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Chocolate Covered Cherries Quilt

I have a new quilt pattern that I have been working on for quite some time. For months, I have wanted to make a brown and pink quilt and call it Chocolate Covered Cherries. I messed around with designs in EQ8 and wasn’t happy with the results, but there was a retreat coming up last fall and I needed something to do. I decided that at the very least, I would need some half square triangles. So, using the Moda Cake Mix papers set #3, I cut squares of pink fabric, and paired those up with a variety of browns, milk chocoalate to dark chocolate.  The browns came from a layer cake along with some yardage that I cut into 10-inch squares.  The lighter color tans on the left side of the picture below will be nougat squares.

Cake Mix HSTs at From My Carolina Home

Pairing up a pink 10-inch square with the chocolate color squares, pin a cake mix sheet to the top.

Cake Mix HSTs at From My Carolina Home

Sew on the lines.

Cake Mix HSTs at From My Carolina Home

Now cut apart using a rotary cutter. Begin with cutting the edges off.

<Making HSTs at From My Carolina Home

Cut the straight lines, then the diagonals.

Making HSTs at From My Carolina Home

Cut all the lines without moving the pieces. In a flash, there are 18 HSTs, all trimmed to exact size, no squaring needed.

Making HSTs at From My Carolina Home

Crease the paper on the sewn line, and tear away the paper.

Making HSTs at From My Carolina Home

Continue until they are all done.

Making HSTs at From My Carolina Home

Press to the chocolate side.

Making HSTs at From My Carolina Home

Continue with another set.  It took less than five minutes to sew and cut one sheet, about 10 minutes to remove the paper and press.  There are still little ears on the units, and I just left them for expediency.  You could snip them off as you go.

Cake Mix HSTs at From My Carolina Home

I was at the retreat last October for several hours, setting up you can see this side of the retreat area was for quilters like me working on their own projects.

Cake Mix HSTs at Retreat at From My Carolina Home

On the other side of the auditorium area were quilters all working on a quilt along using the same pattern.

Cake Mix HSTs at Retreat at From My Carolina Home

I spent more than half my time there talking with friends, watching the quilt along and checking on its progress, having lunch, looking at the quilts others were working on, helping with a block arrangement, sharing the chocolate I brought as inspiration and just enjoying the time with friends.  And yet, I came home with 252 HSTs!!

Cake Mix HSTs at From My Carolina Home

I went back to the drawing program knowing I had plenty of HSTs to do whatever design I wanted.  I have now finished the design, and made several blocks so I know I like it.  Of course, once I got the design done, I wanted it a bit bigger, so I made another 108 HSTs with six cake mix papers.  I began assembling more blocks, then decided instead of 30 blocks, I could do 42 so my quilt would be 6×7 blocks.  Yes, back to the machine for another group of HSTs.  But, it only took an afternoon to get that many more, this method is so fast!

If you want to quilt along, I’ll be showing the pattern in April, and will have a special deal for readers prior to its release for sale.  You can get Moda Cake Mix papers set #3 with this affiliate link at Fat Quarter Shop.  You’ll need 12 HSTs for each block, to give you an idea of how many you will need, using your favorite method.  The blocks are 8 inches finished.  Oh, and there is a perfect layer cake on sale this week at Fat Quarter Shop for those who love batiks, all browns – Caramel Bali Crackers Layer Cake.  There’s a selection of pinks and browns in Fat Quarter Shop Basic of the Month 20% Off Bedrock by Windham Fabrics

Are you quilting something fun?  Wanna quilt along?

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Making HSTs at From My Carolina Home


Let’s Bee Social



Thrifting, and Winning, and a Gift

While I was playing in Myrtle Beach and along the Grand Strand, I was able to indulge my bargain hunting addiction and visit a bunch of thrift and consignment stores in the area.  They actually have more than 60 listed on web searches, and I just couldn’t get to them all, but I had a great time in the ones I did visit.  I have to say the best of them was a consignment store called Finders Keepers.  Their wares were beautifully displayed, and made things very tempting.  I considered some of the lemon motif items here, like the pitcher on the left, to go with my lemon dishes, but decided to look around a bit more.  I didn’t notice those chargers until later when I saw the picture or I might have snapped them up.

April Thrifty shopping at

Oh, I was tempted by those hurricane candle holders on the table here, but I resisted.

