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Stamping February

Stamping in this Valentine month naturally centers on hearts and love, and I am so lucky to still have my sweetheart.  But, for many, Valentine’s day isn’t a day to celebrate, particularly those who have been betrayed by one they loved.  Perhaps, though, if I could make something small and inspirational, the day might be one that brings a smile to the residents of the domestic violence shelter, Safelight. Using white lunch bags, some inspirational stamps and a heart roller, I set to work creating 21 treat bags with cards. The inspirational message stamps in this pic that I ordered on ebay were a disappointment in that they were much smaller than expected.  But I did figure out a way to use them.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

I started by rolling a row of hearts on the left side of the white bags. Using my roller guide kept the lines straight.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

Adding a bit more color, I stamped “Smile” in a light green.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

I found a heart outline stamp, and stamped it on the bags with pink ink, …

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

then put the little inspirational messages over the top like a conversation heart in deep purple ink.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

I used several styles.  The messages were great, just small.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

I added little butterflies, dragonflies and flowers in purple to finish the bag stamping.  Each one is just a bit different than the others.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

Then I got to work creating cards using bright pink card stock. I embossed some with tulips, added a sun punched out of yellow cardstock, a butterfly or dragonfly in purple, and a green grass washi tape strip to the bottom.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

It is hoped the inside inspirational message will lift spirits.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

On the back, just a generic stamp without my name.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

Another card with a butterfly embossed motif, with daffodil flowers, one in silhouette.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

Inside a different message.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

Two more designs with the same basic elements.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

A sweet little bird is mounted on an embossed heart motif on this card.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

Then I did the same basic idea again with another message and a flower.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

After I had 21 cards made, I put them in craft paper envelopes, stamped To You From Me.  I hope the brown color will make it easy to find to look at again and again.  Next time I’ll see if I can get pink or red envelopes, but these would do for this time.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

The cards were sealed inside with little shiny red heart stickers.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

The bags were filled with candy, a variety of pieces in each one. I also found some cherry flavor lip balm, and added one to each bag too.  I want to say thank you to my friend, Karen R, who provided half of the funding for this project. Thank you to Katie for donating the cardstock and the stickers, and to Wendy for sending me some red ink pads used in this project.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

The cards were added to the bags, and the tops folded over.  I was going to use heart stickers to seal them, but I ran out.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

The bags were delivered to Safelight yesterday, and will be given to the residents to lift their spirits today.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

Did you do any Valentine stamping?



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The Safelight Project Delivery and Winners

The Safelight Project has come to a close, and I want to show you the rest of the story. Cards and donations just kept coming, more bags were made, and the delivery has been done.

Safelight Project at From My Carolina Home

The cards coming in were just extraordinary, such creativity and beauty! These from Cyndy R. were stunning.

Cyndy's cards 1

I have to show you this one up close, look at the coloration of the rose with glitter for a bit of sparkle.

Cyndy's cards 4

It is a tri-fold card, here is the middle, beautifully colored and so inspirational.

Cyndy's cards 2

Then in the inside, she hand wrote a beautiful message, one that is sure to lift someone’s spirits in a nice way.

Cyndy's cards 3

Heather, who blogs at Creative Blessings, sent in a whole batch of cards, each one unique.

Heather's cards 1

Handwritten messages unique to each one were very special.

Heather's cards 3

More of Heather’s designs, all beautiful.

Heather's cards 2

Danice was having so much fun making cards that she sent six more the following week. Thank you so much, Danice!!

Safelight Project at From My Carolina Home

Cindy in Florida sent these beauties.

Cindi in Fl's cards 1

Inside all were stamps or stickers to make them pretty, and a heartfelt handwritten note, unique to each card.

Cindi in Fl's cards 2

My friend Gail made several cards as well, so pretty!

Safelight Project Gails cards

A box of goodies arrived from Denise F., all melaleuca products, who sent facial renewal cream and yummy flavored lip glosses for the bags.

Safelight Project phase 2 1

Those lip gloss tubes had all kinds of flavors from Vanilla Bean to Pina Colada, Peach Nectarine and Pineapple.

