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October Garden and more visitors

The leaves are still lagging behind in color, but a few places are starting to show the promise of a glorious autumn. This single tree, a maple, behind our house has turned completely red, while the others around it are just biding their time still green.

Autumn 2015 maple

Out front, the redbud tree is starting a golden changeover.

Redbud Autumn 2015

I learned that woodchucks and ground hogs are the same thing, when this little guy paid us a visit.

Woodchuck 1

He stayed quite a while, picking up acorns, then sitting up on his haunches to eat them.  I wonder if he will see his shadow in February?

Woodchuck 3

Wild turkeys came to the meadow to forage for more of the acorns and other delicacies in the grass.  The deer have been here again too, and the foxes are still nearby.  In the forest behind the meadow, the dogwood has changed to a muted burgundy.

Turkeys Oct 2015 - 2

I saw these leaves in the grass, thought they would make an interesting photograph.

Leaves 2

On the veranda, the mum is getting bigger and the flowers more full. Those begonias continue to ignore the cool nights, or maybe that is the way they like it. I have more of those yellow flowers now than I did all summer.

Pumpkin Flowers3

I received my soil report this morning, and it is very interesting. While last year the pH of the soil was perfect at 6.6, this year it recommends that I add some lime as the pH has fallen to 6.1. It also says that my phosphorus and potassium are low. This could explain why I got flowers but no fruit. So, before it gets too cold, I’ll add some lime and a slow release fertilizer to work on assimilating into the soil over the winter. We’ll see what happens!

Inside I have another project, getting my amaryllis to bloom for the third year in a row.

Amaryllis Autumn 2015 1

I brought it inside, and cut off the stems.

Amaryllis Autumn 2015 3

Since I don’t have the required 50 degree spot to keep it, I wrapped it up and put it in the refrigerator.  Later when it gets a bit cooler, I can move it to the garage for the required amount of time.

Amaryllis Autumn 2015 4

The websites mostly say that amaryllis needs six weeks of rest before bringing it out again to bloom, which will put that to mid-November, then 10-12 weeks for the blooms to appear.  I was hoping I could have it for Christmas, but it looks like it will be Valentine’s day instead.  I should have started sooner. We’ll see what happens!

What is your garden doing now?