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Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along


Sundays are great days for some handwork while watching TV, football games or old movies, whatever is your favorite thing.  I have designed a new wool penny rug for Autumn Jubilee and the stitch along begins today.  To begin, download the pdf with the pattern – Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along Pattern. Then choose your wools.  I have these lovely orange and brown patterned wools, and now was a marvelous time to use them.  If you don’t have a pair of Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Scissors, they are on sale here Karen Kay Buckley 7-1/2-Inch Perfect Scissors.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

The pattern has the base, a pumpkin shape and a leaf shape. You’ll need one base, four pumpkins, four stems and four leaves.  I thought about using this muddy green for the base, but it looked better with the gold.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

Choose floss to match your leaves and pumpkins.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

Cut all your bits, and pin to the base, centering the pumpkins alternating with the leaves in the rounded scallops of the edge.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

Stitch using either a whip stitch or a blanket stitch with two strands of DMC floss.  I apologize for the pictures being somewhat dark, they were taken in the evening, and I didn’t want to wait to begin the project for sun the next day.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

The cutting and stitching can be done in an afternoon.  It took me longer to decide on colors and then to match up the floss colors, LOL!!

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

Fat Quarter Shop has a wonderful array of wools in gorgeous colors!  They are the sponsor for today’s giveaway of a $25 Gift Certificate!  You can use it for whatever you like, not just wools, but if you are a stitcher, this is a great way to add to your wool stash.

Rafflecopter Fat Quarter Shop $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway

You have until October 14 to enter, then the winner will be drawn and notified via email.

Next week we’ll embellish the piece, and in two weeks, finish it off in time to use this year.  Update – Click HERE for part 2.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

Do you enjoy wool applique?



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Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


61 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along

  1. I don’t do any work with wool, I have a wool allergy.

  2. I love to do applique, however I have never tried wool applique! I will have to dig thru my fabric stash for wool I bought for pattern sewing (for clothes) Is fraying a problem? Should I wash it first to shrink for better density? Thank you, Susan

    • It depends on the wool, if you bought yardage at a fabric store, I would indeed wash it so it draws up. If you later make a garment out of it, the garment will be washable, a definite benefit. This project doesn’t take a lot so you may have enough for both projects, using the scraps left over from cutting your garment. If you got premium wool felt made for applique, you don’t have to do anything to it.

  3. I have a small stash of wool, but haven’t cut into it yet. Maybe this is the project!!

  4. I do enjoy applique, and have done a little in wool. I enjoy how fast it is to get started after you have picked out your colors.

  5. Very pretty. I’ve not worked in wool before, so no stash. I will admire all the projects others do in this case. 🙂 Sharing with my Queen Bee buddies.

  6. I really love working with wool. It is soothing and soft at the end of a long day. Love the pattern you are sharing. Thank you.

  7. Good morning Carole,

    Well, here we sit, the tropical storm is upon us, don’t want to go anywhere and it’s raining and dreary. Great day to work on a fall project. I remember this from last year and I have some pretty maroon , rust, green and a purplish velvet jackets I bought at a thrift store so I’m going to cut my leaves, acorns out and make that project for my living room table that sits in my bay window. Have fun and smile.


  8. I collected a bit of wool over the summer and this is perfect for my intro to wool applique! I am a member of Las Vegas Quilt Guild, and we are going to be busy working on #quiltsforvegas but I will be sneaking stitchery time in the evenings for this one. Thank you!

  9. I love the Autumn Wool Mat. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern and the inspiration!

  10. Such a beautiful selection of wools that you have. Thanks for sharing your design.

  11. I have never attempted wool applique. But I do like the look of wool applique.

  12. I’ve never tried wool appliqué. I took a needle turn class but never finished the project.

  13. I’ve only tried wool applique a little bit, but certainly enjoy the project of hand stitch to wool.

  14. I have never done any wool applique, but it looks like it would be a good carry-along/travel project.

  15. I have one wool project going and really need to get back to it – now that I have my sewing room back it might be a good time to get back to it.

