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Scrap Dance Mystery Two Step – May

The May Two Step will be fast and easy, as we build Block A today!  Aren’t you excited?!

Scrap Dance Two-Step Mystery Quilt Along

OK, so get out the remainder of your QSTs, and all the two-tone scrappy HSTs.  You’ll make the unit below.  Be sure that the background of the QST touches the HSTs.  Also be very careful that all the units are the same, with the diagonal line on the HSTs oriented this way.  It is important to the secondary design that those lines go a certain way.

It is helpful to lay them out first to be sure that the prints are well distributed and you don’t end up with the same one side by side.

Press all the units made today to the outside from the center.  This will nest the seams with the previous unit pressed to the center as shown.

Now, let’s two-step and build the block.  Get out your previous QST units.  Take half of the above units placing them oriented this way above the first unit, and the other half rotated 180 degrees placed below.  See photo.  Your diagonal lines on the corners should look like this., and you’ll end up with a square in a square in the center.  Press the final seams all in one direction, either all up or all down, it doesn’t matter which.

Don’t be tempted to guess what is next, LOL, what is left can go together at least four different ways, and only one of those is right.  We’d all love to see your progress as you go forward, so upload your pictures to the Flickr group, and be sure they are public so we can share them.  The group url is – and I look forward to seeing all your units as they are done.

Here is a pdf for your sewing room (update! it is now a pdf) – Two Step May Instructions

Are you just now finding the mystery?  You can catch up quickly as there are only five months published.  We will finish in July, then have more shares in August as the quilts are finished.  So, come join in!  Just click on Scrap Dance Mystery Two-Step to get started.  Each step is linked to the one that came after, and all have downloads to print out for reference in the sewing room.

How’s your Two Step coming along?

Scrap Dance Two-Step Mystery Quilt Along


Autumn Jubilee Table Runners – Giveaway Fat Quarter Shop!!

Autumn Jubilee continues with table runners for your two block designs.  How you put this together is up to you, and the size you need for your table.   I’ll give you several layouts, remember that each block finishes at 6 inches square, so measure your table to see how many you need to get the size you need.  Then you can improvise!  Our wonderful giveaway today is sponsored by The Fat Quarter Shop!  Read all the way to their logo to see how to enter.

autumnjubileelogoUsing the leaves and pumpkins, here’s the first table runner for Autumn Jubilee, that will also look great on your Thanksgiving table. A single row of blocks like this one with a 2-inch finished border will yield a width of 10 inches with a length of 34 inches.


I started with my blocks, four pumpkins and four leaves, and began playing with more arrangements.  Here’s pumpkins on the ends and leaves in the middle.

Autumn Jubilee QA Runner 1

Or I could arrange them alternating.

Autumn Jubilee QA Runner 2

Or I could put the pumpkins in the middle.

Autumn Jubilee QA Runner 3

Ultimately, I thought that more leaves would suit me better, and give me the length I needed.  Plus, I liked the pumpkins separated a bit more.

Autumn Jubilee QA Runner 5

I actually had this in EQ7 this way.  Two blocks wide with a 2 inch border all around will give you a width of 14 inches, and a length of 40 inches, a nice size for a table runner.


So, I sewed the blocks together, and added a border.

Autumn Jubilee QA Runner 6

I like that leaf fabric.  My friends would say that I have never met a leaf fabric I didn’t like, LOL!!  Anyway, quilting went quickly using a fall pantograph with pumpkins.  I used a gold variegated thread.

Autumn Jubilee QA Runner 7

I like the quilting to show in the background and recede on the motifs.

Autumn Jubilee QA Runner 8

Bound in a dark rust, all finished!  Don’t forget to put a label on the back.

Autumn Jubilee Runner Finish 1

Autumn Jubilee Runner Finish 3

But, you might like a different arrangement, so here are a couple more ideas for setting your blocks.  Sometimes I have the pumpkins facing the sides, and sometimes facing the ends.  The leaves are set randomly, except in the first layout where they are oriented to the corners.  I’ll show you both scrappy leaves and single scrappy color leaves, along with dark and lighter borders.   Just play with what you have until you are happy.  Next Friday we will do the larger topper, so make more pumpkins and leaves!  And read on for the giveaway!

runner8pumpkin runner6pumpkin runner4pumpkins runner2x6  runnerendpumpkins

FatQuarterShop-300x300Just in case you need some more autumn colors to complete the projects, today’s sponsor is The Fat Quarter Shop! They are offering a $25 gift certificate to a randomly drawn comment on this post. To enter, visit the Fat Quarter Shop and find a collection you like, come back and leave a comment about what you found.  Once again, if you follow my blog, leave a second comment for a second entry telling me how you follow – email, Bloglovin, Feedly, blogroll, or a blog reader.

The drawing will be held November 1, so you have plenty of time to enter and tell your friends!  Share it!

