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Stamping score at the Estate sale

It is well known that I am a thrift store and estate sale junkie. When I got an email from my favorite estate sale company showing a house with one whole room dedicated to stamping, I knew I had to go to that one. Bonus was it was close to home! Running over there, they had been open about 20 minutes, and I searched out the stamp room first. The house was at least 5 bedrooms, and had three levels, so it took a minute or two to find it on the upper level. The room was stuffed full of card making supplies – dedicated desk, equipment, supplies, tons of stamps and punches, (mostly Stampin UP too!). The first thing I saw on the preview photos was this spectacular revolving, wood ink storage unit, and I really wanted that puppy.

Estate Sale Stamp room

Unfortunately, the lady right before me had snagged it and it was already on the way to her car.  Later, I found her and gave her my email so maybe I can make another stamping buddy.  I’ve been looking online for one of those carousels but haven’t found one like this.  Oh well, there was lots more to see! Every wall had shelving or stacking bins, and there was a u-shaped desk area with cutting mat, and lots of space to play.

Estate Sale Stamp room

There was a whole wall of shelving full of all kinds of stamps and punches, and cutouts, and more!

Estate Sale Stamp room

Behind the desk, in a closet with the doors removed was all this. I immediately snagged the paper shelf, as it was just $25 for the shelf plus all the paper in it! All Stampin’ Up paper, I might add, over $100 worth at retail prices!

Estate Sale Stamp room

Two very nice young men put it in the trunk for me, and I came home smiling. I thought it would fit on the workbench under the wire shelf, but it didn’t. It was too tall for the space. This is the mess before. See those wire shelves on the right of the workbench?  They have paints and canvases on them, along with wood items and other things for future projects.

Stamping @ From My Carolina Home

I measured the space and found if I took one out, then the shelf would fit on one of them if I didn’t push it all the way to the wall. So I got to work rearranging the stuff. I took most of the painting supplies and made space in the storeroom for that. Then rearranged what was left.

Stamping @ From My Carolina Home

Then, DH looked at it and decided that the wire shelving would be too flimsy to hold the weight of a wood shelf full of paper. So he wanted to take all the wire ones out and figure out something for it to sit on. Well, I knew just the thing, if it was still there. We got out early the next morning and went back to the estate sale for the two drawer cabinet the paper shelf had originally been sitting on. We were in luck, the unit was still there! And 25% off! So, a quick call to a friend with a pickup, and home it came as well.

Stamping @ From My Carolina Home

Good thing too, as it began snowing off and on during the day Saturday.

Stamping @ From My Carolina Home

I had fun reorganizing the workbench space. Taking the bins of paper I already had, I integrated my stock into the shelving. This is going to be great, I’ll have the colors where I can see them. Plus the drawers can hold the once-a-year bins for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter card making.

Stamping @ From My Carolina Home

On top are more beautiful papers that I got at the estate sale, along with my embossing unit with its folders.  The paper unit had some books hidden in it, along with some really beautiful specialty papers, and a lot of holiday theme papers.  Moving some things into the drawers freed up space on the shelves over the workbench to spread out the everyday stamps and other items, utilizing the bins emptied of paper. Now, much neater and better organized, things on the upper shelf are no longer stacked two-high. Plus the little drawer organizer I also got will help keep the little stuff like glue sticks and blender pens handy.  Maybe a couple of stamping buddies would like to come and play.

Stamping @ From My Carolina Home

But for now, I can do some cards!  Sunday I did have some time for that, as it had snowed overnight about 4 inches.

March Snow ~ From My Carolina Home

I took this picture of a blue jay in the snow-covered redbud tree.

Blue Jay in Snowy Tree @ From My Carolina Home

My bulbs were covered in snow, but they should be OK. It warmed up to the 40s later in the day.

March Snow ~ From My Carolina Home

This is a different turkey than my two buddies, but he still was happy to get a bit of bread.

March Snow ~ From My Carolina Home

We weren’t covered up this time, the streets were warm enough for the snow not to stick.  All of it was gone by the afternoon.  More cold and perhaps more snow is predicted this week.  I’ll be showing you the cards I am working on soon.

Are you playing with paper?  How’s the weather where you are?



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Welcome Autumn Cards

Autumn is a wonderful time to send a card to someone, just to say hi or thinking of you.  It doesn’t need to be a birthday or special day, just a card to tell someone that you haven’t seen in a while or that is having some challenges that you are thinking of them.  Even better when the thrift store yields a veritable bonanza of stamping goodies! On a recent trip to the Humane Society thrift store, I scored this marvelous rolling cart, stuffed with stamping stuff!! The front has two zip open pockets containing all kinds of decorative edge scissors, plus glue sticks and ribbons.

