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Lake Lure and Tryon Drive

It has been months since the car club was able to go for a drive, so little wonder that the one on Saturday was such a hit.  The warmer weather of the past few weeks has made everyone antsy to get back on the road.  So, a drive was planned, and we hoped for a nice day.  We met at 10:30 on Saturday morning for the first drive of the season with more than a dozen cars.

Lake Lure Drive

Rain came down overnight, and the parking area had some puddles, but we came out hoping for a nice morning.

Lake Lure / Tryon NC Drive

We were off to a nice drive through east Henderson county. Sometimes a stray car got in line, but mostly we had the roads to ourselves. This time of year is preseason for tourists, and most of the Florida folks haven’t returned for the summer.

Lake Lure / Tryon NC Drive

Some of the sheltered valley areas are greening up. We passed by several apple orchards, and I was happy to see that they were still dormant, no blooms yet. Which means the hard freeze last week might not have done much damage.

Lake Lure / Tryon NC Drive

Arriving at the restaurant in Lake Lure called Larkins on the Lake, we mostly parked together, with a few on the other side of the restaurant.

Lake Lure / Tryon NC Drive

The food here was really good. I had a Salmon BLT, which was a lovely grilled salmon filet sandwich with applewood smoked bacon, fresh lettuce and tomato, and a spicy aoli. Yum! Looking out the window on the porch where we were having our lunch was a beautiful lake view.

Lake Lure / Tryon NC Drive

Our next stop of the day, after another nice drive on some back country roads, was Tryon. We stopped here for dessert. Tryon has a charming, small downtown area of shops and parks. There is an ice cream and coffee bar here that is fun. While some of the club stopped there, I went next door to the handmade chocolate shop for a dark chocolate truffle.

Lake Lure / Tryon NC Drive

There were little beds of daffodils in bloom all down the main street.

Lake Lure / Tryon NC Drive

The Tryon Toy Horse is a sight to see, a symbol for the town. Tryon is also the home of FENCE, the Foothills Equestrian Nature Center. They do horse riding events several times a year. We have been there in the past for a dressage competition that a friend was in.

Lake Lure / Tryon NC Drive
Lake Lure / Tryon NC Drive

Back on the road after a stroll through Tryon, we went back another route through the southwestern part of Polk and Henderson counties, more mountains to go around. The orange-rusty color you see in the trees in this picture are actually maple tree flowers.

Lake Lure / Tryon NC Drive

But higher up, the trees are still in winter mode.

Lake Lure / Tryon NC Drive

We’ll see how the flowers do in the coming weeks. Soon, everything will begin to green up and the azaleas should begin their show.

Lake Lure / Tryon NC Drive

But any day driving in the mountains is a good day!  What did you do over the weekend?


Saturday Sparks


March Mountain Living

Looking out of the kitchen window earlier in the week, there were about 22 turkeys in the meadow. I took this to be the female flock, and it had grown from the 13 or so that usually come by. I decided to try to sneak out to the veranda to get a picture of them before they all moved into the forest. Moving slowly, trying to be quiet, I eased out of the door onto the veranda with camera ready. Much to my surprise, Bert and Ernie were in the group, and their heads came up immediately. Then they began running toward me! Oh rats, I hadn’t brought any bread out!

February Turkeys 2017 at From My Carolina Home

So, here they came. Bert, the larger and more dominant one, did a full fluff and tail fan, trying to impress me. He was trying so hard, that I went back inside to get them a bite.

February Turkeys 2017 at From My Carolina Home

Magnificent, isn’t he?!! Yes, they both got several bites of whole grain bread. Out in the meadow, part of female flock left behind stood like statues watching the boys strut, while the others had already melted into the forest. None of them ventured up closer. I thought later that was probably a good thing, I really don’t need to be supplementing the diets of that many turkeys!

February Turkeys 2017 at From My Carolina Home

Bert gobbled at me loudly a couple of times, which I find hilarious. I talk to him, and he answers sometimes. Ernie is quiet, never says a word and doesn’t generally fluff up. But he is attentive, and gets his share.

February Turkeys 2017 at From My Carolina Home

One more wildlife picture I haven’t had a chance to show, the turkeys came by one day in January with their deer friends. The deer are so skittish that I rarely get a picture of them. This one was taken from inside the Carolina room in the back, so they couldn’t see me. So fun to see wildlife around here!

Turkeys with Deer at From My Carolina Home

The picture is dark, and this bird has the sun behind him so it is hard to see.  His slate grey back, spotted chest and skinny legs point to being a Sharp-shinned Hawk. Although he was beautiful, I hope he doesn’t stick around, as they prey on small song birds as well as small animals.

