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Autumn Jubilee Sew Along Tablet Cover


Making gifts for the holidays especially for the guys in your life is sometimes a difficult task.  Today, we’ll begin a sew-along to make a very fast tablet cover/carrier that will finish in just three installments.  The cutting and making the half-square triangles will begin today, using a different method – Moda Cake Mix Recipe papers.  Some of today’s links are affiliates.

Tablet Cover Sew Along ~ From My Carolina Home

The tablet cover fits DH’s Lenovo Tablet. He reads news stories and surfs the internet on this, and one of these days I’ll get him a newspaper subscription for it as the local paper won’t deliver to our home.  It is a great gift idea for a special person to start holiday shopping, not as expensive as others.  The case fits it just right, with nice quilting for padding, easy enough to do on a DSM.

This was my first time to use these papers from Moda for making HSTs and I have to say I am a total fan!  This was quicker and easier than any other method, and turned out perfect 2-1/2-inch HSTs with very little cutting, and no squaring up needed.

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

You’ll need two cake layers the same print for background, one medium and one dark cake layer print that coordinate.  In addition you’ll need three more for lining, and 2 additional (if you want to use them) for binding.  Additional supplies, Moda Cake Mix papers set #3, I got mine at Fat Quarter Shop.  There are a lot more papers than you will use for this project, but trust me, you’ll like them so much that you will be happy you got them.  If you don’t have them, just make HSTs the usual way – you’ll need 16 of each medium-background and dark-background, all 2-1/2 inch unfinished size.

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

Put one background cake layer and the dark cake layer right sides together.  Lay the Cake Mix on top and pin in a few places.  Be careful not to pin over any lines.

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

Begin sewing at the ‘start’ line.

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

Sew following the direction of the little arrows on the lines.

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

Little numbers on the lines tell you the order of sewing.  On some stitching lines, the lines extend off the grid and turn so you can just follow around instead of pivoting.

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

Pivot where indicated and continue sewing on the line.

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

There are two sewing lines that will mean only two starts and stops. Mostly, this is continuous sewing, fast!

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

When the lines are all sewn, take the piece to the cutting table and cut off the edges on the lines.

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

Then cut on the solid lines between the lines of stitching to create the HSTs.

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

Carefully tear away the paper, it will tear easily as the sewing line perforates the paper. Press your half square triangles towards the darker side.

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

Repeat with the medium and background cake layers to make more HSTs. The papers make 18, you’ll need 16 for the project. It is up to you whether or not to trim the corners. I did some, as I needed to, but not all. However, trimming them all would reduce bulk in the corners.

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

Today’s giveaway is a Moda Fat Eighth bundle of Thistle Farm by Lynne Hagmeier of Kansas Troubles!  There are several ways to earn entries, the more you do the more entries you get!  See all the Moda Fabrics at Fat Quarter Shop.

Rafflecopter Moda Fat Eighth Giveaway



If you’d like to sew along, but you don’t want to make a pieced block, just fussy cut two 8-1/2-inch squares of a pretty print, and continue with the sew along next week.

Have you ever used the Moda Cake Recipes to make HSTs?

 PS – A note to my Canadian readers, Happy Thanksgiving!!


Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


78 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Sew Along Tablet Cover

  1. I have not used this method. I will have to try it.

  2. Such a good looking tablet case for the DH. That newspaper subscription sounds like a great idea for him, especially since you are unable to get a home delivery. You must live in a secluded and out of the way area for them not to deliver. We would really miss not being able to read our Chicago Tribune every day.

  3. I have not used the Moda Cake Mix Recipes, but the look intriguing. I love how they all turn out the same size.

  4. I need a table cover for myself. I’ll be making one. I already have HST papers, just not Miss Rosie’s. They all work on the same concept. I just remembered, I already have a bunch of 2 1/2″ HST made. I’m already ahead on this project. Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. I’ve never used this method for HST but I already have some left over from one of your previous Scrap Dance Tangos

  6. I have not used the cake mix papers but I will soon.

  7. These papers are the best!! I have used the cupcake ones and have a package of these to use. The tablet case is a great place to start!

