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Be My Neighbor Block 10 and a Quilt Shop Visit

Moving on to Block 10, I feel like I am running out of choices for pastels.  I really don’t want to buy more fabric for this quilt, but I may have to.  A fat quarter or two wouldn’t hurt, would it?  There are still six more blocks after this one.  I knew I wanted a green house somewhere, as the house I remember most vividly from my growing up years was green.  I auditioned a few prints for the star in the center.

Be My Neighbor Block 10 -1

I carefully cut all the pieces, double checking the dimensions.

Be My Neighbor Block 10 -2

This one has another tree, so I began with the squares on the edges to make the branches, drawing the lines as instructed.  Once again, I used the orange tree fabric.  This used up the last of it, so I don’t know what I’ll do for the tree in the last row.

Be My Neighbor Block 10 -3

As usual, I chain pieced as much as possible to speed up construction.

Be My Neighbor Block 10 -4

Finishing up the tree, I started on the house. This one will be the green with the swirly print, with a purple star center. Once again, I divided the background on the tree to allow for a ground of flowers.

Be My Neighbor Block 10 -6

I had a moment of dismay, thinking I had cut these wrong, but it really was OK. The squares were supposed to be a bit shorter than the rectangle to make the flying geese.  Whew!

Be My Neighbor Block 10 -7

I constructed the elements, then laid it out for sewing in rows, and pressing for nesting seams.

Be My Neighbor Block 10 -8

At this point I was feeling pretty good about the construction…

Be My Neighbor Block 10 -9

until I sewed the two sides together and realized that one side was too short.  I wasn’t sure if the bottom piece or the top one was too short, but it was easiest to just replace the bottom.  So the streak continues, and I frogged out the offending piece.

Be My Neighbor Block 10 -10

A new piece was cut and inserted.

Be My Neighbor Block 10 -11

And now, the piecing of this block is done.  All the points are looking pretty sharp for a change, LOL!!

Be My Neighbor Block 10 -12

All that is left is the applique, and this time I will do a bluebird. I also reversed the direction, as I wanted at least one bird to face the other direction. I already have two facing to the left, so I made this one face to the right. This will be my slow stitching for Sunday.  I’ll add beads or buttons for eyes after the construction and quilting is done.

Be My Neighbor Block 10 -15

Last week on my quick trip to Chattanooga, I wanted to visit a couple of quilt shops and I found a fabulous and charming one that I want to share with you.

Chattanooga Quilts

I didn’t have much time, as we were on our way out of town, so at some point I need to go back.  I was enchanted by the ambiance the moment I stepped into it. Stuffed full of fabric and notions, just look at the lovely wood floors! Kim greeted me as soon as I entered the store.

Chattanooga Quilts

That is Kim behind the counter, the store owner. She graciously agreed to allow a few pictures so you could see her wonderful store.  It is beautifully laid out, with plenty of room for browsing, yet full of fabrics and goodies to see.  It has lovely vignettes with pretty lamps, vintage sewing items, antique clocks and more placed around the shop.

Chattanooga Quilts

Charming antiques and warm wood tones make a relaxed shopping experience. Mary Beth was also working that day, and I loved having a chance to talk with both ladies. Mary Beth has read this blog from time to time, and it was a thrill for me to meet a reader! I was having so much fun, and then we began talking about Be My Neighbor. Her shop is doing the quilt pattern in block-of-the-month meetings too. I explained my pebble fabric dilemma that you all have seen, and Kim had a fabric to show me. Smaller scale and more neutral rosy brown tones looked promising, so I got some.

Be My Neighbor Pebble Fabric 1

Here it is with the block row, and I like it!  It has the smaller scale but more neutral tones that you all said would be the best compromise between the first two choices.

Be My Neighbor Pebble Fabric 2

The color blends well with the roof fabrics, and the pastels on the houses. Thank you, Kim!

Be My Neighbor Pebble Fabric 3

I had a few minutes to chat, and see the blocks that are being done by the shop in the lovely classroom space. Just look at how they are embellishing the blocks with stitching and appliques. Lovely, and what a great idea for some of the more plain house sides.  The little scalloped curtains in the windows of this house block are just so cute, and what an inspired idea!

Chattanooga Quilts

I could have stayed for a long time, chatting with these two friendly ladies and browsing all the goodies in the shop, but DH was waiting in the car to get on the road home. But before I left, Kim treated me to a sneak peek of her design for the Row by Row event this summer. It is so cute, I may have to make the trip back during the event just to get the pattern. If you are in east Tennessee for a visit, be sure to visit Chattanooga Quilts, it is a delight.

Chattanooga Quilts

What are you working on now? Do you have a favorite out of town quilt shop you like to visit?


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Be My Neighbor Block 9

The meeting is today, and I’ll be taking the pebble fabrics there to get a few more opinions. Actually if I could find the grey color in the other smaller scale, it would be perfect. I’ve had another idea too.  I am considering taking all the blocks apart and adding blue sky sashing between the houses to separate them a bit. I haven’t made that decision to rip more yet, but I am thinking about it! So, for today, I needed to get to block 9, the first block on row 3.

Be My Neighbor Block 9 at From My Carolina Home

Once again, cutting all the little individual pieces took a while. This time even more so as the print I picked for the house is directional.

Be My Neighbor Block 9 at From My Carolina Home

I did the marking on the backs of all the designated squares first.

Be My Neighbor Block 9 at From My Carolina Home

Chain piecing was a bit more involved due to the directional print of the house, so I had to lay them out after each grouping was sewn.

Be My Neighbor Block 9 at From My Carolina Home

I was really happy that I got all of them right this time! I kept the little black dot on the top of the white fan on every single one.

Be My Neighbor Block 9 at From My Carolina Home

I got the rows done, and ironed the seams opposing in order to nest the seams.

Be My Neighbor Block 9 at From My Carolina Home

I carefully pinned the two rows of bowtie blocks and sewed.

Be My Neighbor Block 9 at From My Carolina Home

And somehow came out with a seriously off seam in the middle. I didn’t get a picture of it, but trust me it was a mess. So, the streak continues, and I ripped it out to resew.

Be My Neighbor Block 9 at From My Carolina Home

Resewn, looking better. But at this point I am seriously rethinking my choice of print for the house, it may be a bit busy on such a large area.

Be My Neighbor Block 9 at From My Carolina Home

But, I continued on anyway. Laying out the window sections, I made sure again that the print was correctly arranged.

Be My Neighbor Block 9 at From My Carolina Home

And here it is. The print doesn’t look all that bad at a distance, I guess.

Be My Neighbor Block 9 at From My Carolina Home

What do you think?

Be My Neighbor Block 9 at From My Carolina Home

I just now realized that I need to add the ground strip along the bottom, so I’ll do that before the meeting today. Then block nine will be done.  Do you like this print?



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