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Reworking a Thrifted Treasure


We like to eat outside when the weather is warm, and I enjoy having cookouts.   One thing that is a constant with outdoor dining is the breeze that will take all the napkins off the table before you can catch them.  So, when I found this lovely iron napkin holder at a thrift store for $1, I nabbed it.  The lady behind the counter had to ask me what it was, LOL, they just don’t make these things anymore.  It was in really rough shape, the surfaces which at one time might have been a brass color had significant rust.  But I knew I could do something about that.  DH had a solution he wanted to try soaking it with, so we found a bucket that it would fit in.

DIY Napkin Holder Project at From My Carolina Home

But the etching solution didn’t work.  He had a wire brush and a dremel tool, and he set to work removing as much of the rust as he could.  I actually planned to do this part myself, but I think he wanted a project, so I let him run with it.

DIY Napkin Holder Project at From My Carolina Home

After cleaning it up as much a possible, the two pieces were separated and a coat of rust covering spray paint was applied in glossy black.

DIY Napkin Holder Project at From My Carolina Home

Then a second coat, and turning it upside down to get all the surfaces painted.

DIY Napkin Holder Project at From My Carolina Home

A third light coat was added, and it was allowed to dry thoroughly.

DIY Napkin Holder Project at From My Carolina Home

Reassembled, it now is ready to use, looking almost new.

DIY Napkin Holder Project at From My Carolina Home

It holds dinner size napkins nicely, and will come in quite handy at our next buffet cookout.

DIY Napkin Holder Project at From My Carolina Home

I like the graceful lines of the piece, and in black it looks like wrought iron.

DIY Napkin Holder Project at From My Carolina Home

Spray paint is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?  I have another paint project coming up soon for another DIY thrift store find.

DIY Napkin Holder Project at From My Carolina Home

Do you like to rescue old things and give them new life?

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20 thoughts on “Reworking a Thrifted Treasure

  1. Beautiful Job restoring a treasure! Great find!

  2. what a great find! I love it. I rarely find things that I can fix like this I guess I do not look hard enough. If I had better stores here I would look harder.

  3. Very nice find and the price was right. Good job!

  4. Good morning,

    Beautiful makeover of something old to something new. Love old turned into a usable item again. Have a love of old things, guess its because I’m going to be 78 this year as well so old means looking

    Young again with a new hairdo and a new outfit. Soon I’ll look as good as a new lady.


  5. I Love this piece-so glad you saved and restored it

  6. Pretty!
    I don’t know about you but I”m having football withdrawal. I’ve even watched some of the combine this week. Pathetic! 🙂

  7. My husband’s family has a home made wooden one of these. It is handy for a breezy day. Yours is much nicer, especially now that you fixed it up!

  8. What a perfect solution!! It looks as good as new, possibly better!

  9. Beautiful..and no, I don’t rescue much as I usually find it way harder than buying it new. Plus I don’t know all the little secrets that you do! LOL

  10. That looks great and will be so useful now.

  11. That was a great use of a dollar and a little elbow grease!

  12. Definitely worth the effort. This is a wonderful find.

  13. Cute! You went to a lot of trouble, but it will be handy!

  14. what a beautiful restoration project!

  15. I do, but not things that require paint. I have no ability in that area, and always wind up with a mess. Your project, however, looks fabulous. I would never guess it was a thrift store find!

  16. What a nice Addition to your spring and summer table. Being a Carolina Girl too I know we spend a lot of time socializing with food on our porch too!

  17. I love how you rescued that napkin holder. It looks great!

  18. Excellent upcycle, Carole! Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm!

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