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The Safelight Project Delivery and Winners

The Safelight Project has come to a close, and I want to show you the rest of the story. Cards and donations just kept coming, more bags were made, and the delivery has been done.

Safelight Project at From My Carolina Home

The cards coming in were just extraordinary, such creativity and beauty! These from Cyndy R. were stunning.

Cyndy's cards 1

I have to show you this one up close, look at the coloration of the rose with glitter for a bit of sparkle.

Cyndy's cards 4

It is a tri-fold card, here is the middle, beautifully colored and so inspirational.

Cyndy's cards 2

Then in the inside, she hand wrote a beautiful message, one that is sure to lift someone’s spirits in a nice way.

Cyndy's cards 3

Heather, who blogs at Creative Blessings, sent in a whole batch of cards, each one unique.

Heather's cards 1

Handwritten messages unique to each one were very special.

Heather's cards 3

More of Heather’s designs, all beautiful.

Heather's cards 2

Danice was having so much fun making cards that she sent six more the following week. Thank you so much, Danice!!

Safelight Project at From My Carolina Home

Cindy in Florida sent these beauties.

Cindi in Fl's cards 1

Inside all were stamps or stickers to make them pretty, and a heartfelt handwritten note, unique to each card.

Cindi in Fl's cards 2

My friend Gail made several cards as well, so pretty!

Safelight Project Gails cards

A box of goodies arrived from Denise F., all melaleuca products, who sent facial renewal cream and yummy flavored lip glosses for the bags.

Safelight Project phase 2 1

Those lip gloss tubes had all kinds of flavors from Vanilla Bean to Pina Colada, Peach Nectarine and Pineapple.

Safelight Project phase 2 4

The donations just kept coming too, even after I announced that the initial goal was reached, and even exceeded. Thank you to all the monetary sponsors!

Amy O. —  Mary Jo L.  — Nancy B.  — Norece E.  —  Susan D. — Mary Z.

Sharon S.  —  Kathryn W.  —  Jodi M.  —  Mary C.  — Deborah M  —  Denise F.

Mary Jean C. — Susan G.  —  Jennifer G.  —  Christine S.  —  Erika N.   —  Susan C.

Linda S.  —  Carol L.   —-  Teresa M. —   Sherry T.  —  Jeanne C.  —  Donna S.

Nancy J.  —  Beth L.  —  Sarah K.  —  Elizabeth S.  —  Ruth C.   —  Melanie T.

Karen T. —  Judy D.  —  Lesley G.  —  Janice H.  —  Lisa (unknown)

Mildred P.  —  Jennie R.  —  Edy J. — Vicki W. — Pat E. — Dana W. — Carole B.

Kelley L — Cindi W.

I had to make another trip to the store, luckily they still had some of the same tote bags. More bags were filled with goodies, cards, and essentials.

Safelight Project phase 2 5

Each one got a piece of sparkly tissue on top, so the spa bag was more like a gift. It is with great pleasure that I tell you the number of spa bags increased to 45 with all the donations!! Thank you so much to everyone that helped, it couldn’t have happened without everyone’s help.

Safelight Project phase 2 6

And now, congratulations to the winners of the prizes!

Cindi W. won the fantastic Stampin’ Up kit!  Visit Stampin’ Up to find a demonstrator near you!

The winner of the Mastercard Gift Card was Nancy B, congratulations!!

Safelight Project Giveaway at From My Carolina Home

So, bags all made, I made arrangements to deliver them on Monday. On Sunday evening, I loaded the car. The trunk was completely full.

Safelight Project at From My Carolina Home

So, I put the seats down in the back and continued to stuff the car to its gills. The last two were tucked onto the floor behind the driver seat. The bag of extra toothbrushes, combs, deodorants, and nail files were stashed in there too.

Safelight Project at From My Carolina Home

Monday, August 7th, was a rainy day, so we had to wait for a break in the downpours. The car was loaded and ready when a break came near 11:30 in the morning. I called Laresa, said I was on my way, and she was waiting outside with two rolling carts to quickly get the bags inside before the bottom fell out of the rain clouds again.  Turning on the hazard lights, I jumped out and we quickly loaded the carts.

