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Scrap Dance Mystery #3 is Coming! Are You Ready to Two-Step?

The new design is done, the first quilt is made, and I am working on the second to be sure the pattern is correct.  Scrap Dance Mystery Two-Step will premier next Friday, with clues on the third Friday of every month.  I like this design a lot, and I  might even make a third one.  The pattern takes advantage of some precuts, so you can use some of those to reduce the amount of cutting if you have them.

Scrap Dance Two-Step Mystery Quilt Along

I hear the George Straight song ‘Ocean Front Property’ in my head every time I think of Two-Stepping! Here is a video of him singing live if you haven’t heard it, or if you want to hear it again.  It’s a great song!  For my international friends who may not be familiar with US geography, Arizona is land locked without an ocean shoreline, and the Golden Gate is a bridge in San Francisco.  The song is about a guy telling a big fib about not being in love.  It is a toe tapper, so enjoy it!

Scrap Dance Two-Step will last about 7 months, with plenty of time between posts to get your steps done.  I am very excited about this one, as I designed it to take advantage of pre-cuts to save you some cutting time if you have some in your scrap bin.  Of course, you can still use scraps and leftover bits as always if you don’t, you’ll just need to cut the sizes required. So, dig out those charm squares, jelly roll leftovers and fat quarters, and get ready to cut fabric next week.

I have updated the open Flickr group for this mystery. Click on Scrap Dance Mystery Group 2017 for the group, join us to share your progress from fabric selection to finished quilt, and every stage between!  This is the same group we used for Tango, and the original Scrap Dance, just updated for the new mystery.

Here’s a little logo button for you, it should link back to this post, and I’ll add a link here to the first post next week.

Scrap Dance Two-Step Mystery Quilt Along

Scrap Dance Two-Step has started!  Click HERE for the first post!

Are you ready for a scrappy mystery quilt along?

Sharing the announcement post only, I will not be linking the individual steps.

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Summer Evening Music, car show, and a fun video

Summer heat is beginning to abate, with some early mornings this week in the high 50s, just like autumn!  It is a great time to get downtown and enjoy another evening of Music on Main with the car club.  This time we took a picnic.  I would have loved to use my Farmer’s Market Picnic quilt, but I have agreed to have it hang in the Apple Festival Quilt Show.  I didn’t want to take a chance of it getting filthy before the show, so left it at home.


I wanted to make a special picnic, so I found these crusty rolls at the deli. I added little spinach salads with my Cranberry Vinaigrette, raw carrots, grapes and cheese, and summer sausage.

Summer Evening Music

The sandwiches were peppercorn turkey with horseradish aoli, and fresh lettuce on those crusty rolls. I like to wrap in wax paper to keep the rolls crispy. I put a little sprig of lettuce on the top of mine so I can easily see which one is the larger for DH.

Summer Evening Music

I cheated with the cookies, as I didn’t have time to bake from scratch. I used the break apart and bake chocolate chip cookie dough from the store. One of these days I’ll remember to roll them into dough balls so the square shape of the dough isn’t so obvious, LOL!! Yet, not one person complained, they just grabbed them up and scarfed them down.

Summer Evening Music

Once again, British cars are parked together, so our friends can picnic with us.  We arrived at Music on Main’s car show early enough to have our picnic and see all the cars before the concert started.

Summer Evening Music

All along Main Street in Hendersonville, antique and vintage cars line both sides of the street and down the middle of the road.

Summer Evening Music

Did you want a Mustang when you were younger?

Summer Evening Music

I have a soft spot for these two-tone Bel Air cars. We had a turquoise and cream one when I was a kid.

Summer Evening Music

Summer Evening Music

Summer Evening Music

Lots of people strolling around in the wonderful cool evening, getting ready to enjoy two hours of live music at the Visitor’s Center Bandshell.  Lots of cars from the 1940s came too.  All total there were about 175 cars to see.  If your DH is looking over your shoulder at the cars, there are more pictures on our car club event gallery at HERE.

Summer Evening Music

This is the last Music on Main for the year, and it was a gorgeous evening to be outside. No rain this time!  Tuxedo Junction plays oldies from mostly the 60s and 70s, with a bit of 50s thrown in here and there.

Summer Evening Music

They played until well after dark, and we had a great time.

Summer Evening Music

One more note (pardon the pun) about music.  I recently found the neatest music video.  Have you heard the song Sugar by Maroon 5?  It is one of those fun songs that will stay with you for a bit.  This video is so much fun, I must have watched it a dozen times now.  The members of the group surprised seven brides at their wedding receptions all in the same day, according to the video.  Take a look, and watch the faces of the brides and the audiences.  They were all blown away, and you will be too. Sugar! Yes, Please!

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Patriotic Pops July 4, 2014

One of the treasures we have in the mountains is the Brevard Music Center.  It is about a 45 minute drive from our place. Every summer they do a music camp where students come from all over to study and perform. The Patriotic Pops concert for Independence Day was fun.

Brevard July 4 2014 -9

Student musicians performed the first half of the program which included an Armed Forces Salute, Light Cavalry Overture, America the Beautiful, Trumpeter’s Lullaby and American Overture along with a Young Person’s Guide to John Williams.  This medley included themes from E.T. The Extraterrestrial, Indiana Jones and Harry Potter.

Brevard July 4 2014 -1

The Center is a large pavilion open on both sides.  We went with good friends Alvan and June, and sat about halfway back.

Brevard July 4 2014 -2

Brevard July 4 2014 -3

People who wanted to bring a blanket and picnic, or some lawn chairs could enjoy the music on the lawn in the sun or shade.

Brevard July 4 2014 -10

The second half of the program had the Brevard Community Band, and the Brevard Symphonic Winds joining the students to make a very large group of musicians.

Brevard July 4 2014 -7

The conductor, Kraig Alan Williams for the Brevard Symphonic Winds (in the white coat on the right) introduced our friend Jamie Hafner (blue shirt on the left), conductor for the Brevard Community Band (and fellow British Car Club member). Jamie was conducting the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky.

Brevard July 4 2014 -8

Yes, there were real canons for the concert!  Jamie slyly turned around to the audience and gave us a raised eyebrow to let us know when the canons were coming up.  They went off on schedule, and were very loud!!

Brevard July 4 2014 -5

The concert ended with Sousa’s Stars and Stripes Forever. It was a wonderful way to spend Independence Day! Later we will go down to a neighbors house where we can see a fireworks show. After that, will return to our front porch where we can see fireworks shows 20 miles away!

How did you spend your July 4?