April Thrifty shopping at

Then I went around another corner and found this. Isn’t it cute? It is a planter.  DH said it might just hold enough coffee for me for one morning, until he noticed the hole in the bottom, LOL!  I see a chicken inspired tablescape in the future!

April Thrifty shopping at

Tablescapes were in several stores, and you all know I love a pretty table. But, I didn’t want to buy any more than 6 salad plates, not another whole set of dishes.  These didn’t tempt me, but the table was nicely done.

April Thrifty shopping at

Poking around is the most fun!  The chicken on the table here was tempting too, but my tiny kitchen doesn’t have the room for one on the counter as I would have liked.  I am afraid it would get broken sitting on the pie safe.  So, my French inspired kitchen will have to remain chicken-less for now.

April Thrifty shopping at

At the Homespun Crafters Mall, which also has vintage items, I found these wine glasses. They are heavy lead crystal with gold rims – $3.50 for both!

April Thrifty shopping at

Back at home, I scored several great buys at our local thrift stores, including this wonderful French inspired pail.

April Thrifty shopping at

Little mason jar salt and pepper shakers will hold some of my specialty salts. See my post Around the World in Salt.

April Thrifty shopping at

Another planter found for the veranda.  I like the curved lines on this one.

April Thrifty shopping at

A few more wine glasses at 50 cents each, I needed them for an upcoming party. The twisted stems make them pretty.  I would rather spend this little bit and donate them back when I’m done than use plastic ones.

April Thrifty shopping at

I just had to pick up these onion bowls, made for dipping sauces but I don’t know yet how I will use them. You’ll see them on a tablescape soon.  They are a great size for a side dish like a juicy salad or baked beans.

April Thrifty shopping at

A nice brass planter will give the veranda a bit more interest. I am busy planting the pots now and will show you the veranda soon.

April Thrifty shopping at

Then, I got really lucky! I was the winner of a gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop on My Quilt Infatuation, thanks so much Kelly!! Here’s the loot I got with it. I am excited to try these Cake Mix papers.  And I have to say already the new Splash Olfa cutter is so much more comfortable than the old style, straight yellow handle one.  It cuts like a dream, of course a brand new blade helps.  The ruler has a rough bottom along the edge so it hold the fabric much better than my old one.

Winner FQS!

And then I won the drawing for Thimbleberries newest book on Quilt Shop Gal‘s blog, thanks Darlene!!  I don’t consider myself a lucky person for drawings, but my luck certainly changed that week!

Book win

Then, a lovely reader named Katie contacted me about my stamping habit. She said she had some things she wanted to give me as she wasn’t stamping anymore. Little did I know what she meant. She said three boxes, and I envisioned the little milk crate boxes that I use for transporting things. Oh no, she meant big boxes stuffed with goodies!! She was coming through the week I was in Myrtle Beach, so we didn’t get to meet, but a friend met her to get the boxes for me. I was blown away when I picked up the bonanza.  Papers, stamps, punches, stickers, and more elements to add on cards or pages, so much I was speechless.

Stamping Gift 2

All of these are filled with printed specialty papers, beautiful designs all wonderfully organized by style.  They are the large 18-inch square scrapbooking size papers.  Gorgeous designs, hundreds of pages.

Stamping Gift 4

This is an album full of acrylic stamps, each of these ‘pages’ is loaded with stamps and there are seven pages! There are literally hundreds of stamps in here, with several sets of alphabet stamps in different font styles.

Stamping Gift 3

And then, there was a full crate of papers!  Some of those are Stampin’ UP colors which will match my ink pads, and the size is 18-inch square scrapbooking size papers.  Incredible.

Stamping Gift 1

Now I have card making supplies to last for my lifetime and then some!  I’ll be sharing this bounty with some of my card-making buddies, and elsewhere.  I can see making some cards for charity use, as my stamping buddy Gail does.  She does a little basket of cards for our car club’s silent auction each year.  Perhaps some doggie inspired cards would do well at the humane society’s auctions.  Now I just need to get some envelopes to complete the sets and get stamping!!

Oh, and one more thing, I have reduced the prices on all my pincushions for Mother’s Day purchases, so now is the time to order the one you’ve had your eye on.  Click on Craftnut’s Studio Etsy Store to see them.  Buy before May 4th to get delivery in time.

Have you had any good finds, lucky wins or great gifts lately?

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