Safelight Project at From My Carolina Home

Then, I parked the car, and went inside to meet the wonderful people that run this shelter, see the programs they have in process and have a tour of the facility in its construction stage.  Here are three of the shelter managers from left, Charlotte Rapp -Shelter Manager, Laresa Griffin -Director of Development and Wendy McEntire – Job Training Program Director.

Safelight Project at From My Carolina Home

While I was parking the car, Laresa said a resident saw the bags and got very excited that one would be for her.  Charlotte planned a time to hand out to everyone at once for that evening.  On Tuesday, Laresa sent me an email with the resident’s reactions.  She said “the clients were ecstatic! They were so ‘happy to have personal items that were like luxuries, not just the necessities’ and it made them all feel so special. They really appreciated the handmade cards and the caring notes written inside. Thank you and your blog readers who contributed to these amazing gifts for our clients. It really has lightened their loads, giving them a self-confidence boost and the ability to pamper themselves. We appreciate you and your hard work in coordinating this project and loving on our clients in such a personal way. Thank you!”  There were enough bags for every resident of the shelter, and the transitional apartments, and a few left over which will be stored for future needs.  There were also about a dozen cards more than bags, and Laresa will give those out to those who need a lift later.

So, this project is finished. There really isn’t an opportunity to sew anything for them at this time. We did explore the ideas of seasonal table linens, or pillowcases, but those just cannot be used right now. The shelter is in transition, and is a transitional facility as well. But, for local readers, they do have a program beginning sewing class that meets every Monday, and they can use fabric and thread if you have any to donate. Just take it to the Safelight thrift store, and tell them it is for the Sewing class at the shelter.

Thank you to everyone that contributed cards and items, and donated money to make it such a success!



Jelly Roll Market Bag

I had leftover strips from the latest jelly roll project, and I really liked the soft, sage green colors. I also had these wonderful large buttons suitable for a coat. Knowing I will never make a coat, I had an idea for using them on a tote. If you don’t have leftover jelly roll strips, just use 2-1/2-inch width-of-fabric (WOF) strips. I like the way this turned out, and it is very simple.

Jelly Roll Market Bag on From My Carolina Home

So here is what you need –

9 jelly roll strips
2 strips of batting 1-inch x 20 inches
Optional stabilizer, interfacing,fusible fleece or similar
Lining fabric 16 inches x 40 inches
3 large buttons

Select one jelly roll strip for handles and set aside. Arrange eight jelly roll strips in a pleasing matter.

Jelly Roll Market Bag on From My Carolina Home

Sew together on the long sides to make a fabric piece 16-1/2 x 40 inches.

Jelly Roll Market Bag on From My Carolina Home

Press the seams in one direction. Remove the selvedge edges on one edge with a rotary cutter making a straight end.

Jelly Roll Market Bag on From My Carolina Home

Measure five inches down and cross cut the strips. Measure three more inches and make a second cross cut. Reverse the direction of the strip created.

Jelly Roll Market Bag on From My Carolina Home

Sew back together nesting the seams.

Jelly Roll Market Bag on From My Carolina Home

Repeat for the other end.

Jelly Roll Market Bag on From My Carolina Home

Optional, add fusible interfacing or fleece, or other stabilizer to the wrong side of the strip piece to add body to the bag. If quilting is desired, complete that at this point.

Add buttons or other embellishment if desired to three of the squares on the front side of the bag, leaving the top square empty, and starting with the second one.

Jelly Roll Market Bag on From My Carolina Home

I drop the feed dogs and put the buttons on by machine.

Jelly Roll Market Bag on From My Carolina Home

Sew the short ends of the strip pieced section together, and across the bottom of the bag. Leave the top open. Press seams open.

Box the corners by pulling the front and back apart right sides together, creating a triangle at the bottom of the bag and aligning the bottom seam in the center – see photo. Then, measure two inches in from the point, and sew a line of straight stitching across the corner. Repeat for the other side.