Hawk March 2017

Sunday morning, we were treated to a rare view of our local deer herd, six females grazing in the meadow near the neighbor’s split rail fence. The nice zoom lens on the camera got some fairly decent shots.

Deer herd visit -1

It was a quiet morning, early, and they all seem to be grazing contentedly.

Deer herd visit -4

The least little movement or sound will scare them off, so I didn’t even attempt to go onto the veranda. Still, they were gone in a few minutes, taking the trail into the woods that the foxes like.

Deer herd visit -5

Up on the feeder, the goldfinch flock was hungry. They seem to be getting a bit brighter with the warm weather, but not to their summer color yet.

Goldfinches March 2017 - 1

Goldfinches March 2017 - 3

Chickadees, nuthatches joined the group later in the morning.

Chicadee March 2017

This little guy was the recipient of a bonanza of acorns. I had picked up a basketfull last fall, and started scattering them out this week. I know that springtime is the lean time for these guys. DH thinks I am crazy to do this, but the squirrels need to eat too.

Squirrel March 2017

We had a couple of nights of really cold temperatures, so I made one of my suet cakes and DH hung it up for the little birds. The chickadees found it pretty fast.

Suet feeder March chickadee 2

Later I saw this female hairy woodpecker on it too.

Suet feeder March woodpecker

Then a real surprise on Wednesday morning. A large group of wild turkeys were in the meadow. Thinking that it was the girls with Bert and Ernie, I went out to the veranda with some bread heels. But, it wasn’t them! It was another flock, 17 birds in all with 3 males. Two of them are in full fluff and tail fan, the third is on the right with his tail feathers almost up.

Mountain Living at From My Carolina Home

I grabbed the camera while they strutted and preened for the females. At one point two of them stood absolutely still, while a couple of the girls looked them over. I love to see them do this. After all, it is March, and mating season for turkeys.

Mountain Living at From My Carolina Home

They kept strutting, and totally ignored me and my bread offering. Later, Bert and Ernie made an appearance right when DH was going to leave the house. We know from experience that they will show a bit of aggression towards the car, gobbling loudly and chasing it. So, I gave them a bread treat and we waited until they had moved on for him to do his errand.

So, what’s going on in your neck of the woods?


Designed for Drama – A Biltmore House Event

This week I went with friends to the Biltmore House for their Designed for Drama Event, a collection of costumes worn in movies based on George Vanderbilt’s favorite books.  This is the third time the Biltmore House has done a costume exhibit.  The first one, Dressing Downton Abby was spectacular!  This exhibit is a collection of more than 40 outstanding costumes from 14 recent movies based on books that were George Vanderbilt’s favorite reads.  The amount of handwork and details on the gowns are just amazing.  I took over 200 pictures, making up for lost time as up to now pictures were not allowed at Biltmore House.  They now allow non-flash photography, so I had a field day, and was very happy I took an extra battery for the camera! There is no way I can show you all the wonderful costumes, I just chose a few to highlight. First, this one is a gorgeous gold gown with period correct black sequins. It was worn by Nicole Kidman in “Portrait of a Lady”.  Note the detailed lace at the hem.

Dressed Drama Portrait Lady 9

Just look at the handwork and decorative stitching on the bodice, and the matching gloves.

Dressed Drama Portrait Lady 10

The library is my favorite room at the Biltmore House, and it is spectacular. Bookshelves line the room on all four sides, with a secret passage behind the upper level chimney behind the fireplace.  The ceiling is ornately painted, and the woodwork is awe inspiring.  This room held the simple costumes from “Pride and Prejudice”.

Dressed Drama Pride Prejudice 4

In all the exhibits, the actual volumes from the Vanderbilt library accompanies the exhibit, displayed in clear cases.

Dressed Drama plackard

Additional posters detail the costume’s origin, designer and who wore it. The “Golden Bowl” dress was one of the most spectacular, worn by Uma Thurman.

Dressed Drama Golden Bowl 1

Look at the peacock headdress, the jeweled bodice and jeweled girdle around the hips.

Dressed Drama Golden Bowl 3

The necklace was a golden collar with large emerald color stones.

Dressed Drama Golden Bowl 2

This is the dress worn by Kate Beckinsale in the same movie. Lovely lacework on this gown!

Dressed Drama Golden Bowl 7

This dress was a bit simpler, a day dress, but what a hat!

