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Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along

Sundays are great days for some handwork while watching TV, football games or old movies, whatever is your favorite thing.  I have designed a new wool penny rug for Autumn Jubilee and the stitch along begins today.  To begin, download the pdf with the pattern – Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along Pattern. Then choose your wools.  I have these lovely orange and brown patterned wools, and now was a marvelous time to use them.  If you don’t have a pair of Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Scissors, they are on sale here Karen Kay Buckley 7-1/2-Inch Perfect Scissors.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

The pattern has the base, a pumpkin shape and a leaf shape. You’ll need one base, four pumpkins, four stems and four leaves.  I thought about using this muddy green for the base, but it looked better with the gold.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

Choose floss to match your leaves and pumpkins.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

Cut all your bits, and pin to the base, centering the pumpkins alternating with the leaves in the rounded scallops of the edge.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

Stitch using either a whip stitch or a blanket stitch with two strands of DMC floss.  I apologize for the pictures being somewhat dark, they were taken in the evening, and I didn’t want to wait to begin the project for sun the next day.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

The cutting and stitching can be done in an afternoon.  It took me longer to decide on colors and then to match up the floss colors, LOL!!

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

Fat Quarter Shop has a wonderful array of wools in gorgeous colors!  They are the sponsor for today’s giveaway of a $25 Gift Certificate!  You can use it for whatever you like, not just wools, but if you are a stitcher, this is a great way to add to your wool stash.

Rafflecopter Fat Quarter Shop $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway

You have until October 14 to enter, then the winner will be drawn and notified via email.

Next week we’ll embellish the piece, and in two weeks, finish it off in time to use this year.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

Do you enjoy wool applique?



Slow Sunday Stitching




Week One Winners for Autumn Jubilee, and a pdf

The first winners have been drawn for two prizes for Week One of Autumn Jubilee!!

Autumn Jubilee at From My Carolina Home

Winner of the Inspired LED Sewing Light Kit is Nancy!  Nancy won for her comment entry where she said “I’m most interested in the LED sewing machine lighting kit. This all is amazing.”  Congratulations, Nancy, you got the prize you commented that wanted most!!  How great is that!

Autumn Jubilee Winners! at From My Carolina Home

Congratulations to Danice who wins the Fat Quarter Shop $25 Gift Certificate, for her entry following Jolly Jabber.

Autumn Jubilee Winners! at From My Carolina Home

Both winners have been sent an email.   I do want to let you know that the first drawn winner was disqualified, as she did not make a blog post comment.  So, be sure that if you check off that box, that you do make a comment.

Stars on Autumn Lane Quilt Along for Autumn Jubilee ~ From My Carolina Home

Thank you to a lovely reader who asked about a pdf for the cutting instructions for Stars on Autumn Lane.  I can only say I just didn’t get to it and then forgot, in all the run up getting prize sponsors, completing two quilts, two other projects and writing three new patterns for a quilt along, sew along and stitch along and a new recipe.  But I have remedied that!  Here is a pdf with the first step cutting instructions, and I’ll do more for the next three steps as we get to them.  Stars on Autumn Lane Cutting Instructions.

I have read every comment, and I am delighted with your enthusiasm for this event!  I have also read the Facebook comments, and noted your shares, thank you for that!!  I am still figuring out Facebook, and I don’t have a good grasp on it yet, but know I do appreciate each and every one of your likes, shares and comments.  I only figured out today how to do a message on it.

I’d love it if you are on Twitter, to tweet about the quilt along, sew along and stitch along. My Twitter id is
@frmmycarolinahm so please include me in your tweet along with the #autumnjubilee2017 hashtag. I know some of you have been tweeting about it, but the hashtag isn’t showing me any tweets with it other than my own. Maybe I don’t know enough about Twitter either, LOL!! I am such a dinosaur, social media challenged.

Enjoy Autumn Jubilee!!  Are you having  fun?

