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Autumn Tablescape

Cooler weather means mornings on the veranda with a hot cup of coffee looking for the first signs of turning leaves.  I love this time of year.  Wearing sweaters, cooler nights with a warm quilt on my lap, looking forward to  a fire in the fireplace, some wool applique handwork, a lovely scented candle, and a good book.  I enjoy decorating to usher in the season with an Autumn inspired tablescape.  I’ve mentioned this before, our table is visible from the loft next to our bedroom, so a pretty tablescape is a decorative display that I see every morning as I come down the stairs.

This year I got out my Autumn placemats that I made a few years back with some wonderful plaid fabric with gold Autumn leaves.  They are simple rectangles, quilted with a maple leaf pantograph, then bound as usual.  The fabric was a secret sister gift in a longarm group. I put the placemats on a cream color tablecloth to set them off, and added my Nutmeg Spice napkins with wood napkin rings.

Autumn Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

The plate stacks have my copper color chargers, with white dinner china plates, topped with these Autumn Leaf plates from Pier 1. I swear, they should pay me for all I do for them, LOL!! Don’t you love that store?

Autumn Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Above the knives on the placemat, I set knife rests, a gift from a friend and the first time I’ve had a table to use them. This is the kind of detail that makes a tablescape just a bit more special, not to mention it saves your placemats from getting quite as dirty.

Autumn Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

As usual, I add individual salt and pepper shakers.  I had to do a silverware polish, but that really didn’t take too long.  I use the Wrights Silver cream with water, and it is fast and easy.

Autumn Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Wine glasses are added too, these were a thrift store find.

Autumn Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Taking a closer look at this year’s centerpiece, I used my Advent candle holder to hold four rust color candles, then added a large ceramic pumpkin to the middle. Autumn leaf garlands span the length of the center table.

Autumn Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Another thrift store score, these ceramic leaves are really salt and pepper shakers. I nestled them into the garland leaves as a surprise for those willing to look at bit closer.

Autumn Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

My crackle glass votive holders and ceramic pumpkins are on each end of the centerpiece, surrounded by the leaf garland.

Autumn Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

The colors of the elements of the centerpiece really go together well.

Autumn Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Another thrift store score, these pumpkin bowls fit into my existing leaf plates nicely, and would be great to serve salad dressings. I put a set on each end of the table.

Autumn Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Another look overall, with all the elements in place.

Autumn Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

I am ready for autumn!  You can see my tablescape from last year using a more rustic theme HERE.

Autumn Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Did I mention how much I love these plates? LOL, I think I should get the dinner plates too.

Autumn Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Welcome Autumn!!

Autumn Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Are you ready for Autumn? Do you have any special things that come out for the season?


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November Wreath

Last month I did a post on Harvest Wreaths for Autumn Jubilee, and my MIL commented that she wanted one.  Well, OK, any excuse to get out the goodies and play with my glue gun again!!

Harvest Wreath at From My Carolina Home

Starting out with a grapevine wreath base, I added some fall color faux flowers and leaves. I also started the bow with the streamers to mark the position for the bow.

Harvest Wreath at From My Carolina Home

Adding in some natural elements, I glued sweet gum balls and black walnut shells between the flowers.

Harvest Wreath at From My Carolina Home

I looked in the yard for acorn cups like these, that are three to a stem. Gluing the acorns to them made a larger element. I always glue the acorns into the caps as they come apart too easily.

Harvest Wreath at From My Carolina Home

She liked the idea of the pine cones in the middle so I did that too. I have lots of them. The bow is made from the harvest color ribbon I used on the Thanksgiving cards.

Harvest Wreath at From My Carolina Home

I just love these colors this time of year!

Harvest Wreath at From My Carolina Home

Groups of natural elements surround the silk flowers.

Harvest Wreath at From My Carolina Home

Hanging it up on the wall for a picture, before packing it up to send.

Harvest Wreath at From My Carolina Home

One more view.

Harvest Wreath at From My Carolina Home

Do you have a Harvest Wreath?