Dressed Drama Golden Bowl 8

I’d wear this hat today, I love to wear hats! Of course, it would likely need to be the Kentucky derby to get away with it, LOL!

Dressed Drama Golden Bowl 9

Two more costumes from “The Golden Bowl”. There were more costumes from this book than any other, and they were all wonderfully done. I need to read this book!

Dressed Drama Golden Bowl 12

The dress features gathering and draping, expertly done, with lovely rose detail.

Dressed Drama Golden Bowl 13

The shawl on this dress was made of gossamer fabric with exquisite embroidery in gold.

Dressed Drama Golden Bowl 16

While we were enjoying the costumes, the pipe organ was being played, with ragtime songs from the 1920s. The music could be heard over a large portion of the tour.

Biltmore Pipe Organ

These costumes from “House of Mirth” were arranged with mirrors so you could see the backs of both.  The room here is Mrs Vanderbilt’s bedroom, with gilded portrait frames and mirrors.

Dressed Drama House of Mirth 1

The next room showcased the simpler style of “Jane Eyre”, still beautifully sewn.

Dressed Drama Jane Eyre 1

This rich red gown from “Portrait of a Lady” is right at home with the burgundy papered walls of the bedroom.  Every room at Biltmore House is furnished beautifully, and appointed with sumptuous draperies and beautiful rugs.

Dressed Drama Portrait Lady 1

This lovely gown and dashing tuxedo are from “Sherlock Holmes”, set in the billards room in the Bachelor’s wing.

Dressed Drama Sherlock Holmes 3

Costumes from “Sleepy Hollow” worn by Johnny Depp and Michael Gambon.

Dressed Drama Sleepy Hollow 1

Even the gowns worn by the extras in the film “Sleepy Hollow” had attention to detail.

Dressed Drama Sleepy Hollow 8

Just look at the lace on the bodice, and this was worn by someone in the film’s background.

Dressed Drama Sleepy Hollow 5

Lastly, these two lovely gowns are from “Twelfth Night”.

Dressed Drama Twelfth Night 2

There was a lot more to see, including gowns from “Anna Karenina” and fanciful costumes from “Finding Neverland” and more.

From the Biltmore House website – “Once recognized as ‘one of the best read men in the country’ by New York media, [George] Vanderbilt amassed a library of more than 22,000 volumes at his North Carolina home. A reader from an early age, he began at the age of 12 keeping a record of the books he had read, including the title and author of each work. By his death in 1914, Vanderbilt had logged 3,159 books. He also counted leading authors of the era as personal friends, including Henry James, Paul Leicester Ford, and Edith Wharton—all of whom stayed at Biltmore House as guests of George and Edith Vanderbilt.”

You can read more about the creation of this exhibit in their Designed for Drama Press Release.  More pictures are on the Biltmore House website Photo Gallery.  If you are local, make plans to see this wonderful exhibit.  If you haven’t made your vacation plans for this year, come to Asheville/Hendersonville!  The event runs through July 4, 2017.

Did you enjoy the pictures?  Have you read these classics?



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A Quilt Garden, Dreaming of Flowers in Winter

I’ve been saving this post for a couple of months to give us some flowers to see in deep winter.  These pics are from my visit to the NC Arboretum last spring for the Lego Exhibit.  There is so much to do and see there, that you cannot do it all in one post.  One of my favorite things at the NC Arboretum is the Quilt Garden. The staff changes this every year, so it is different each spring. The Quilt Garden is a grid of planting squares surrounded by concrete strips. It gives the impression of quilt blocks surrounded by sashing. There are even cornerstones in the sashing made of stone. Last spring the quilt blocks were butterflies.

Quilt Garden at NC Arboretum ~ From My Carolina Home

There is a viewing balcony you can walk up to see the garden from a higher view.

Quilt Garden at NC Arboretum ~ From My Carolina Home

A close up view of one of the butterfly blocks.

Quilt Garden at NC Arboretum ~ From My Carolina Home

And here is the other block.

Quilt Garden at NC Arboretum ~ From My Carolina Home

The same small purple flower was used as the ‘background’ in both blocks.  I think it is a dianthus. These are Agearatums.

Quilt Garden at NC Arboretum ~ From My Carolina Home

It is a lovely place to sit and just enjoy being outdoors. It is relatively quiet here too, depending on the number of visitors at the time.

Quilt Garden at NC Arboretum ~ From My Carolina Home

All over the Arboretum are gorgeous flowers in the spring and summer.  Their pots of mixed flowers are such an inspiration for my veranda pots.