Autumn Jubilee at From My Carolina Home


Stars on Autumn Lane Quilt Along

The Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along starts today with a new pattern, Stars on Autumn Lane!  I have designed this with two options, both using exactly the same number of squares and half square triangles.  Pull your autumn colors, and quilt along!  The steps will come out once a week on Fridays, and be done in four weeks, with a final Friday post in November to wrap up the quilting and finishing.  The table topper is 36-inches square before borders, and will have only nine blocks, easily doable for your Thanksgiving table.  Since this is a quilt-along and not a mystery, here are the two options, my completed quilts side by side in the gorgeous Autumn Lane fabrics.

The table topper is the tesselating option on the right.  On the left, is the smaller lane option in a lap quilt size.  You can do either option in any size.

Table topper 3×3 – 36-inches square before borders
Lap Quilt 3×4 – 36 x 48 inches before borders
Twin – 5×7 – 60 x 84 inches before borders

Step One – Cut squares and make HSTs (half-square triangles) from the table below for the size you select.  Both options use exactly the same units.  For the table topper, I used the Autumn Lane fabrics and all scrappy Autumn Lane background fabrics, chosen from the fat quarter bundle.  For the lap quilt, I purchased additional yardage of one of the ecru fabrics along with 2 yards of the leaf print for borders and binding for both quilts.

Cut these squares.  Bkgd = light neutral background fabrics, Scraps = medium to dark colors

Size   3-1/2-in Bkgd   3-1/2 in scraps    4-in Bkgd    4-in scraps

Table             20               36                        44                        44

Lap                24               48                        60                        60

Twin              72               140                      174                      174

Background yardage needed if using all one fabric
Table Topper – 3/4 yard
Lap size, about 1-1/4 yard
Twin – 2-1/2 yards

Pair up the 4-inch background squares with the 4-inch scrappy squares and make HSTs.  If you need a refresher on how to mark and chain piece HSTs, click on Chain Piecing HSTs.

Be sure to square to 3-1/2 inches.  How To Square UP HSTs.

Update – here’s a pdf for the cutting instructions – Stars Autumn Lane Cutting

Next Friday we will construct the first block. – Block A is posted!

Enter today’s giveaway for a Fat Quarter Bundle of Autumn Lane Fabrics generously donated by Connecting Threads.  The lucky winner will also receive 4 coordinating Essentials quilting thread spools!

Visit Connecting Threads to see all their wonderful fabric collections.

Click on the Rafflecopter link below to enter the giveaway, there are multiple options to get more entries.  Use as many as you like.  The giveaway will remain open through Thursday October 12, with the winner drawn on Friday and notified via email.  If you are on Twitter, please tweet with the hashtag #autumnjubilee2017.  Let’s see if we can make the quilt-along ‘go viral’, LOL!!

Rafflecopter Connecting Threads Giveaway Click Here!

Share your quilt along progress!! Facebook users, you can now follow my Facebook page for the blog.  It will add my posts to your news feed, if you would like to follow that way. From My Carolina Home on Facebook!  I have a Facebook group for the quilt along, sew along and stitch along too, so you can share your progress there.  Sign up to follow by email by using the box on the sidebar (smart phone users, scroll past the comments to find it). The Autumn Jubilee Flickr group is still active as well, if you like sharing that way.

Are you quilting for Autumn?

Please share with your quilting groups, quilting forums and friends!!

Sharing the first post only for the quilt along, follow my blog for all the fun and giveaways during Autumn Jubilee…

Oh Scrap!

Linky Tuesday

Crazy Mom Quilts


Mushroom Meatloaf

Cooler temperatures for Autumn mean more comfort food and filling hot meals for the family. Autumn Jubilee continues with a recipe today. Meatloaf is a meal I like to have, as I can prepare it earlier in the day, clean up the kitchen, then relax while it bakes, just finishing up the side dishes at the end of the baking time.  I came up with this idea when I had everything to make a meatloaf except the usual tomato sauce.  DH decided he liked it this way better than the usual way, so I make it more often with the mushrooms now.  I know a few out there don’t care for mushrooms, and I’ll give you an alternative idea at the end of the post.