Stamping Score at the Thrift Store ~ From My Carolina Home

It had lots of fun leaves, dimensionals, yarns and decorative elements…

Stamping Score at the Thrift Store ~ From My Carolina Home

framelets and 3-D elements….

Stamping Score at the Thrift Store ~ From My Carolina Home

along with a stack of decorative papers and cutting tools.

Stamping Score at the Thrift Store ~ From My Carolina Home

All contained in this rolling cart. Yes, it was for sale at $30, but it gets better. It was 60% Off one item day!!  It didn’t take me 2 seconds to say yes to that offer, LOL!!

Stamping Score at the Thrift Store ~ From My Carolina Home

So, as if I needed an excuse to make cards, I got out my goodies. I wanted a couple of fall inspired cards to send to a couple of dear ladies having some health issues, just to say thinking of you. I had this idea, but I don’t have a punch in a leaf shape. So, I stamped a few maple leaves on ecru cardstock.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

Then I used the wickedly sharp razor knife and the cutting mat from the stamping kit to cut the leaves out.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

Then, I put the front side of the card into the embosser folder and sent it through the machine.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

I love this effect. Now, what to put behind to bring through the fall color. One of the sheets of decorative paper was perfect.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

Oh, even better, loving this look! But it still needs a little something.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

So, I added one ribbon for an accent.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

I like this design, so I did another one, this time with just paper and ink. I stamped leaves on a beautiful piece of brown mottled paper, and used a leaf motif ribbon.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

Inside both cards are the Thinking Of You sentiment, and I added some leaves inside too. On the cutout one, I thought the inside looked a bit sloppy, so I added a cover of just brown marbled paper.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

Naturally, both got my signature stamp on the back.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

Both cards done, and I stamped leaves on the envelopes to dress them up too.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

I am so ready for Autumn! Are you stamping for fall?



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Shopping Wilmington

Next to last day of vacation, and I had it in mind to visit two really special shopping areas.  I read about these in a review of Wilmington shopping so I had to visit.  The Cotton Exchange is a downtown shopping area of eight restored old buildings connected by walkways and stone paths with a number of adorable shops on four levels.  Hardwood floors and old brick remain to add charm to the experience.

Cotton Exchange 3

The first purchase of the day was at Fire and Spice Gourmet, a quaint kitchen store with all kinds of gadgets and goodies.  The very friendly staff showed us some of the treasures.  It was  hard to decide, but I ended up with some sea salt, a new kitchen towel with a chicken on it to add to my chicken collection.  I also picked up some locally produced grits, one of DH’s favorite breakfast foods.

Salt Grits Towel

Of course, we had to stop and sit a while to have some ice cream in this lovely shaded area.

Cotton Exchange 8 bench

Cotton Exchange 4

I strolled through a number of lovely shops, stopping in several.  Then I came upon Port City Pottery, and found an exquisite pottery plate with a cheese knife.  I just was captivated by the colors, perfect for my kitchen, and I liked the handle design too.  The artist is Pat Holleman.  My pottery collection keeps growing.

Pottery plate

I spent over an hour in the Old Books On Front Street used book store.  Oh My Heavens, what a great place!

Old Books on Front Street 2

It is a rabbit warren of cubbyholes and backrooms, books piled on tables and on the floor, shelves stuffed to overflowing.

Old Books on Front Street 4

Many alcoves have a great old chair or ottoman to stop and stay a while.

Old Books on Front Street 5

It is the kind of place you can excavate a treasure, and I sure did.  I found a reprint of the book Art of Eating by M.F.K. Fisher, a landmark tome for foodies everywhere.  I also came home with a book on costume jewelry, Eggs by Michael Roux, and six old Victorian magazines (Shane, that is your fault!!).  While I was out, I got several more books in the mail from swap sites and Amazon orders.  I received two other foodie classics, Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan, and From Elizabeth David’s Table with a forward by Ruth Reichel, plus a few other fiction books.


But it didn’t stop there, I had read about this enormous consignment store called Ivy Cottages.  Holy cow, it is four buildings with all kinds of furniture, collectables, china, glassware, antiques and more.

Ivy Cottages 2

I picked up a breakfast set that was in the 50% off room, then found out that day was their monthly three day event of an additional 50% off the markdown room.

Ivy Cottages 1

So of course, I had to go back and see what else I could find.  I sat down on the floor and went through loads of china plates and dishes.  I was having serious dish delirium.  You’ll see some of these in upcoming tablescapes, but for now, here is the Staffordshire China plate I got for $3.  This will show off some of my recipe results nicely, don’t you think?

Rose plate

This set of ceramic napkin rings caught my fancy too.  They weren’t in the markdown room, but $8 sounded reasonable so they were mine.

Napkin Rings

Quite a haul, wouldn’t you say?  Do you like stores like these?



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