Jelly Roll Market Bag on From My Carolina Home

To make handles, remove the selvedge edge, and cut the reserved jelly roll strip in half crosswise.
Turn under 1/4-inch on one long side of each strip to the wrong side and press. Place a 1-inch wide batting strip in the center of the wrong side of the strip.
Wrap the raw edge over the batting and press.
Wrap the folded edge over the raw edge to the center of the handle, covering the raw edge, pin and press.

Jelly Roll Market Bag on From My Carolina Home

Sew a line of stitching along the folded edge securing the edge. Optional, sew additional lines on either side creating three lines of stitching for handle strength, and decorative interest.

Jelly Roll Market Bag on From My Carolina Home

Place the handle ends five inches in from the sides on the front side, seam side up (right sides together).

Jelly Roll Market Bag on From My Carolina Home

Stay stitch 1/4 inch from the edge. Repeat for the handle on the back.

Jelly Roll Market Bag on From My Carolina Home

Sew lining sides and bottom, leaving an opening for turning. Box corners. Turn lining right side out.

Jelly Roll Market Bag on From My Carolina Home

Place the lining inside the bag right sides together, matching the side seam. Pin the top edge, and stitch with a 1/2-inch seam.

Jelly Roll Market Bag on From My Carolina Home

Turn bag right side out through the opening in the lining. Whip stitch or machine stitch the opening in the lining closed. Press the top seam.

Jelly Roll Market Bag on From My Carolina Home

Topstitch 1/4 inch from top edge. If a closure is desired, center hook and loop tape pieces on either side of the inside at the top and topstitch in place.

Jelly Roll Market Bag on From My Carolina Home

All done! This bag is simple and can be made in an afternoon!   So why do I call it a Market Bag?  Well, for my flea market finds, of course!!

Jelly Roll Market Bag on From My Carolina Home

So, what do you think of my Jelly Roll Market Bag?  Do you have any leftover strips for a market bag?

Download the free pattern – Jelly-Roll-Market-Bag

Jelly Roll Market Bag on From My Carolina Home

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Making a Meal for our Feathered Friends

Winter finally arrived with some really chilly temperatures and snow!  This morning the total is approaching a foot, and it is still coming down. This picture was taken about an hour ago, already 6-8 inches everywhere. The forecast for my area is 12-18!  With the leaves gone, our winter view is able to see the mountain to the east of us.

January 2016 Snow 2

On the bird feeder, our local avian community has been working hard to empty the seed reservoir over the past few days.  I know that extra protein and fat are essential for them in really cold weather.  There are literally hundreds of recipes on the internet for suet, using all kinds of things for fat and protein.  So, I thought I’d try something with what I had on hand.

Suet Feeder 1

I had lard left in a pan after cooking bacon that I allowed to become solid, so I skimmed off the top and put it in a cup. Then I added about an equal amount of peanut butter.

Suet Feeder 2

Shelled sunflower seeds were added.

Suet Feeder 3

And cracked corn in the form of grits.

Suet Feeder 4

Mixing them all together, …

Suet Feeder 5

I filled two paper cups …

Suet Feeder 6

and packed the mixture down to make two round suet cakes.

Suet Feeder 7

I found a suet feeder at the hardware store.

Suet feeder basket

It was a bit thinner than my little cakes.

suet cake 1

But I flattened them a bit to form a nice round cake.

suet cake 3

DH figured out how to attach it to the feeder pole, under the main feeder but still out of the squirrel’s reach. He put it out a few days ago. I wanted the birds to have time to find it before this blizzard hit.  It took a day for them to find it, and the Carolina Wrens were first.

wren on suet feeder

The cardinals weren’t too interested while the weather was good, but that changed this morning.

Cardinals January 2016 - 2

Today they all looked cold, with their feathers all fluffed up against the cold. DH says some of them are just fat. Still, he is the one that buys them the better seeds, already shelled. But now I have proof of my theory. Here is the junco, as he landed.

January 2016 Snow birds junco 1

Then a moment later, he fluffed himself up. Same bird, now much bigger.

January 2016 Snow birds junco fluffed

This morning, everyone was competing for morsels of this high calorie meal. A chickadee and a titmouse share the wealth.  I was surprised to see snow on top of the cake.  Didn’t seem to bother the birds, though.

