white on white table stand quilt is a good example.  I kept going and going, like the you-know bunny!  Pearls were added to the lace heart.  If you missed part one construction and quilting, click HERE.

White finish close up 3

I added more beads to the top, but they are small and hard to photograph.

White finish close up 8

I added these neat five sided mother-of-pearl buttons…

White on White 40

and more ribbon roses along with a long line of seed beads.

White finish close up 6

Aren’t these clear crystal beads neat?

White finish close up 7

I added some pearls to the Belgian lace basket.

White finish close up 2

This heart shaped button looks like lace.

White finish close up 1

The bugle beads went on in a line, and I added a few more after that.

White on White 41

White finish close up 4

There are five pearls in the diagonal line.  There are 88 seed beads on the lower right going up the edge of that patch.

White finish close up 5

It hangs nicely on the frame from the loops on the back.

White finish close up hangers

Another button to the upper right, and a ribbon rose in the lower right.

White finish 1

I need to press it, forgot to do that!

White White Finish

The white reindeer stays out all winter, and looks wonderful with the quilt.  The dark line on the left is a shadow from the frame.

White finish2

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More handwork to come!  Do you enjoy handwork?



Table Stand Quilt – White on White

I got a table quilt stand last year, specifically to display my Miniature Mariner’s Compass.  Problem though, the quilt is too small, or is it the frame is too big?  Either way it isn’t going to work, so I needed to make something else.

Quilt Stand

I have decided to do a series of quilts for it, for different seasons and holidays.  All will be original designs.  I don’t promise one a month, but there will be several this year.  I like to decorate with all white in January, so this first quilt is all white and ivory. I started with a crazy patch idea.  Begin with a five sided piece of fabric.

White Mini-Quilt 2

Add more fabrics log cabin style, cutting off the excess as you go.

White Mini-Quilt 3

White Mini-Quilt 4

Press the additions flat as you go so there isn’t any ruffling.

White Mini-Quilt 5

White Mini-Quilt 6

Continue until you have a 12 inch block. Pin with batting and backing.

White Mini-Quilt 7

Then using your sewing machine’s decorative stitches, go over the seam lines in white thread. Stitch down the edges too.

White Mini-Quilt 9

White Mini-Quilt 12

I was excited to use the used Pfaff I purchased some time ago with all those stitches!  I used a faggoting stitch to secure the lace on a seam.

White Mini-Quilt 11

Isn’t this fun! I have a lot of stuff that I can choose to add.

White Mini-Quilt 17

So I started playing around with various items.

White Mini-Quilt 13

This rose ribbon was couched on using the blind hem stitch on the machine.

White Mini-Quilt 15

On the back, I added two wide loops to hang the little quilt on the frame.  I shortened it after this picture was taken.  The final size is two inches wide by one inch folded to 1/2 inch.  It is stitched down under the binding, and the loops will turn up but not show over the top of the quilt.

White Mini-Quilt 14

I finished the binding, and started on some handwork, then realized it really needed more quilting. The stitching on the seam lines just wasn’t enough. I could have added more quilting with my domestic machine, but believe it or not, I loaded it on the frame and added quilting.  I don’t recommend this, and you can learn from my mistakes, LOL!!  The project is small enough to quilt easily using free motion on a domestic machine.

White Mini 22

I began adding more embellishments to the top. The lace basket holds special memories, as I got it in Belgium at a lace shop in Bruxelles (or Brussels as we in the United States know it).

White on White

I added some ribbon bows and roses and some pearls on a diagonal line. It isn’t nearly done, but I’ll show you the rest next time.  Click HERE to see the finish!

Do you like to crazy quilt?