NC Arboretum Flower Trails ~ From My Carolina Home

This bromeliad garden was in full bloom.

NC Arboretum Flower Trails ~ From My Carolina Home

This rooftop garden was a surprise. The hydrangea bush next to it has a multitude of blooms.

NC Arboretum Flower Trails ~ From My Carolina Home

Springtime means lots of pollinators are out in abundance.

NC Arboretum Flower Trails ~ From My Carolina Home

This fascinating little guy is a Hummingbird Moth. This was the first one I have ever seen, and there were dozens of them on these purple flowers – perhaps a variety of impatiens.  Phlox!

NC Arboretum Flower Trails ~ From My Carolina Home

Beautiful isn’t it?  I entered this photo in the State Fair photography contest, but it didn’t get a ribbon.

NC Arboretum Flower Trails ~ From My Carolina Home

Here’s another hummingbird moth on a different flower.

NC Arboretum Flower Trails ~ From My Carolina Home

There are wonderful hiking trails on the property, and we had a nice walk in the woods that day too.

Arboretum Hiking Trails ~ From My Carolina Home

Of course, I took about a hundred pictures!! There was just so much beauty everywhere. Something about walking in the woods, with green everywhere is just so relaxing.

Arboretum Hiking Trails ~ From My Carolina Home

Occasionally you’ll come across a real surprise too, like this giant mushroom. It was a bright bit of yellow color in an otherwise mostly green landscape.  I love the moss behind it on the tree trunk.

Wild Mushroom at NC Arboretum ~ From My Carolina Home

Heading back to the car, we kept going by lovely masses of color.

NC Arboretum Flower Trails ~ From My Carolina Home

I love white flowers. I think these are a variety of stephanotis.  Phlox!

NC Arboretum Flower Trails ~ From My Carolina Home

One last stop, the Mason bee garden.

NC Arboretum Flower Trails ~ From My Carolina Home

Mason bees are non-aggressive, solitary bees that make their homes in holes in trees or bark, or wood. You can actually attract them to your garden with a bee house made of wood tubes.

NC Arboretum Flower Trails ~ From My Carolina Home

Purple petunias were almost done.

NC Arboretum Flower Trails ~ From My Carolina Home

Here and there you can see the mountains surrounding the arboretum through the hedges. The statue is of Frederick Law Olmstead, Jr., who first thought of an arboretum as part of a plan for the Biltmore Estate gardens.

Quilt Garden at NC Arboretum ~ From My Carolina Home

These red beauties were in a huge pot near the visitor’s center.  I should have taken a picture of the identification card, I am not sure what these are.  But the red color was just vibrant! (Update – Salvia)

NC Arboretum Flower Trails ~ From My Carolina Home

The NC Arboretum is definitely a place to visit, in many different times of the year.  The early spring is really beautiful with all the bulbs in bloom, and I hope to get there this year at the right time.

My amaryllis is making good progress now! This picture was taken Saturday, and I should have a bloom soon. Looking at it this close kind of reminds me of the plant in Little Shop of Horrors, LOL!!

Amaryllis bulb year 4 a

Are you dreaming of flowers and springtime?  Is there an arboretum near you?



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Winter White

Now that the holidays are truly over, I like to create a cleaner space after the clutter of the autumn season followed by Christmas.  For me, going to to an all white decor is a rest for the eyes before getting to the rich Valentine reds  and Mardi Gras colors of February. The snow over the weekend helped set the mood too, and our pub table is now decked out in all white.

Winter White at From My Carolina Home

I found these darling little mitten ornaments with snowflakes at the thrift store, and they had four! So, of course they become napkin ring ornaments.

Winter White at From My Carolina Home

The placemats are my vintage Battenberg lace ones, with the white French Country dinnerware. I added a little white sauce dish at the top. It can hold some teriyaki or horseradish sauce for a pork roast dinner.

Winter White at From My Carolina Home

In the center, a white rabbit planter holds the white poinsettia from the holidays. It is still growing, and I turned the silver side of the wrapper out.

Winter White at From My Carolina Home

On either side are white pillar candles in the cut glass holders I’ve had for many years. I found the white iridescent beads at the thrift store too, and lay them around the center for a bit of sparkle.

Winter White at From My Carolina Home

Another thrift store find, this little snowflake candle holder is a perfect addition to the other side of the centerpiece.

Winter White at From My Carolina Home

Here’s a wider view of the whole table.