  8. This is such a cool way to make hst!! I need to try this out!

  9. I’ve seen those papers at the quilt shop but didn’t really understand what they were all about. Thanks for showing how they are used – they look like a major time saver!

  10. Very nice idea! I’ll be making one along with you, but I’m having to resize mine. I’ve never tried those papers to make HSTs but they look so easy!

  11. Great idea for a gift. Thanks for the idea!

  12. Cute cover! And, no, I haven’t used the Moda Cake Recipes for anything, but they look super easy to use.

  13. I haven’t tried those papers yet…..maybe I need to check them out.

  14. I’ve never used them before, do you need to shorten your stitch length like you do when you foundation paper piece? They look great and I’ll definitely give them a try. Thank for sharing, grinnie1961 at gmail dot com

  15. I have a Lenovo tablet-very nice! I have not tried this Moda method for HST. Thank you for sharing, Susan

  16. I have not used the Moda Cake Recipes yet! Love this idea – Thank you!

  17. What a great idea, this tablet isn’t very expensive and my son would love one for Christmas! I can get the tablet and make the cover and he will be excited. Thanks for a great pattern suitable for a guy!

  18. I love this idea, Carole 😉

  19. Am a relatively new “quilter” and enjoy all of the things you cover in your blog. My family had 60 acres off of 27 near Canton, we went there during the summer as we lived in south Florida. Love NC, so many good memories.

  20. No, I haven’t tried the Moda Cake Mix Recipe sewing papers yet. They seem so smart!

  21. I haven’t tried the papers yet, but they sure look like a great time saver. How long did you set your stitch length when you sewed them?

  22. Hi, i have never used the cake mix recipe papers. Now that I know more about them I’m interested 🙂

  23. I haven’t tried the Moda Cake Mix Recipe sewing papers yet. I have gotten some to try, but have so many other fun projects going on. Thank you for this tutorial/sew along.

  24. These are fast and easy. But I found taking a very small stitch the key to easily removing the paper.

  25. NICE LOOKING TABLET CASE! One of these days I will start sewing again 🙂

  26. I often use “layer, pin and sew on all the lines” papers when I want large groups of identical HST’s – used them for a lot of the piecing on your last several Scrap dance quilts. However, I print them at home from a website that offers them in several sizes.

  27. Lovely looking case! Great idea for the Cake Mix!

  28. So cool, you come up with the best projects!! Thank you for your tutorials. I’ll be telling my guild members about your blog!

  29. I have never used papers for making HSTs! Might try for bigger cuts!

  30. We learned this method way back when and had to draw all our own lines. Love that the papers are now available. Cute case. Thanks.

  31. Your directions look so easy that even a relative beginner like me can follow along. Thanks

  32. I have never used the paper to make these triangles but your tutorial is great! Makes it look very easy. I will definitely give them a try. Thanks for sharing the info and the pictures……helps me so much! Thanks for the giveaway chance also! Love that fabric!

  33. I have not used the Cake Mix papers yet, but it looks so easy and accurate!

  34. I haven’t used the cake mix papers but a friend has. They do look quicker than the usual way.

  35. What a great looking case! I’ll be following along as I think my iPad 2017 has the same dimensions.

  36. I have used a product called “Thangles” in the past, and I think it’s the same technique. Very easy and accurate w/o wasted fabric to trim. Your project case looks very handy!

    • I’ve used Thangles too, they have strips so there are a lot more pivots and fewer HSTs per strip than the Moda Cake Mix #3. The other cake mix recipe sheets have variable sizes to make other kinds of blocks including four patches and combinations of HST sizes on one page.

  37. Your hands do stay busy.

  38. I haven’t tried the Moda Cake Mix method yet, but they do look interesting.

  39. I have not tried the Moda cake mix method with the papers great idea. Love the tablet idea for a quick easy gift that anyone would love. Thank you

  40. I haven’t seen that over here, but can find them on Etsy and other online stores. A sure way to get the perfect size first time.