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Autumn Jubilee Stitch Along Wool Applique

Did you get all your leaves done last week?  Well, if not, that’s OK, its another slow stitching Sunday.  If you did, we are now going to put on some buttons to embellish the piece.  I am not doing a lot, just a few to accent the fall colors.   So, here is where I started.  Four colors of leaves were cut out and whip stitched to the background, then leaf veins were stem stitched.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along ~ From My Carolina Home

I have a huge button stash, and lots of little ones. This seemed like a great project to use some of them to accent the leaves. I placed a few around, deciding on a good arrangement. Two rows looked good, not to little, not too much.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along ~ From My Carolina Home

I actually kept playing with the color placement for a bit.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along ~ From My Carolina Home

Once I was satisfied with the distribution of button sizes and colors, I stitched each one by hand with two strands of DMC floss in a medium-dark brown, using a crossing stitch.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along ~ From My Carolina Home

This really didn’t take long at all.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along ~ From My Carolina Home

Now, what color to use for the backing base? I had three choices, first a beautiful hand dye rusty orange.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along ~ From My Carolina Home

Too pretty to put on the back, and I have another project in mind for that beautiful piece. Next I looked at a gorgeous fern green.  This piece was a bit pricey, but the color  is gorgeous and the quality of the wool is really superior to most of my wool stash.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along ~ From My Carolina Home

Not bad, but it reminded me more of spring than autumn. So, how about dark red?

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along ~ From My Carolina Home

Yes, that is it. Next week, we will finish up with the putting the base on and stabilizing the stitch work.

What are you slow stitching?



Smalls Stitch Along at Stitching Lotus



Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along Update

Reading all of your comments on the quilt along has been so fun!  I am delighted with the response to the blocks and the giveaways.  Some readers are starting to put progress photos on the Flickr group too.  I wanted to share with you a couple of ideas outside of the quilt along.


If you like the leaf block, there are ways to use it alone in some interesting projects.  This is my Autumn quilt I made several years ago. The leaf block is a classic design that I used in my first really big king size quilt.  These blocks finished at 9 inches square, and there are 56.

Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along ~ From My Carolina Home

They are set 7 x 8 with the stems pointing in random directions.  The sashing is background fabric and cornerstones of the border fabric to make the leaves float. The quilting is a pantograph that gives the feeling of wind blowing. I was delighted to win an honorable mention on this quilt for design. You can see that I was still very new at quilting at this stage by the cut off points all over.

Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along ~ From My Carolina Home

If you would like just leaves for a table topper, my Maple Star for Moda pattern might be one to consider. To get the free pattern download, just click on the link.  I quilted this one with a maple leaf pantograph, brown thread, and Warm and Natural batting.


From our Autumn Jubilee Flickr sharing group, Quiltmouse shared her gold leaves arranged for a picture like the Maple Star setting.

Autumn Jubilee 2016 - Block #1 - Leaves

I really love these colors that Diann is using!


Anna has some gorgeous batiks in her leaves.

Autumn Jubilee #1

And don’t you love her photobomber, Boris?

Autumn Jubilee  Boris almost done

Susan has a bunch of gold leaves too.

Maple leaf blocks, up scaled to finish at 12"

And here are Mary’s, gold is really popular this year!

Leaf blocks for Autumn Jubilee

Quiltmouse has started her pumpkins too.

Autumn Jubilee - Block 2 - Pumpkin

Judy finished her mini quilt, love the orange binding!

DSCN2382 - Copy

Danice finished her mini too.


I can’t wait to see your progress as we go forward.  If you missed any of the giveaway posts, please click below and enter.  Sponsors like to see a lot of comments and visits so they will continue to support the giveaways.  I am missing a lot of my local readers on these, so come on and enter!

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Coming up are giveaways from Backside Fabrics and Fat Quarter Shop, so stay tuned!  And post your progress on any of the Autumn Jubilee projects on Flickr.

Judy posted her Harvest Wreath, her elements blend together beautifully!


And Carol was inspired by the leaves so much she made a necklace.

Carol's Fall necklace

Val pulled out some wools from her stash and started the Sunday Stitch Along. Look at all her pretty hand embroidery thread colors so well organized!


Are you having fun with Autumn Jubilee?


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A Hint of Autumn in the Mountains

The calendar says October, but there hasn’t been the needed cold snap to turn our leaves to the autumn beauty we anticipate. Friday and Saturday did bring some much needed rain, and I was happy to spend the days inside. With some projects finished and others not yet begun, it was a perfect day to clean up and clear out some things. I do want to thank all the readers who emailed me concerned about our well-being with hurricane Matthew churning up the coast. We are very far inland in the western NC mountain area, and only had a couple of days of light rain. The winds picked up just a little, but not bad. There is one tree on the mountainside in the back that is showing some red color, everything else is still green.

Early October at From My Carolina Home

The flock of nine wild turkeys seem to have decided our place is good for breakfast and supper, as they are showing up a couple of times a day now. In the afternoon, while they were distracted by the acorns and bugs in the meadow, I crept outside to the veranda with my camera to try to get a good photo of all of them.  The trees behind them should be turning beautiful gold and red by now, but are really slow in changing.  It has been too warm and dry.