Safelight Project phase 2 4

The donations just kept coming too, even after I announced that the initial goal was reached, and even exceeded. Thank you to all the monetary sponsors!

Amy O. —  Mary Jo L.  — Nancy B.  — Norece E.  —  Susan D. — Mary Z.

Sharon S.  —  Kathryn W.  —  Jodi M.  —  Mary C.  — Deborah M  —  Denise F.

Mary Jean C. — Susan G.  —  Jennifer G.  —  Christine S.  —  Erika N.   —  Susan C.

Linda S.  —  Carol L.   —-  Teresa M. —   Sherry T.  —  Jeanne C.  —  Donna S.

Nancy J.  —  Beth L.  —  Sarah K.  —  Elizabeth S.  —  Ruth C.   —  Melanie T.

Karen T. —  Judy D.  —  Lesley G.  —  Janice H.  —  Lisa (unknown)

Mildred P.  —  Jennie R.  —  Edy J. — Vicki W. — Pat E. — Dana W. — Carole B.

Kelley L — Cindi W.

I had to make another trip to the store, luckily they still had some of the same tote bags. More bags were filled with goodies, cards, and essentials.

Safelight Project phase 2 5

Each one got a piece of sparkly tissue on top, so the spa bag was more like a gift. It is with great pleasure that I tell you the number of spa bags increased to 45 with all the donations!! Thank you so much to everyone that helped, it couldn’t have happened without everyone’s help.

Safelight Project phase 2 6

And now, congratulations to the winners of the prizes!

Cindi W. won the fantastic Stampin’ Up kit!  Visit Stampin’ Up to find a demonstrator near you!

The winner of the Mastercard Gift Card was Nancy B, congratulations!!

Safelight Project Giveaway at From My Carolina Home

So, bags all made, I made arrangements to deliver them on Monday. On Sunday evening, I loaded the car. The trunk was completely full.

Safelight Project at From My Carolina Home

So, I put the seats down in the back and continued to stuff the car to its gills. The last two were tucked onto the floor behind the driver seat. The bag of extra toothbrushes, combs, deodorants, and nail files were stashed in there too.

Safelight Project at From My Carolina Home

Monday, August 7th, was a rainy day, so we had to wait for a break in the downpours. The car was loaded and ready when a break came near 11:30 in the morning. I called Laresa, said I was on my way, and she was waiting outside with two rolling carts to quickly get the bags inside before the bottom fell out of the rain clouds again.  Turning on the hazard lights, I jumped out and we quickly loaded the carts.

Safelight Project at From My Carolina Home

Then, I parked the car, and went inside to meet the wonderful people that run this shelter, see the programs they have in process and have a tour of the facility in its construction stage.  Here are three of the shelter managers from left, Charlotte Rapp -Shelter Manager, Laresa Griffin -Director of Development and Wendy McEntire – Job Training Program Director.

Safelight Project at From My Carolina Home

While I was parking the car, Laresa said a resident saw the bags and got very excited that one would be for her.  Charlotte planned a time to hand out to everyone at once for that evening.  On Tuesday, Laresa sent me an email with the resident’s reactions.  She said “the clients were ecstatic! They were so ‘happy to have personal items that were like luxuries, not just the necessities’ and it made them all feel so special. They really appreciated the handmade cards and the caring notes written inside. Thank you and your blog readers who contributed to these amazing gifts for our clients. It really has lightened their loads, giving them a self-confidence boost and the ability to pamper themselves. We appreciate you and your hard work in coordinating this project and loving on our clients in such a personal way. Thank you!”  There were enough bags for every resident of the shelter, and the transitional apartments, and a few left over which will be stored for future needs.  There were also about a dozen cards more than bags, and Laresa will give those out to those who need a lift later.

So, this project is finished. There really isn’t an opportunity to sew anything for them at this time. We did explore the ideas of seasonal table linens, or pillowcases, but those just cannot be used right now. The shelter is in transition, and is a transitional facility as well. But, for local readers, they do have a program beginning sewing class that meets every Monday, and they can use fabric and thread if you have any to donate. Just take it to the Safelight thrift store, and tell them it is for the Sewing class at the shelter.

Thank you to everyone that contributed cards and items, and donated money to make it such a success!