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Busy Busy

Today is going to be a day of fun.  It is prep day for Thanksgiving, and I plan to get in a bit of sewing too. I know not everyone has the day off to do some advance cooking, but those of us that do can get a head start.  Usually I would only have a half day off, so this is a luxury!  Today I’ll be making several things, starting with some Apple Cinnamon scones. DH cannot get enough cinnamon, so I’ll bake for his holiday breakfast today.


Then while the oven is hot, I’ll cube up all these bread ends and bits saved in the freezer for the dressing. I really do like to make my own from a variety of breads we have eaten over the past few months. There are ends of loaves of sourdough, oatmeal, multi-grain and hearty white breads. I can always add a bit of the bagged dried bread cubes if I don’t have enough. These came out of the freezer to thaw out before I cut them up and toast them.


I’ll add leeks, onions and mushrooms sauteed in olive oil, along with sage, oregano, thyme, marjoram, garlic, chicken broth, and whatever else in the spice cabinet strikes my fancy at that moment. Sometimes I add sausage to it, and I do have some in the frig. I can’t decide whether to do that, or make sausage balls for snacking during the day. Or just make sausage for breakfast. Maybe breakfast. Anyway, after that, I’ll bake off the sourdough rolls so all they will need tomorrow is warming up. Then the little bitty pie I got for DH needs to be baked today, too.

Later in the afternoon, out will come the turkey, to be cleaned and put into the brine overnight.  If you have never done this, it is easy and really makes a Moist Succulent Turkey.

Brining Turkey - 1

After all that, I expect the frig to look something like this again, LOL!!

Brining Turkey - 6

It is supposed to be grey again today, the smoke is really bad. Yesterday it was so thick from a new wildfire in McDowell county (arson!!), that none of the valley was visible. The closed garage smelled like wood smoke, and so did the sun room. I had forgotten to close a window out there. I am hoping that the front coming in will bring rain, but the chance is small. But a grey day is perfect for sewing, so I’ll attack more of these half square triangles for Scrap Dance Waltz. After Sunday marking, I paired them all up with their scrappy squares so I could sew yesterday.

Sewing Scrap Dance Waltz HSTs ~ From My Carolina Home

I got all of the HSTs sewn, chain piecing for speed.

Sewing Scrap Dance Waltz HSTs ~ From My Carolina Home

Some have even been squared up! There are 348 HST units here. I won’t square all of them at once, some will need to wait for a bit so I can get started on the blocks. I still need to cut the remaining 2-1/2 inch squares of both the scrappy reds and background so I’ll meet my monthly goal.

Sewing Scrap Dance Waltz HSTs ~ From My Carolina Home

But I should get enough done today to get at least a few Block A’s sewn over the long weekend so I can do the process post next Wednesday.

How are you spending your day, this day before Thanksgiving?



Scraps – Using Up Some HSTs

Going through the scrap pile to make order out of chaos, I found a good number of half square triangles I could use in a project. Remember this mess? There were a lot more half square triangles in that pile than I remembered ever having.

Scraps 1

I pulled them all out, and squared them all to the same size.  I found a group with all the same light fabric, so I pulled those out first.

Scraps 2 HSTs

Then, I started playing around with laying them out to see what would happen.  The diamond shape was pretty easy to get, and I remembered seeing a quilt somewhere, at a show or on the internet, of an offset diamond that runs off the edge. So I tried that.

Scraps Offset Diamond 3

Yes, I like that! But I knew with a limited number of prints, it would be important to keep them all straight.  I don’t have any more to of that background print to make more HSTs, or at least I don’t think I do, LOL!!   I started by sewing each row independently.

Scraps Offset Diamond 4

Then I numbered the rows with little bits of paper held on with a pin on the left side of each row.

Scraps Offset Diamond 5

Then I pressed all the even rows one way and the odd rows the other so the seams would nest.

Scraptastic offset another row

Here it is so far, I need to look at some borders now to make it lap size for a charity quilt.

Scraps Offset Diamond 7

I think I have enough HSTs that I found while pressing to get one more row too.  So we will call this a work in progress, more later!  See the finish HERE.

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Block of the Month May 2014

Seems like there is a theme developing.  The ladies at the LQS were hinting about this at the April meeting, maybe we are doing all blocks of earth elements?  I guess I should have paid better attention to that part of the program, LOL!  Anyway, this months block has a real curve ball thrown, as we are to change the colors in the block.  The block chosen for May is called Four Winds, pattern available on Quilt Blocks Galore –

The original pattern has a dark blue background which will change to light grey.  The light grey will be blue.  The red and orange stay the same, but let me warn you this is really easy to mess up!



Once again, I do not like the strip method of sewing HSTs, it is too much start and stop, turn the fabric this way and that.  So, ignore the cutting directions and cut these – 2-1/2 squares, four of orange, and four of white.  Cut 2-7/8 inch squares in the following quantities – 4 red, 4 orange, 6 blue, and 14 white/grey.  Pair up the white/grey with each of the 2-7/8″ colors.  Mark your diagonal lines like we have done before.  Sew the HSTs.



Flip them to the opposite side of the marked line and run them all through the machine to get the other side sewn. Then cut on the line.



Iron them all open with the seam towards the darker color.  Then square them up.  If you need a refresher, click on How To Square Up A Block.


Remember that the blue in the pattern is now grey, and the grey is blue.  So lay it out.


OK, think that is good.  Sew the pieces together in twos, then lay it out again.


Now do two sets of two in rows.  I started on the right.


Add the other set of two to each row and lay it out again.


Pick it up with the rows in order and iron the seams opposing, so you can nest the seams for more accurate piecing.  Lay it out one more time and sew the rows.



And that’s our Block of the Month for May.  See you next month!  Since it is almost all HSTs, I’m also sharing it over at Vicki Welsh’s Field Trips in Fiber HSTeria.