Winter White at From My Carolina Home

White is the theme all through the house, with this display on the kitchen counter. The white colander holds a new white candle in a lovely scent called Winter Garden. The white salt and pepper are within easy grasp sitting on a lace placemat.

Winter White at From My Carolina Home

In the den, I put the White Mini Quilt on the stand, adding white candles on the side. My white reindeer stays out all winter, and this year he sits regally near the quilt. The little pine cone next to him is a candle with glitter, too pretty to burn.

Winter White at From My Carolina Home

In a corner, the antique table usually holds a quilt, but for January it displays another Battenburg runner.

Winter White at From My Carolina Home

On the coffee table, I placed the Snowflake runner from last year, with a Fenton candy dish, my depression glass American potpourri dish, and a book of Andrew Wyeth art. The cover shot is one of my all time favorite paintings.

Winter White at From My Carolina Home

Outside, the snow filled up the feeder Saturday morning so the birds were having a hard time. It was dark and the snow was still falling when I got up Saturday.

January Snow 2017 2

You can see on the top of the feeder how many inches we got, which is on the driveway too.

January Snow 2017 4

The blue jay managed to unhook the suet feeder from the clip, not on purpose, and it plopped into the snow. When DH saw that, he put on earmuffs, gloves, heavy coat and Wellies and got out the ladder to fix it.

January Snow 2017 7

He brushed all the snow out of the feeder, and replaced the suet feeder. I scattered some seed on the ground for the ground feeder birds and we went back in to watch. Very shortly, the cardinal landed for a bite, while a woodpecker went for the suet.

January Snow 2017 9

A titmouse on the feeder,

January Snow 2017 12

and juncos on the ground.

January Snow 2017 10

Everybody that wanted a meal got some food.

January Snow 2017 14

Later in the day, the sun came out. It was a beautiful clear blue sky.

January Snow 2017 17

Just look at the icicles on the roof!

January Snow 2017 19

Then, on Sunday, the boys were back for another handout. One was really strutting his stuff, cluck-purring and fanning his tail.  He was really preening for a tidbit.

Turkeys in the Snow 4

DH thought I’d lost my mind as I made them a peanut butter sandwich and fed it to them in small bites thrown onto the snow. They need the extra protein and calories when it is only 27 degrees outside.

Turkeys in the Snow 6

I’m still not going anywhere soon. The driveway is still several inches deep in snow.  Hopefully the sun will melt it before Wednesday as I have two meetings that day!

Turkeys in the Snow 5

In the meantime, I’ll be sewing and crafting!

What’s going on where you live?  Do you enjoy Winter White?



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Winter Projects

We had our first snow of the season beginning Friday afternoon.  It started earlier than expected, and I was happy to get my appointments done, attend a memorial service, and get DH from the airport before the road froze.  After we were home for half an hour or so, I saw that the turkeys were back again!  I was delighted as I have missed seeing them. I counted at least nine, and maybe more in the woods. They were in the meadow, and weren’t moving around much. Of course, I couldn’t resist seeing if the two males would come when called.  The snow was falling in fat flakes drifting down.

Turkeys Visit in January ~ From My Carolina Home

I wish I had brought out the camera fully booted up and ready as I missed getting the two of them running toward me. They made a bee line for me as soon as they saw me and heard me call to them. I had the bread ready, but not the camera. It was funny to see them come straight at me at a dead run! The rest of the birds stayed in the meadow and watched, no one else was willing to take a chance, so these two got all the treats.

Turkeys Visit in January ~ From My Carolina Home

They made their purring and clucking sounds while I fed them several pieces of bread.  I think I should give them names, don’t you?  Maybe Bert and Ernie?  or Butch and Sundance?  Any suggestions?

Turkeys Visit in January ~ From My Carolina Home

It was blasted cold, around 27 degrees with snow still falling. And they just kept making circles and purring, so of course I had to give them another slice. Next time, I think I’ll put some peanut butter on the bread to give them some extra protein and calories against the cold.

Turkeys Visit in January ~ From My Carolina Home

The larger male does get very colorful as his head become more blue and the wattles get red as he struts around. I do think he is preening to get more goodies. It works too.

Turkeys Visit in January ~ From My Carolina Home

Last night, it was really coming down hard with blustery wind.

January snow Friday night2

Now that it is white outside, I want to show you some white inside. While putting away the holiday decorations, DH found a wreath in the garage that I forgot I even had!  Well, the ribbon was crushed and certainly the red flowers were needing a lift.