January 2016 Snow birds 6

Then a woodpecker stopped by.

January 2016 Snow birds 7

And another!

January Snow birds 21

I didn’t know what picture I had until I was pulling them off the camera. This one is neat, with the little wren still hanging off the side of the feeder, while the titmouse flew away.

January 2016 Snow birds 16

I had to keep grabbing the camera, as more birds stopped by for a bite. Here, a female cardinal has a morsel in her beak, while a nuthatch attempts a landing.

January Snow birds 23

Yes, he made it.  The male cardinal has had a few morsels, but I didn’t get a good picture of him.

January Snow birds 24

All the birds seem to be sharing nicely. DH says he will put the other suet cake out, and refill the seed reservoir a bit later when the snow lets up. I think I’ll make some more cakes with just vegetable shortening for later. They seem to be scarfing it up. Next time I am at the store, I think I’ll get some mealworms and see if the bluebirds are still around.

Are you feeding your birds?

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The Best of 2015 at From My Carolina Home

What would you say if you had to pick just 5 posts from this year as your best or favorites?  That is the task in order to link up a Best OF 2015 post for a challenge linky at Meadow Mist Designs.  This isn’t going to be easy, as I blog about such a wide variety of subjects, just picking 5 subjects is challenge enough, LOL!!  However, Quilting has to be one, and the post I am going to pick is the end of the Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt. This post shows some of our participant’s finishes, along with a link to the pattern and some other fun links.  This pattern is for sale in my Craftsy store, just click on the picture on the sidebar.  The next mystery, Scrap Dance Tango has begun!  Click on the Scrap Dance Tango icon on the sidebar to get to the first post.

Scrap Dance on bench

Readers know that I love to cook, and frequently post original recipes.  It was difficult to choose just one, I thought hard about the Bourbon Chicken, but I think I’ll go with the Perfect Deviled Eggs, the last deviled egg recipe you will ever need. Not only is the basic recipe given, with the perfect way to boil and peel them, every variation you could ever want is included.

Perfect Deviled Eggs From My Carolina Home

Next, what to choose?  Something crafty, or needlework?  I stamp cards, paint things, and play with my glue gun.  I adore Mason jars, so maybe one of those crafty posts.  So, check out the Beaded Mason Jar.

Mason Jar Holiday decoration

DH and I live in beautiful Western North Carolina, and we often go on day trips and excursions with our car club, or just hiking by ourselves in the local parks and mountains.  We live close to the Blue Ridge Parkway and spend many of our driving excursions there.  Drives and events in this region are gathered into the category of Mountain Living on the sidebar.  This Autumn Drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway was also a costume party for the car club.

BCCWNC 2015 Costume Drive 34

Decorating and tablescapes are frequent subjects for posts.  I enjoy setting a beautiful table and serving a great meal to friends and family.  Sometimes we host outside on the veranda with our gorgeous view (see the header). Sometimes DH lights a fire in the dining room/library and we enjoy a meal there.  Either way, a lovely tablescape is essential.  Enjoy this post with two tablescapes from just last month for Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving Tablescapes 2015.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2015 1

OK, so that is five.  I could go on with the book reviews, gardening, needlework, button crafts, wool work projects and other tutorials, but I’ll have to let you explore on your own if you like.  Thank you for stopping by and looking around.  I hope you enjoyed your visit, and to my regular readers, thank you for faithfully reading my blog!

Best of 2015 Linky Party

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I Won the EQ7 Block Challenge!

I am really excited to share that I won the EQ7 Timeless Treasures Charleston Block Challenge!  After taking a class at NC Quilt Symposium, I entered the contest on the EQ7 blog Do You EQ.  It was a block design challenge using a new line of fabrics from Timeless Treasures called Charleston.  I was notified yesterday that I won, and I am just thrilled!!  Here is my block entry.


Asymmetrical blocks always give room for so many variations of quilt design!  This one would be all applique, so I will be working on creating something pieced to get this kind of effect.  Here are some of the quilts that could be done with this block.  Isn’t it interesting how some placements seem too busy, and others are just right?

