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California Fire Quilts Update


Picking up on the fire quilts, I have made quite a bit of progress since the last update. Here is where I left off, after the stitch-rip fiasco.  The first quilt was finally quilted, and I took it off the frame.

California Thomas Fire Quilts |

I had a wide-width remnant left over from a previous quilt that I thought would look nice.  So, I made the binding and stitched it on with a quarter-inch seam to preserve the points on the blocks.

California Thomas Fire Quilts at From My Carolina Home

Then it went to the den for handwork during football games and other TV shows in the evenings.  I worked on it a little each evening.  I really do enjoy this kind of handwork, but this was a big quilt!

California Thomas Fire Quilts at From My Carolina Home

Meanwhile, the gorgeous blue backing from Backside Fabrics was loaded as the first step to quilting the next one.  I like to have something going on more than one area so I can work on one thing for a while then go to something else as I get tired of standing or my neck needs a rest from looking down at the pantograph.  The best is when I have something in the piecing stage, a quilt on the longarm, and a handwork project for evenings and weekends.

California Thomas Fire Quilts at From My Carolina Home

Quilting went along pretty well until the end, where the bobbin ran out, and the thread jumped a guide that I didn’t notice, so I had to do a bit of ripping again.  DH was very helpful again, and we got it done pretty fast.

California Thomas Fire Quilts at From My Carolina Home

I used one of my favorite pantographs, Fascination by Lorien.  It has lovely flowing curves that are fast to do.  I used the exact same thread combination as last time, Essentials pearl grey on top, Aurifil in the bobbin.   Batting is Warm and Natural.

California Thomas Fire Quilts at From My Carolina Home

Trimming the quilt, I had plenty of fabric left to do the binding.  I needed 370 inches to bind this large quilt.  Cutting along the long side of the wide backing meant only four pieces to stitch together to get almost 400 inches, more than enough.

California Thomas Fire Quilts at From My Carolina Home

This time I decided to do a completely machine attached binding.  I went with a 2-1/4-inch width binding, folded in half, and stitched with a quarter-inch seam so it wouldn’t cut the points off the blocks as there isn’t any border on this one either.

California Thomas Fire Quilts at From My Carolina Home

I folded the binding to the back, snugging it to cover the attachment seam with a bit of overage, and stitched the edge down very close to the fold.

California Thomas Fire Quilts at From My Carolina Home

Because of the size of the binding and using a quarter-inch attachment, the result is an even line of stitching inside the binding edge on the top side, which I found nicely acceptable.

California Thomas Fire Quilts at From My Carolina Home

I had the binding made, attached, and finished off in a single morning.

California Thomas Fire Quilts at From My Carolina Home

The blue really sets off the saturated colors of the blocks.

California Thomas Fire Quilts at From My Carolina Home

So, this one was done in a jiffy  Here’s a corner close-up of the quilting and binding.

California Thomas Fire Quilts at From My Carolina Home

A couple more overall finish views, do you see one of your blocks?

California Thomas Fire Quilts at From My Carolina Home

California Thomas Fire Quilts at From My Carolina Home

From a different direction, the dark points down, looks like a different quilt, doesn’t it!

California Thomas Fire Quilts at From My Carolina Home

After a few evenings of stitching and one Sunday stitching day, the first quilt is also finished.

California Thomas Fire Quilts at From My Carolina Home

This one will go to my neighbor’s son who will pick it up in a couple of weeks.

California Thomas Fire Quilts at From My Carolina Home

If you are seeing this for the first time, you can find the Thomas Fire Relief 12-inch block design pattern at the Ventura Quilt Guild HERE.  If you have blocks you haven’t sent yet, the Ventura Guild is collecting them at least through June.  Their goal is 500 quilts, and if you would like to make some now and send them, they would appreciate the help.

So, we have two completed quilts, one more to quilt, and one more flimsy to make to send, and this project will be done.  Because of the event coming up beginning Wednesday, I won’t get back to this until the end of the month.  The first shipment will go out this week, and then there will be one more shipment later.  Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this project!!

What are you working on now?

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California Thomas Fire Quilts at From My Carolina Home



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26 thoughts on “California Fire Quilts Update

  1. Loved reading this post. Yes, I did see some of my blocks. So glad that you are spreading the joy of quilting and the comfort that quilts bring.

  2. Such a wonderful effort! The quilts are beautiful and will surely be appreciated. Thank you again and again!

  3. It is beautiful, Carole. I love seeing so many different designs from this one pattern.

  4. Beautiful work and you amaze me with all that you get done!!!

  5. Gorgeous quilts, Carole, congratulations on all the hard work and for organising the Block Drive. I love the blue fabric you have for the backing, such a jewel-like shade. I agree, it was a perfect choice for the binding too, makes the quilt sparkle.

  6. Have you used glue sticks to the folded binding then ironing it down until you sewit down? How did you get it so tidy with just the 1/4” foot?

  7. That is so pretty. I see a lot of hope stitched into that quilt. God bless you all for sharing your skills in a time of hopelessness. And God bless those who receive them!

  8. All of these quilts are absolutely beautiful, including the freemotion quilting designs, but I’m also in love with that swirl motif. I’m sure whomever receives these quilts will find much needed comfort. Bless you.

  9. Carole, the quilts are stunning. So many blocks made by different people all coalesce into one gorgeous quilt- unique and functional! Great job, Carole- all your hard work really shines!

  10. You are doing a great service. I have enjoyed seeing the progress.

  11. Hi Carole,
    This has been so fun to read about as these block turned into quilt tops and finally quilts. I can’t even remember what my blocks looked like, but you sure have done a fabulous job with organizing all of this. That is so wonderful that you would undertake such a big task. Many blessings! ~smile~ Roseanne

  12. They are both lovely, Carole! You’re right, the blue binding really sets off the blocks nicely. I like the way your all-machine binding turned out, very neat and tidy. This quilt will possibly get a LOT of use, so a good sturdy binding is key! 🙂

  13. Hi There, Couldn’t help but remember the ole station wagon with the wooden sides on your quilt, what memories hat wil bring back to the person that gets that quilt. I’m aging myself here aren’t I ?

  14. Hello again, Remember when I asked you about making a quilt out of fleece, well my next e-mail was about making fleece blankets, etc. so guess what I’m doing, you guessed it. This was on Pinterest so I’m looking forward to finding something I can use up all this mess of scraps and material to give to some charitable group that can use them. Till later, remember to smile, even on rainy days.

  15. It has been wonderful to see the finish of these quilts, and to know how wonderful you must feel to know that they are going to be dearly loved. Great job! -Jean💟

  16. Love that blue binding, Carole, great job on all of these, glad the long arm is behaving again!

  17. It must be so fun for your readers to see their quilt blocks in the finished quilts. I am sure the recipients will treasure them.

  18. They are both lovely! Well done!

  19. Both quilts are beautiful, well done.

  20. More pretty quilts. Yes, I believe that I do see one of my blocks in there. Your quilting is awesome, as always.

  21. What a beautiful quilt! I attach most bindings by machine, front & back. My quilts are usually used a lot, drug around by the granddaughter, slept on with the cat, etc. They get washed a lot! I appreciate the book reviews. I already had a library visit planned, and will be looking for “The Nightingale”.

  22. Carole, these quilts are beautiful! and yes, I see my blocks 🙂 Thank you for coordinating all this – I’m sure these quilts will be treasured for a very long time.

  23. You are making great progress on these wonderful quilts. Love the pantograph you chose and also the blue binding.

  24. Carole, this project and all the variety of ways you’ve put our blocks together continues to inspire me!!! Wonderful work friend!

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