  41. Not yet, but I have 2 just waiting for me to start. This weekend I bought the charm pack size (cupcake, I think). I’ll probably start with that one, since I have far too many charm packs in my stash.

  42. I bought the Moda Cake Mix and have not used it yet. This looks like a great way to start.

  43. I have heard of the Moda Cake Mixes from blogs but haven’t seen them in my neck of the woods. Looks like it should be an accurate way to make multiple HSTs

  44. I’m going to have to try those cake mix recipes!!!looks like fun!!!

  45. This may be the exact solution I have been looking for!

  46. No, I haven’t used them yet.

  47. I haven’t seen the papers locally yet.

  48. I haven’t used the Moda cake mix recipes.

  49. No I haven’t used the papers. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day, thanks.

  50. No, I’ve never used papers for making HSTs. It would probably be quicker this way.

  51. This looks like a fun pattern and so useful! Thanks for the tutorial, Carole!

  52. No, I have never used a cake mix but I have looked at them.

  53. I bought a cupcake mix but I haven’t used it yet. Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. I still do not have an iPad but certainly could make the cover for others. Thank you for the pattern. I love the paper HSTs – so much
    faster and more accurate. I have used several other companies but will need to try these for additional sizes. Thanks for the tip.

  55. I have bot used the Moda Cake Mix Recipes. I like the look of scrappy. But I like to pull from all lines. My tastes run all over the place. I am known as both tadlafleur and dot matrix.

  56. Nope… Moda Cake Recipes have not graced my cutting table yet.

  57. Hi Carole,
    I have not used a Cake Recipes for anything yet. They certainly look interesting and easy though. ~smile~ Roseanne

  58. I haven’t used any of the Cake Recipes. This sure looks like a fast way to do HST’s.

  59. Hi Carole:) Just stopping by….sending smiles your way!

  60. They are on my list of things to try. Looks like an easy way to make HST!

  61. Looks like fun. I’ve got some of the Cake Recipes but haven’t used any yet – guess now’s as good a time as any! LOL!

  62. Hello Carole; No, I have not used the Cake Mix papers to make half square triangles. Watching a Jenny Doan video and now you, really makes me curios. I had tried another type many many years ago and liked them, but money is always an issue for me. I really like the project that you have designed for us today. It will make wonderful gifts year round for anyone, but especially men who sometimes are so much harder to sew for. Thank you and have a great day!

  63. I saw these in a quilt shop this weekend and the lady showed me how they work. I will probably purchase of them some time in the near future.

  64. I have never used the Cake Mix but it looks like a good project to do. I will check them out at the quilt shop this week.

  65. Yes – I have used this method for making HSTs. It is an awesome way to make a lot of them quickly. Thanks!

  66. Looks very interesting – I have never used this method, but would love to try.

  67. I have used the Cake Mixes and Number 3 is my favorite one and I also am using the cupcakes. They are so easy and I love them.

  68. I haven’t used these papers to make HST’s, but it looks like a method I’d like to try!

  69. I haven’t tried these papers, though I have used the technique by drawing the lines directly on the fabric using pencil and ruler. The papers sure look easier!

  70. I haven’t tried any of the Cake Recipes but a easier, more accurate way to make HSTs is a winner in my book!

  71. I haven’t ever used the Moda Cake Recipes to make HSTs. I’d like to try using them.

  72. I’ve not used this product for half square triangles before. One of my “bee buddies” was using it tho at a sit & sew last summer and was making a LOT of small HST quickly. I did a similar method once in a class where we were sewing with silk fat quarters, and marked the stabilizer on the back with the guide lines. Of course, our expert instructor, Cheryl Lynch was guiding us along the way. The method/product cuts down on excessive handling of the fabric. Great prizes.

  73. I have not used this product. Looks very much like Brenda Hennings software, Triangulations, which I love. I’d love to compare.

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