Mushroom Meatloaf at From My Carolina Home

Beginning with the meat, I use 93% lean ground beef so I can use a loaf pan and hold onto the gravy. I add the herbs and spices to the meat.

Mushroom Meatloaf at From My Carolina Home

Then saute onions and mushrooms in a bit of olive oil until the onions are soft and the mushroom have released their water.

Mushroom Meatloaf at From My Carolina Home

Add them to the meat mixture. Mix well with your hands. Add an egg.

Mushroom Meatloaf at From My Carolina Home

Pack meat mixture into a loaf pan.

Mushroom Meatloaf at From My Carolina Home

Then, ‘frost’ the meatloaf with undiluted low-sodium, low-fat mushroom soup.

Mushroom Meatloaf at From My Carolina Home

Bake one hour. Let the meatloaf rest for about five minutes before serving. Cover with foil to keep the heat in.

Mushroom Meatloaf at From My Carolina Home

Because there is so little fat in the meat, the soup will make a nice gravy with the water from the mushrooms and meat. I skim off what little fat there is, and spoon the gravy over the meatloaf and the side dish mashed potatoes.

Mushroom Meatloaf at From My Carolina Home

Ready to eat?

Mushroom Meatloaf at From My Carolina Home

The potatoes are extra yummy with a bit of mushroom gravy.

Mushroom Meatloaf at From My Carolina Home

Another idea, mix a little sour cream into the soup before baking for a Stroganoff flavor. And if you do not like mushrooms, leave them out, and use cheddar cheese soup instead for a cheeseburger flavor. Big chunks of onion and mushroom make a flavorful meal.

Mushroom Meatloaf at From My Carolina Home


Mushroom Meatloaf at From My Carolina Home

Mushroom Meatloaf

1 pound 93% lean ground beef
1 teaspoon garlic salt
1 teaspoon lemon pepper
1 tablespoon dried parsley
1/2 cup chopped onion
1 cup chopped fresh mushrooms
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 egg
1 can low-sodium, low-fat, mushroom soup

Spray loaf pan with cooking spray and set aside. Mix meat with garlic salt, lemon pepper and parsley. In a small skillet, saute onion and mushrooms in olive oil until onions are soft and translucent and mushrooms have released their water. Add mushrooms and onions to meat mixture. Add egg and mix thoroughly with your hands. Pack into a loaf pan. “Frost” the meatloaf with soup. Bake at 350 degrees for one hour. Allow to rest for five minutes before serving. Enjoy with mashed potatoes or rice with some of the mushroom gravy.

Download the pdf – Mushroom Meatloaf

Today’s sponsored giveaway is Inspired LED!  They offer so much in the way of lighting, under counters, kitchen cabinets, inside bookshelves, indoor and outdoor.  Visit their website HERE to see all the options.  The Giveaway is a Sewing Machine Lighting Kit with Extension set for a second machine, and these lights can also be used in other ways. I used my set on the shelves over my stamping workbench, really adds a lot of light right where I really need it.  When you go to the Rafflecopter to enter, after you do the first two entries, more ways to enter will appear, so be sure you are entering every way you can.  Entries close October 10.

Rafflecopter Giveaway Inspired LED Sewing Machine Lighting Kit

(Note – this is not my machine, I do not own a Juki.  The picture is from Inspired LED.)

How do you like your meatloaf?

Autumn Jubilee is a whole month of giveaways and ideas for the Autumn Season.  I hope you’ll follow along!


Foodie Friday and Everything Else

Talk of the Town


Halloween Tablescape with Lights

Welcome to the first day of Autumn Jubilee!  Halloween is coming, and I had a fun time creating this tablescape for it.  There is more than just mine here as well, be sure to check out the Halloween Tablescape blog hop at the end of the post.

Halloween Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

For my holiday table, I started with my black caldron set atop a quilted Halloween table topper. I had this garland, and I arranged it like the skulls were bubbling out of the caldron.

Halloween Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

I added the LTE Lights winding the lights around the garland. This is the control unit, and I put it inside the caldron with the sensor peeking out the top so the remote control could work. Yes, I said remote control, more on that in a minute.  I ran the power cord under the garland and under a charger to plug it in.

