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More Fun at the NC Mountain State Fair

More fun at the NC Mountain State Fair began with the crafting competitions. I worked so long on this set of crewel ornaments last fall, and was thrilled to find them hanging in the crafting competition area with a red second place ribbon.

State Fair 2016 - crewel ornaments

This was baby animals day, and we were lucky to get to the Mooternity Ward mere moments after the birth of this adorable little guy. Mom was busily licking him clean, and he was struggling to stand just a few minutes later. We were told that the little ones usually manage to stand between 30 minutes and 2 hours after birth.

State Fair 2016 - mooternity 4

These cute little piglets looked like they had been having fun running around and now exhausted, all piled up asleep together. They are just a couple of weeks old.

State Fair Livestock 2016 piglets

The chicks were hatching in the warming incubator, and you could watch them pecking out of their shells. The color in this picture is red from the lights so I hope you can see this little guy newly emerged from his shell and still wet, blinking hard at the light.

State Fair 2016 - chick just hatched

Then when they were up and dry, they were moved over to the larger pen.

State Fair Livestock 2016 chicks

It looked like rain for part of the day, but it was much cooler than it has been so we didn’t mind. These pictures were taken while riding the sky trans, about the only ride I will do there.  This is the best way to take the trip, with the mountains in the distance.

State Fair 2016 - 1

It is such a colorful view!

State Fair 2016 - 3

Do you mind if I toot my own horn just a bit more? The Quilted Art Project took a second place in mixed media.  I was really happy as this project took months to complete, just working on it here and there as I found time to sit still over the summer.

State Fair 2016 - art project

The Christmas Wool Penny rug from the Christmas in July event won a second place ribbon.  Pattern is free HERE.

State Fair 2016 - wool penny rug

My original pattern the Charleston Bag won a third place. That pattern is available in my Craftsy store, Charleston Bag Pattern.

State Fair 2016 Charleston bag

My pin woven purse got a second place. The pattern is free on the Moda Bake Shop site, Pin Woven Jelly Roll Tote.

State Fair 2016 - pin woven purse

Whew, it was a lot of walking and looking.  We did enjoy a couple of shows, one was an acrobat troupe that was fantastic, and the second trip we saw a magic show.  Yes, I did get a Chicken and Waffle again one day, and the other day had a corn dog.  Fair food is just part of the experience, isn’t it?  If you missed the first post on the fair, see it HERE, with the livestock exhibit and more of my ribbons (toot, toot!).

Do you go to your state fair?


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Introducing “The Charleston”! A Quilted Beaded Handbag

Announcing my new purse pattern!  Since I seem to be following a dance theme with the Scrap Dance Mystery quilts, the title for this purse continues in that light.  The Charleston Bag works as a shoulder bag or a handbag with swinging beads that evoke the image of a flapper dancer in the 1920s.  I have to give DH some credit here too, for helping find the name of the dance I had in my mind.  We won’t talk about the youtube videos he found, LOL!!

 The Charleston Bag! A new pattern at From My Carolina Home

This purse can be made with beaded upholstery trim or long fringe, that will swing and move just like those dancers dancing the Charleston.  The large yoke piece could also have other kinds of embellishments, such as embroidery or lace if you choose.  There is so much room for your creativity!  The body of the purse can be a single fabric, or a patchwork, and works great with jelly roll strips.

 The Charleston Bag! A new pattern at From My Carolina Home

The purse is completely finished on the inside, and is all sewn by machine.  It has a pocket inside for little things.

 The Charleston Bag! A new pattern at From My Carolina Home

It works well with small or large prints, and patchwork too!   If you love the gold fabric below, I have some for sale in my Etsy shop.  It is Timeless Treasures Ocre Butterfly.  This purse would look great with one of my sewing prints too.

 The Charleston Bag! A new pattern at From My Carolina Home

The trim is found in the upholstery section of your fabric store.  Or you could use lace or fringe instead, it is your bag so use what you like.

 The Charleston Bag! A new pattern at From My Carolina Home

I am so very grateful to my pattern testers, and want to show you their results.  Mary gave me very detailed notes, and her feedback was invaluable to revising the instructions.  She made these two purses, adding a button closure on both.  I added a velcro closure option to the pattern based on her feedback.


Penny made the pattern multiple times to be sure that it went together the same way each time.   She made an adjustment for placement of her beading that was shorter, and tried it with different trims, too.


I love the red and gold with black color combination on this one!  The pattern seems to work well with large scale prints too.


This one has embroidery instead of bead trim, another great option.


Both these ladies were very helpful, and I thank them again for their notes and feedback.

Click HERE to order.

I appreciate any purchase from my stores, those help to fund the costs of the blog.  Thank you!!


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