Early October at From My Carolina Home

Wild turkeys are a little like meerkats, when they hear something, all of them stop, raise their heads high, and freeze.

Early October at From My Carolina Home

I remained motionless, holding the camera and my breath until they relaxed again.

Early October at From My Carolina Home

Must be some good pickin’s in that meadow.

Early October at From My Carolina Home

I watched them for about 10 minutes, as they moved slowly down the meadow and melted into the forest.

Early October at From My Carolina Home

This flock appears to be all females and juveniles.  There are two males that come by too, but they are not with this group, at least not yet.  I do think that later when it is getting cold, that the two males will join this group.  I am pretty sure they did in previous years.

Early October at From My Carolina Home

So, we are waiting for Autumn to don her burgundy and gold, for the chill of October and a fire in the fireplace.  I am looking forward to wearing a warm sweater, enjoying a bowl of homemade soup with fresh crusty bread on a blustery day, baking with pumpkins and apples, cuddling up with a quilt and reading a good book.  For my Canadian readers, Happy Thanksgiving!!  I hope you enjoyed the turkey photos I saved for today.

Early October at From My Carolina Home

Until Mother Nature cooperates with a show in the trees, keep making your autumn leaf blocks.  If you missed Block One with the Aurifil giveaway post, click on Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along. For my northern hemisphere readers, are the trees turning color where you are? For my friends in the southern hemisphere, what is blooming now?



October Garden and more visitors

The leaves are still lagging behind in color, but a few places are starting to show the promise of a glorious autumn. This single tree, a maple, behind our house has turned completely red, while the others around it are just biding their time still green.

Autumn 2015 maple

Out front, the redbud tree is starting a golden changeover.

Redbud Autumn 2015

I learned that woodchucks and ground hogs are the same thing, when this little guy paid us a visit.

Woodchuck 1

He stayed quite a while, picking up acorns, then sitting up on his haunches to eat them.  I wonder if he will see his shadow in February?

Woodchuck 3

Wild turkeys came to the meadow to forage for more of the acorns and other delicacies in the grass.  The deer have been here again too, and the foxes are still nearby.  In the forest behind the meadow, the dogwood has changed to a muted burgundy.

Turkeys Oct 2015 - 2

I saw these leaves in the grass, thought they would make an interesting photograph.

Leaves 2

On the veranda, the mum is getting bigger and the flowers more full. Those begonias continue to ignore the cool nights, or maybe that is the way they like it. I have more of those yellow flowers now than I did all summer.

Pumpkin Flowers3

I received my soil report this morning, and it is very interesting. While last year the pH of the soil was perfect at 6.6, this year it recommends that I add some lime as the pH has fallen to 6.1. It also says that my phosphorus and potassium are low. This could explain why I got flowers but no fruit. So, before it gets too cold, I’ll add some lime and a slow release fertilizer to work on assimilating into the soil over the winter. We’ll see what happens!

Inside I have another project, getting my amaryllis to bloom for the third year in a row.

Amaryllis Autumn 2015 1

I brought it inside, and cut off the stems.

Amaryllis Autumn 2015 3

Since I don’t have the required 50 degree spot to keep it, I wrapped it up and put it in the refrigerator.  Later when it gets a bit cooler, I can move it to the garage for the required amount of time.

Amaryllis Autumn 2015 4

The websites mostly say that amaryllis needs six weeks of rest before bringing it out again to bloom, which will put that to mid-November, then 10-12 weeks for the blooms to appear.  I was hoping I could have it for Christmas, but it looks like it will be Valentine’s day instead.  I should have started sooner. We’ll see what happens!

What is your garden doing now?


Clouds Over the Mountains

Sometimes it is really amazing how the view from our home changes.  I was sitting on the veranda, just enjoying the cooler air when I noticed how beautiful the clouds were over the mountains across the valley.  The sun was setting, rain had ended a short time before and the light was fantastic.  So, I ran inside to grab the camera and got this shot.


It was only a few minutes later that the clouds changed enough, so I thought I’d take a second picture.


The clouds were moving quickly and the shapes were changing.  I kept taking pictures.


As the sun went down, the color of the clouds became more pink and apricot.  Lovely!  This camera has a hard time with light behind the trees, but I was able to get a hint of the beauty of this evening even though the trees are now just shadows on the camera.  In real life you could still see the green of the trees.


Then this one.  Stunning.


As the sun set, the trees are in total shadow, and the color in the sky continued, turning purple.


The colors are coming out in the trees too.  These maple trees are nearer to the town, and are coming into a brilliant red.


I’ll have more as the autumn color progresses.  Enjoy the views!