Wreath Winter White 1

So, I decided to rework it completely for a winter wreath. I am in the mood this month for white, as I usually do in January. White decor and cleaning up the clutter is like a refreshing break from the frenzy of the holidays. I pulled off all the elements, and then cleaned up the excess glue on the wreath.

Wreath Winter White 2

I know I have shown you how to make a bow before. This time I centered it at the top, glueing the streamers under it, using a wonderful silver color wire edge ribbon from the estate sale box. White silk poinsettia flowers were added to each side. In keeping with the clean and simple theme, I stopped there.

Wreath Winter White 5

Hanging it up, it will remain through the winter.

January White 32

One other thing I did was paint some pine cones.  These aren’t as easy to paint as you’d think.  I began with a white primer paint spraying them from the top.

Pine Cone Project 1

Then I realized that most of the pine cone you see is the underside of the petals.  So, turning them on their sides, I sprayed the undersides of the petals.

Pine Cone Project 4

I’ll be using these in a tablescape coming soon.

Pine Cone Project 3

Back outside this morning, it is obvious that we won’t be going anywhere for a while. The forecast was for 3-5 inches, but this looks like more than that.

January Snow Saturday Dawn

This was near dawn this morning, I love the winter wonderland. Good thing I stocked the pantry last week!  We are expecting a bit more snow this morning too!  There are massive power outages in the area, we are not affected.  We have a whole house generator in case it does go out so I can still sew and do some cooking.  I am going to post this while we have the internet just in case.  It was 20 degrees when I took these pictures.

January Snow Saturday Dawn 2

Being snowed in means I can get some sewing done! I have Scrap Dance Waltz loaded and I’ll share that soon as it did present a challenge.  Wild Card Weekend means lots of football on the schedule for the next two days! Maybe I can get some hand work started too.

Do you have any projects going for January?



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December Mountain Living

We had a real cold snap last weekend, and as much as I’d love a white Christmas, it isn’t in the forecast for this year.  Somehow, the cold makes the skies crisp at night, lots of stars out to see.   Occasionally, I have a bout of insomnia, and this particular morning I was glad, as the sunrise over the mountains to the east of ours was spectacular.  Rain was on the way, and dawn brought brilliant color to the sky, seen through the architecture of the bare trees.

December Dawn 1

The wider view was difficult to get the brilliance of the dawn, but you can see the color was most of the horizon over the mountains.

December Dawn 3

Out in the valley, the color there was beautiful as well.  My camera just doesn’t do this justice, I’d need a wide angle lens to show you the true grandeur of this moment.

December Dawn 4

Our avian visitors have been eating us out of birdseed, emptying the feeder in just a few days rather than over a week.  I am thinking some of the other neighbors have stopped filling their feeders for the winter, so these guys are hungry.  We have such a wide variety right now too, titmice and nuthatches, cardinals and chickadees share the feeder, sometimes with 8 or 9 on the feeder at once. I managed to get one shot of seven at once – two chickadees, two nuthatches, and three goldfinches.

December Bird visitors 4

The goldfinches are regular visitors, wearing their duller brown coats for winter.

December Bird visitors 7

A blue jay comes around from time to time.

December Bird visitors 1

But the biggest surprise was seeing a pileated woodpecker gobbling up the suet.  He made short work of a lot of the seed in the feeder too.

December Pileated Woodpecker 1

I could not believe he could land on such a small spot!

December Pileated Woodpecker 2

The crows finished off the pumpkin and DH threw away the shells.  This week I put out the insides of a spaghetti squash and they brought their buddies to polish off the treat.  I think the squirrels got some of it as well.

December Crows 2

December Crows 4

Then these guys showed up.  Robins!!  In winter!

December Robins 4

There were more than a dozen of them, and I got pics of some of the individuals.  They were scattered over the lawn and the meadow, in the trees and down the driveway.

December Robins 3

I couldn’t get a clear picture of the group, and they were gone in an hour.  DH thinks they are migrating south, but I thought they would have done that by now, unless we are near the end of the journey.  It has been too warm through fall so maybe they stayed longer than usual.

December Robins 2

We had doves and towhees stop by in the last few days too, but no pictures, they flew off when they sensed movement.  DH saw a purple finch on the feeder last weekend. The cardinal finally showed up again, I have missed him and his lady.

December Bird visitors 6

The turkeys haven’t been by in more than two weeks, so I think they have moved on for the winter.  I was saving some bread for them, but I think I’ll spread my mixture of bacon fat and peanut butter on the slices and press birdseed into them for the suet feeder.

Are you feeding birds now?  Who is visiting at your place?



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