Halloween Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

In the daylight, the light string looks a bit like spider webs in the garland.  I fixed the cord that is showing before moving on with the centerpiece.

Halloween Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

I added two glittery word plaques, one says “Spooky”…

Halloween Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

and the other side says “Boo!”

Halloween Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

At one end of the tablescape centerpiece, I placed a black cat crouching over a jack-o-lantern.

Halloween Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

On the other end is a fun small jack-o-lantern with a happy face, a thrift store score.

Halloween Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

I put black napkins in pumpkin napkin rings, also from the thrif store last year.

Halloween Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Then I got to the place settings. Here’s where I really had some fun, putting out my new Halloween plates I just got last week. I couldn’t resist them!! So cute, and each one is different.

Halloween Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

There was a set of four, and I placed them on top of my white stoneware, all on the black chargers.

Halloween Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

The plates are so shiny, I had to turn off the light over the table to get pictures, that is why they are a bit dark.

Halloween Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Aren’t they just too cute?

Halloween Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Now for the fun part, turn out the overhead lights, and grab the remote controller….

Halloween Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

then, light up the Even Lights set, and select the program you like.

Halloween Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

There are eight different program light effects, along with ten settings for solid-on lights from very dim to fairly bright. The orange buttons will make the lights flash either slowly, or quicker, or in a flicker-flash. The blue buttons on the right side of the controller will do a gradual up and down of the lights from dim to bright, selecting how fast that happens. There is no way to really describe this, so I made a video for you to see some of the settings. The video runs about a minute and a half and will show most of the settings so you can see the fun you can have.  Be patient at the beginning, the lights are actually getting a bit brighter and dimmer but the first setting is pretty subtle.

Now, wouldn’t that be fun for a Halloween party or a buffet table!!  LTE Lighting Even Lights

Final touches on the tablescape, I added water glasses to the place settings and black candles.

Halloween Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

And then took a few more pictures at night with the lights on, such fun!

Halloween Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

The black cat with a happy jack-o-lantern looks a bit more menacing now.

Halloween Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

Now for more fun!!


Thanks once again to Chloe at Celebrate and Decorate for putting together a Halloween blog hop of tablescape ideas for everyone to enjoy!  You can visit each blog on their day for a new post with fun for Halloween.  Enjoy!!


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Are you decorating for Halloween?

PS – If you missed yesterday’s rafflecopter entry with two prizes up for grabs, that drawing will be open until Thursday.
Click Autumn Jubilee Kickoff 2017.


Vintage Charm

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Autumn Jubilee 2017

Are you ready for some fun?  Autumn is coming into pretty color this month, and I have been working on this year’s Autumn Jubilee for some time now.  This year will see a fantastic line up of fabulous prizes from my favorite stores and products, some new this year!  There will be a quilt along, a wool stitch along, sewing and crafting projects, tablescapes and decorating, so much to do this month.  Projects are quick and easy enough to complete this month, ready for use this season.

Let me share with you the fabulous prizes that will be given away during this event.  First up, Connecting Threads provided a fat quarter bundle of their Autumn Lane line for me to use with the quilt along, and they will send one to a lucky winner too!  Just look at these gorgeous colors!  The quilt design is called Stars On Autumn Lane, and there will be two options for placement, more on that later.  (Psst – Autumn Lane Fat Quarter Samplers are on sale until 10/6 at 25% off, not an affiliate for CT).

Aurifil Threads is  also sponsoring the quilt along, and you can enter to win this fabulous Chestnut thread collection of 12 large spools!!  Plus, this prize is eligible to ship internationally, so anyone can win anywhere in the world.  The quilt along begins October 6th, and will continue with weekly steps on Fridays through October.

Backside Fabrics is offering a $25 gift certificate for you to order their wonderful wide backing fabric for your quilt.

Fat Quarter Shop will award three $25 gift certificates, another international available prize!  Full disclosure, all my Fat Quarter shop links are affiliate links, thank you for using them.  Did you know that FQS also has wool yardage?  See their six pages of wool fabrics, patterns and kits!

