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Happy New Year 2018

Another New Year begins, and once again I am going to spend this day doing the things that I want to do all year long.  I’ll be enjoying a nice breakfast with newly retired DH (that’s dear husband for new readers), watching the Rose Parade, doing a bit of sewing and maybe a bit of stamping, making a creative meal and having dinner at a pretty table.  I will not be doing any chores, although I may try to get in a walk on my treadmill so I can stay motivated this year.  I brought my money in this morning for good fortunes this year too.

Happy New Year Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

My table is set with black and gold for the New Year.  We didn’t do a party last night, just spent a quiet evening at home.

Happy New Year Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

The centerpiece is simple, gold candles in my Advent ring, a couple of gold horns, some gold star garland and a big piece of gold ribbon to hold a gold Happy New Year paper crown.  All are set on a black charger.

Happy New Year Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

I found these black and gold salad plates on ebay last year, and just had to get them.  I’ve been saving them for this table.  The design in gold on the black is striking, made me wish I had my friend’s gold flatware to set on this table too.  I put them on my white stoneware plates and set the stack on black chargers.

Happy New Year Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

We had dinner at this table last night and will enjoy it today too.

Happy New Year Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Of course, we have to have some black eyed peas with lunch today.  My recipe for Jumpin’ John is like Hoppin’ John kicked up a notch!  Do you have a special good luck food for New Year’s day?

Jumpin John - 11

What will you do today that you want to do all year? Did you hide money outside?

Happy New Year Tablescape at From My Carolina Home



New Year’s Eve Fun

There are all sorts of traditions for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.  One I have done for many years, and few others seem to know about, is hiding money outside.  I have no idea where it came from.  My mother did it so I do too.  It involves hiding some money outside on New Year’s Eve, then bringing the money into the house on New Year’s Day.


I don’t think it matters how much money is outside, just whatever you think best.


When you wake up on New Year’s Day, bring the money inside, and bring good fortune with it.

Of course, we have to have Black Eyed Peas on New Year’s Day.  I usually make a version of Hoppin’ John, a dish of black eyed peas and rice.  The rice is for prosperity and the peas are supposed to bring good luck.  Since I usually cook with a bit of this and that, I’ll post the recipe I use tomorrow.  Right now I can tell you what it has in it, but not the quantity of each ingredient.  I’ll make it tomorrow and measure as I go.  It is a bit different, as it is more like baked beans, much more flavorful than the usual peas on rice.  Maybe I’ll call it Jumpin’ John since I have kicked it up a notch! If you use dried peas, put them on to soak tonight.  I’ll use canned peas to make it fast.

We are having a few friends over for New Year’s Eve. The savories will be served buffet style, so the tablescape set for grazing. The color scheme this year is black, white and gold.  I got out the black glass octagon plates, and set them with gold and white linens.  The chargers tell my guests where to place their nibbles, as everyone is bringing a dish. I ran up a quick black and gold table topper on my serger to complete the setting.

New Year's Eve tablescape

We will be sampling three champagnes to see if there is really a difference.  I decided to run up a few wine bags this afternoon to hide the labels, and match the table topper.  They go really fast.  Start by measuring your bottle around the largest part of the width and the height.  Divide the width by 2.  I made mine 6 inches wide x 20 inches tall.  The finished size is 10 inches tall by about 11-1/2 inches around.

Black gold fabric

Fold in half to create the bag, and serge both sides.

Black gold serging wine bags

Switch to a rolled edge and finish the top.

Black gold wine bags finishing

Tie with a ribbon around the neck of the bottle.  I put wine bottles in them to show you the finished project.  They will hold champagne tonight.

Black gold wine bags

Don’t you love this white reindeer? It was a gift last year from a friend. It stays out after all the Christmas decorations are put away because I like to decorate with white for January. I filled the planter with golden glittery apples. On either side are black candles with a gold accent. The gorgeous white roses were an anniversary gift from my dear, sweet husband. These are my favorite flowers.


On the quilting front, Santa (aka DH) brought me the Electric Quilt 7 software, so I’ll be doing more original designs this coming year.  I already have two in the works so stay tuned!

Have a wonderful New Year!  Do you have any special traditions?  Don’t forget to hide your money outside before you leave for the evening.  Have a special reward for the designated driver, and stay safe!!

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