Don’t forget to upload your progress pictures to the Flickr group Autumn Jubilee!  For next week, you’ll need 4 pumpkins and 12 leaves to make the final design, along with some additional background fabric and a pretty autumn print for accent.  Dig in your stashes, and make more blocks for next week.  Hope you are having fun!  And I hope you will have at least a couple of finished pieces for use this year.  Remember, one lucky reader who has posted progress on the Flickr group will get their project quilted by me, with batting included, and return shipping paid.

So, what’s your favorite collection at Fat Quarter Shop?



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Autumn Jubilee Block 2 and Mini Quilt

Are you ready for Block 2 in the Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along?  Our giveaway sponsor today is Connecting Threads!   You’ll need to gather your orange fabrics for this one, along with more background scraps and just a bit of green.


The second block for the quilt along is a pumpkin design.  The pumpkin block finishes at 6 inches square.

Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along ~ From My Carolina Home

Background White / Ecru
4 1-1/2-inch squares
2 strips 1-1/2-inches by 3-1/4-inches

Orange Scraps
3 strips 2-1/2-inches x 5-1/2-inches

Green Stem Scrap
1-inch x 1-1/2-inch

Sew the green scrap between the two background strips, short sides matching, right sides together.  Press toward the green.

Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along ~ From My Carolina Home

Sew the orange strips together on the long sides. Position a 1-1/2-inch background square on each corner and sew diagonally across the square, like making a snowball block.

Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along ~ From My Carolina Home

Be careful to sew exactly on the line or you may end up with this.

Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along ~ From My Carolina Home

Trim the seam allowance to 1/4-inch. Press to the orange side.

Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along ~ From My Carolina Home

Sew the pumpkin to the stem. Square up to 6-1/2-inches.

Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along ~ From My Carolina Home

Make one pumpkin block for the mini quilt this week. Arrange three leaves of different colors (or three multi-color leaves) and one pumpkin block in the layout below.  Vary the direction of the leaf stems.  Add a border of 1-1/2 inches wide background fabric.  Be sure to measure your borders, they should be two strips of 12-1/2-inches long, and two strips of 14-1/2-inches long.

Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along ~ From My Carolina Home

Quilt as desired.  I used my favorite fall pantograph with leaves and pumpkins.

Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along ~ From My Carolina Home

Before binding, add hangers to the top edge of the back for your stand.  Leave these off if you plan to use it as a candle mat or on a table. Start with two pieces of backing fabric cut 1-1/2 inches by 4 inches. Bring the short sides together and sew with a 1/4 inch seam. Press with the seam open in the middle of one side.  Turn right side out. Fold up so the raw edges are together with the seam inside, and press. Sew to the top edge of the backside of the quilt, about 4 inches in from each side, before adding the binding. See HERE if this doesn’t make sense.  Bind as usual.

Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along ~ From My Carolina Home

Hang on your mini quilt stand. The final size of the mini-quilt is 14-1/2 inches square.  If you prefer, you can leave the borders off and just bind the blocks to finish at 12-1/2 inches square.

Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along ~ From My Carolina Home

Now the fun part, add a face to the pumpkin using black wool or felt.  I cut out the shapes, and just pressed them onto to the pumpkin, then pinned them from the back.  Now, when Halloween is over, I can remove the wool face and still use the mini-quilt through Thanksgiving.  I’ll store the face pieces by pinning them on the backside of the mini-quilt so I won’t lose them for next year.  For October, the pumpkin header on the stand reminds me of the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown video, remember Linus rolling the big pumpkin around the fence?

Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along ~ From My Carolina Home

You’ll need more leaves and pumpkins for the layouts for the next two projects, so keep making them this week!  Next project will be next Friday.  You’ll need eight more pumpkins for the next two weeks.  The last one in this pic was used in the small project below.

Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along ~ From My Carolina Home


Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along ~ From My Carolina HomeToday’s post giveaway is from Connecting Threads!  They will send a mini-quilt stand with a leaf and acorn topper to one lucky commenter on this post, just like the one in the picture on the left!

Just visit Connecting Threads, then come back and leave a comment on this post with your pick for your favorite fabric collection from their current offerings.  The drawing will be held November 1, so you have plenty of time to enter and tell your friends!  Followers of my blog can leave a second comment for a second entry.  New readers, welcome!  Please have a look around, I do a lot of different things here.

If you only did one leaf, make a hot pad or mug rug with your pumpkin from today. Position the leaf and pumpkin with sashing of a pretty autumn print. Quilt with Insul-Bright batting, also available at Connecting Threads.

Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along ~ From My Carolina Home

If you missed the post last week showing the leaf block, click on Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along.  And upload your progress pictures to the Flickr Group Autumn Jubilee!  For next week, you’ll need more leaves and pumpkin blocks for the runner.  The choice of how many is up to you, but I think you will be happiest with at least four pumpkins and eight leaves.  I’ll show you several designs, so happy sewing this week!

What is your favorite collection at Connecting Threads?



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