My favorite pair of scissors is Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Scissors with the microserrated edge that grabs fabric, and she is giving away a free pair for our wool stitch along – and you will get to choose the size you want!  These scissors are wonderful for cutting wool and fabric, you don’t have to be a wool stitcher to win.  The Fat Quarter Shop has the same ones as mine below, find them HERE.  The wool stitch along will be three Sunday posts, beginning in a week.

Moda fabrics will award 2 prizes, first is a fat eighth bundle of Thistle Farm, and another lucky winner will get 2 layer cakes of Harvest Hill and Thistle Farm.  I have a new sewing project for quick gifts and a head start on your holiday sewing.  Both Fat Quarter Shop and Connecting Threads carry Moda Fabrics.  Both Moda giveaways will be during the sew along, three weekly posts to construct a quick gift, perfect for holiday giving.  The Sew Along begins on Monday, October 9.


Olfa is sponsoring a giveaway of their wonderful Splash Rotary cutters with their Endurance blade.  This one is so much more comfortable to hold and use, I love mine.  (Olfa Splash at Fat Quarter Shop).  Don’t you love the new purple color?

We are going to make cards this month too!  Halloween and Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, so look for two card making posts.  And this year, I’ll be sponsoring the stamping post with two Stampin’ UP stamp set giveaways from my personal stock of brand new stamps.  Make cards with Autumn Jubilee twice this month.


And more prizes!!  Inspired LED Lighting is awarding 3 (yes three!!) LED Sewing Machine Lighting kits WITH the expansion kits to use on a second machine to three lucky winners!!  I won one of these kits in a drawing and cannot tell you how pleased I am with the extra light right where I need it. (Note – this is not a machine I have, the pic is from Inspired LED)

And one more!!  The Electric Quilt company is giving away a $25 gift certificate for any of their products.  They have some wonderful things for those who do not have the software, along with great block design add-ons for those who do have EQ software.  The Behind the Mouse blog is worth following, they often have giveaways of software packages, and interesting blogs to visit for free patterns.

Facebook users, yes I finally bit the bullet and created a Facebook page for the blog.  It will add my posts to your news feed, if you would like to follow that way.

From My Carolina Home on Facebook!

I have a group for the quilt along, sew along and stitch along too, so you can share your progress there.  The Autumn Jubilee Flickr group is still active as well, if you like sharing that way.

Because I have so many prizes to give away, I have at least one or more for every single post in October, so let’s start now!!  Enter using the Rafflecopter link below, you’ll have multiple ways to enter to win, the more you want to do the more entries you get.  Today we will start out with a Fat Quarter Shop Gift Certificate AND an Inspired LED Sewing Machine Light Kit with Expansion for two lucky winners!!  Entries will be open until Thursday October 5th, so enter now while you are thinking about it.  FQS will ship internationally, the Inspired LED will be a USA winner.

Rafflecopter Giveaway Autumn Jubilee Kickoff Click Here!!

Please note that comments during Autumn Jubilee usually explode, and I may not be able to answer each one personally as I usually do.  I hope you understand, and keep commenting.

So, what do you think?  Are you ready for Autumn Jubilee?

Fat Quarter Shop Daily Flash Sale

(All Fat Quarter Shop and Amazon links are affiliates. By clicking on these links and making a purchase, I may earn a small commission to help support the costs of my blog.  You can use your existing accounts with Fat Quarter Shop and Amazon to shop.  Thank you for using my links!)


Catching up on Books and a Studio Book Sale

Scoring big again at the library sale, I came home with a stack of books.  I swore I was only going to get what was on my list, but naturally found a bit more.  I’ve started working my way through these interesting books and want to share some with you.  Amazon affiliate links are provided for the reviewed books for your convenience, thanks for clicking!