Charleston1 Charleston4

Charleston2 Charleston3

I won a fat quarter bundle from Timeless Treasures in the Charleston fabric line, how cool is that!  There goes my Stashbuster challenge, more yards in, LOL!!


I also won a $75 gift certificate for EQ7 goodies, so I can do even more designs for the blog!  What fun, can’t wait to get my goodies!!  I’ve ordered two EQ7 design books to learn more about using the software, plus a couple of boxes of special paper to print foundations or quilting designs for tear-away from EQ7.  I am excited to learn more about using my toys!

If you are visiting from the EQ7 blog, welcome!  I’d like to invite you to look around my blog.  I do a lot of different things, quilting and sewing mostly, but also gardening, stamping, cooking, crafting, and mountain living.  Visit my Etsy Store Craftnut’s Studio for great buys on quilting fabrics and more from cleaning out my stash, with more to come this weekend.   I’ll be listing more items this weekend and next week, I have to move some out so more can come in, LOL!!  Thanks for coming by!

Update, the next contest is for a quilt using the block design submitted – so I did this –

Charleston Quilt

I would love to win this too, it would mean even more goodies!!


Grow Your Blog Event 2015

Hi, I’m so glad you stopped by!  Thank you for coming to see what my blog offers.  In a word, much!  But first, I want to thank Vicki at 2 Bags Full for hosting this blog hop party.  And I want to thank my regular readers for all their support over the past year.  I plan for this next year to bring as much fun and variety as the first year.  Click on the Grow Your Blog Button below to see all the blogs participating in this year’s event.

grow your blog 2015

I have been blogging for one year now, (it is my blogiversary tomorrow!), and I do enjoy sharing the many projects I do.   I think a blog should be a source of inspiration and learning for the reader, so I concentrate on content.  There are lots of tutorials here – just look in the upper right corner above the banner picture for categories of tutorials you can see.  I enjoy quilting, crafting, sewing, designing, cooking, reading, gardening, beading, wool work, stamping, photography and playing with my glue gun.  I go hiking in the warmer months in these beautiful North Carolina mountains, and share my best pictures with you.  Here’s a sample of what I have blogged over the past year –

I have quilted and sewn for many years, and each new project brings fresh excitement.  This past year, one of my quilts was accepted into the American Quilter’s Society show in Charlotte.  It was my first quilt accepted into a juried show!


I created several Quilting Tutorials for basic skills…


and a few more fun Quilting Projects.  I have a designer page on Fave Quilts too!


I created a few sewing projects


and crafting projects

Jars basket 2

My garden and veranda occupy a lot of my warmer weather attention.

Porch July 2014

I enjoy cooking, baking and creating new recipes.  This is Rustic Egg Bread.

Egg Bread 14

Try my Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup for a cold winter day.


Sometimes I do research on interesting foodie items, like this article on salt.


And sometimes, I’ll tell you about silly holidays with things you can do to celebrate, like National Donut Day.

Donuts 3

On holidays, I’ll show you my tablescapes, both formal and informal.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 6

Lunch table

In the fall, we go to the local Apple Festival every year, such fun!  We go to other local events too.


We enjoy hiking and exploring the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, see our view from home on the header.


I read a lot too, and often post Book Reviews, sometimes with a Movie Review.

13th Glazed Murder garden Food12 QuiltAsYouGo elegance GoneGirlBookClubCookbook_09-06-11 Tim Gunn Th 101 Knifeskills BreadAlone

I have just so many interests, I have to write about all of them.  DH says I have a low threshold for boredom, so I have to have something going on all the time.  The variety of subjects keeps me interested, and allows me to work on more than one project at a time.  Coming soon are articles on sewing and serging, creating more fun projects with buttons and natural materials, and a series of small quilts for tabletop display, along with several new recipes, book reviews, and mountain living articles.  Check out the categories on the sidebar for more articles, projects, book reviews, recipes, and more.  Or click on the home button to see the last several posts.  If you like a variety of subjects, heavy on the quilting, crafting, cooking and reading, you’ll enjoy this blog.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will come again.