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Stamping February


Stamping in this Valentine month naturally centers on hearts and love, and I am so lucky to still have my sweetheart.  But, for many, Valentine’s day isn’t a day to celebrate, particularly those who have been betrayed by one they loved.  Perhaps, though, if I could make something small and inspirational, the day might be one that brings a smile to the residents of the domestic violence shelter, Safelight. Using white lunch bags, some inspirational stamps and a heart roller, I set to work creating 21 treat bags with cards. The inspirational message stamps in this pic that I ordered on ebay were a disappointment in that they were much smaller than expected.  But I did figure out a way to use them.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

I started by rolling a row of hearts on the left side of the white bags. Using my roller guide kept the lines straight.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

Adding a bit more color, I stamped “Smile” in a light green.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

I found a heart outline stamp, and stamped it on the bags with pink ink, …

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

then put the little inspirational messages over the top like a conversation heart in deep purple ink.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

I used several styles.  The messages were great, just small.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

I added little butterflies, dragonflies and flowers in purple to finish the bag stamping.  Each one is just a bit different than the others.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

Then I got to work creating cards using bright pink card stock. I embossed some with tulips, added a sun punched out of yellow cardstock, a butterfly or dragonfly in purple, and a green grass washi tape strip to the bottom.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

It is hoped the inside inspirational message will lift spirits.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

On the back, just a generic stamp without my name.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

Another card with a butterfly embossed motif, with daffodil flowers, one in silhouette.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

Inside a different message.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

Two more designs with the same basic elements.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

A sweet little bird is mounted on an embossed heart motif on this card.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

Then I did the same basic idea again with another message and a flower.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

After I had 21 cards made, I put them in craft paper envelopes, stamped To You From Me.  I hope the brown color will make it easy to find to look at again and again.  Next time I’ll see if I can get pink or red envelopes, but these would do for this time.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

The cards were sealed inside with little shiny red heart stickers.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

The bags were filled with candy, a variety of pieces in each one. I also found some cherry flavor lip balm, and added one to each bag too.  I want to say thank you to my friend, Karen R, who provided half of the funding for this project. Thank you to Katie for donating the cardstock and the stickers, and to Wendy for sending me some red ink pads used in this project.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

The cards were added to the bags, and the tops folded over.  I was going to use heart stickers to seal them, but I ran out.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

The bags were delivered to Safelight yesterday, and will be given to the residents to lift their spirits today.

Valentine Project at From My Carolina Home

Did you do any Valentine stamping?



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Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


19 thoughts on “Stamping February

  1. That project is marvelous. Lived the “inking of you”.

  2. Carole, what a most thoughtful gift to these ladies! I love your creativity with paper & stamps. The embossed cards are just awesome. Great job!

  3. Such great ideas. I enjoy seeing what you create.

  4. I love these projects you come up with for Safelight. Your cards must give a bight smile to an otherwise “sad” day to battered women. I think you really hit the nail on the head when you speak of the betrayal these women must feel after being abused by someone who claimed to love them. I feel blessed to be loved, for the 2nd time in my life. Your dear husband must be so proud of how much you help others! These cards are a “light” of hope!
    Cardmaking is still a “new” craft for me, and someday I will have all the toys! I enjoy seeing your many projects and like to collect ideas. I am “lacking” valentines stamps and such, but managed a card for the hubby this morning! I will pop a photo up on my flicker page. 🙂

  5. How thoughtful. I am sure this act of kindness will brighten the recipient’s day!

  6. Beautiful job, so touching with awesome message to those who need kind words.

  7. Blessings yo you. Can’t wait til Friday!

    Sent from my Verizon 4G LTE Droid

  8. In true Valentine’s spirit!

  9. The inspirational messages are really nice. I love the card with the bird best. I did do lots of Valentine stamping, but still ran out of time! I’m glad you are continuing your support of this project.

  10. How beautiful. I’m sure the recipients will enjoy them. Very thoughtful.

  11. You surely have been busy creating these amazing things. Beautifully done and I am sure the treats will be very much enjoyed.
    Thank you so much for playing along in my Papercrafters Linky Party this week!

  12. You are so sweet to think of all of the persons in need of comfort in one way or another and I am awed by the personal touch you give to each gift. I’m sure they are so verymuch appreciated!

  13. Oh my goodness! This is the sweetest and most beautiful gift I’ve seen – you’re a wonderful lady! Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

  14. Thank you for sharing your bright, cheery card with us at Just For Fun. We hope to see you back again soon. Such wonderful gifts too!

  15. Beautiful cards. My daughter would love the hot pink one. I recently found a great sale on rubber stamps at Hobby Lobby and stocked up. ‘Will be making more cards for Safelight, ready for whenever you collect them again. Yes, for some people Valentine’s Day can be sad. Mother is a twice widow, so every year my sister and I get her a card and some candy. It’s the little things that count, right?

  16. WOW – I am sure that those gorgeous cards and thoughtful bags will brighten everyone’s day. I feel like my day is better for just seeing them. You did a beautiful job. I totally forgot to ask…did you make it to Foust? Were we both there on Monday?

  17. very very thoughtful of you-I am sure they will all love their gifts-hugs

  18. A great idea. You will have brightened someone else’s day. I did not do any stamping yesterday. A nasty virus has been hanging round me the past few days, so I’ve been doing everything in my power to get better quickly. Have a delicious day.

  19. That was so sweet of you! What a wonderful way to say someone cares!!!!

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