September Thrifting and Shopping at From My Carolina Home

First, though, I needed to finish off the novel I was reading, The House on Tradd Street by Karen White.  This was a fun read, about a real estate agent who specializes in selling old houses inherits one from an unexpected source.  The problem is she sees ghosts, so old houses are something she’d rather sell than live in.  Enter a charming but pushy guy who wants to do some research in the house, and another one with a hidden agenda, both bringing up problems from her past.  There is a mystery to be solved, but Melanie isn’t sure she wants to do that.  The ghosts, however, have plans of their own.  Overall an easy reading, well written novel that won’t require a lot of concentration.  The mystery isn’t that hard to figure out, but it is delightful anyway.  The House on Tradd Street

Book Reviews on From My Carolina Home

Next, The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen, one of my all time favorite writers who sets her novels in North Carolina, with just a touch of magic.  This book starts out with a quirky situation, Josey finds a friend in her closet, and the reason she is there becomes clearer at the end.  Secrets and habits combine to make the life of Josey miserable, and only when she gives herself permission to be herself does she find her true happiness.  In the process, surprising twists and turns in the story add humor.   As in all of Allen’s books, there is just a touch of magic, this time with books that appear to another character, Chloe, when she needs guidance and the books want to be read.  Sometimes the books can be quite persistent, and this added humor in unexpected scenes.  I couldn’t put it down, and finished it in just two mornings of reading. The Sugar Queen

Book Reviews on From My Carolina Home

One of the books I got in the book score at the library sale is Cook’s Country Best Lost Suppers.  I’ve been a fan of Christopher Kimball for a lot of years.  He is the founder of Cook Illustrated, the magazine where they roast 100 chickens to find the one best way to cook it.  For every recipe, they make it dozens of times, refining the recipe every time until it is perfect.  He started America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country shows for PBS.  If you get Netflix, be sure to watch his Fannie’s Last Supper show, a fascinating look at a dinner party from the 1800s, prepared the way Fannie Farmer may have made it before food processors and instant reading digital thermometers.  He also has a new show on PBS called Milk Street, which has a new focus of bringing international recipes and techniques to the modern home kitchen.  But, back to the book at hand, The Best Lost Suppers book is a collection of classic American recipes made better.  They took recipes from readers like Chicken Pot Pie, Baked Beans, Pot Roast, Meatloaf, Chicken Tetrazzini, plus many more, and updated the ingredients and preparation to make the dishes even better.  Each recipe contains notes from the Test Kitchen on method of preparation, use of spices, reduction of fat, and more.  Notes like these are interesting to read, and invaluable to a cook like me that likes to develop my own recipes. Cook’s Country Best Lost Suppers

Book Reviews on From My Carolina Home

Omelette and a Glass of Wine is a collection of essays from Elizabeth David, one of the pioneers of food writing.  I’ve written about her before (here), and I greatly admire her.  This book is one that you can ‘snack read’, a friends description for books that can be read in little five or ten minute sittings.  Most of the articles were written for The Spectator magazine in the 1940s to the 1960s.  Her writing is timeless, however, as good food with quality ingredients will always be welcome.  She writes about recipes, and restaurants, vegetables and cheese, whiskey in the kitchen, and her mentor in food writing from the 1870s among many other topics.  This is one of those books every true foodie should have. An Omelette and a Glass of Wine

The Fat Quarter Shop has some great quilting books on sale right now too, click on Book Sale.  Thank you to everyone that has used my link to make their FQS purchases.  Although I haven’t yet reached the threshold for a payment, I’m making progress.  Thank you for using my links!

And lastly, I have cleaned out my bookshelves and have these books for sale directly from my studio. I have quilting books…

Book Sale at From My Carolina Home

sewing books…

Book Sale at From My Carolina Home

Gooseberry Patch books…

Book Sale at From My Carolina Home

and holiday books with all kinds of subjects from sewn projects to tablescapes and recipes.

Book Sale at From My Carolina Home

Here’s a pdf of the entire list, subject to prior sale, first come first served.  All books $5 each or 5/$20 plus media mail shipping.  To order, send me an email with your choices and your zip code for shipping calculation, full info in the download – Book Sale 2017a

What are you reading now?