  16. I do handwork (I am hooked on hexies) but I have not tried wool applique. I admire penny rugs so maybe wool applique is in my future.

  17. It has been years since I have done any wool applique. I used to love it. Old, arthritic fingers don’t like it so much now. Yours is beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. Enticing project beginning! I have some lovely wool scraps to use for the appliqués but I will need to find a base fabric. Great excuse for a little shopping trip.

  19. I absolutely love working with wool! Love the rich colors, the textures and that it doesn’t usually fray…. Thanks! nettiecrain (at)

  20. I have never done wool applique – but it’s on my to-do list!

  21. I do! I like the look of combining wool and cotton when I appliqué.

  22. I love applique…especially wool applique plus wool and cotton together. I have been “haunting” thrift stores for years in search of good quality wool clothing to recycle for my crafting. I do need to replenish my floss supply. This is such a nice pattern…thank you.

  23. thank you, I have never tried doing this type of thing but signed up for a BOM next year that this will be the technique, so will go find some I have washed from yardage and try this little project. again, thank you. Take care from Iowa

  24. I don’t do wool – I’d go crazy if I added another crafty project! I do love seeing what you’ve created and it’s very tempting! My quilting & yarn work already takes up several closets and the largest bedroom in the house!

  25. Hi Carole,
    I have never sewn with wool, but this sure is tempting. I can just imagine how nice it feels – great body to the whole piece but not too heavy. I will check out the sale and your pattern and give it some serious thought. Thank you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  26. Wool projects are some of my faves. Can’t wait to see your autumn wool project. Looks cute so far. :o)

  27. I have never done wool applique, but I certainly have a stash of wool, though I’m sure my colors are very fall like. If, not you’ve inspired me to come up with some that will fit the colors I have; I wonder what the stash will say?!

  28. Thank you for the pattern. I found a soft golden colored wool jacket at a thrift store that will yield a nice piece for the background. I bought a candle mat with bee skeps on it at the quilt show on Friday, so now I have two great projects.

  29. I’d like to do this though i never worked with wool–is it wool? wool flannel I’ve looked on the fat quarter shop and just don’t know…what was it that you bought ? thank you

    • I use felted wool, but you can turn wool flannel into felted wool by washing it in hot water and drying it in the dryer. I like to get sampler packs with lots of colors. Primitive Gatherings is a wonderful manufacturer of wools. Sometimes I do as Debby does, get wool garments at the thrift store and wash them.

  30. I’ve never worked with wool except in clothing construction. This looks ontetesting.

  31. I have never done wool applique but would like to try since I do like to applique. I appreciate your answers to some of the comments as I am not sure what wool to use. Always enjoy your posts.

  32. I almost always have a wool applique project sitting next to my chair. This is so portable when I know I am going to be riding in the car I create a busy bag to take along.

  33. i’ve never tryed it before, but it looks fun

  34. I have a pattern from Lisa Bonegan that uses wool. I have collected some wools to use in it. I hope to get started this winter!

  35. I only did wool applique after you taught me during Autumn Jubilee 2016 and now I’m hooked! I think I made five pennyrugs last year! Got more colors of wool, I can’t wait to get my colors picked out! Thank you!!

  36. I enjoy working with wool, thank you for this project. 🙂 —Robin

  37. I have done some wool applique. Most recently I made some dog blocks for my quilt group swap. They’ll be showing up on my blog sometime in the next month or so. Yours looks very relaxing and rewarding. I love those scissors, too!

  38. I have enjoyed appliqué in the past… and have a small stash of wools saved from garment sewing and collected from thrift store finds! You are inspiring me to dig that stash out again!
    Very soothing and relaxing handwork…
    Thank you, Carole!!
    Pat T.

  39. I do like wool appliqué, but it’s something that has taken a back seat in my life the last 5 years or so. This looks like fun, but I’m refusing to get involved right now. LOL Thank you and the Fat Quarter Shop for the drawing.

  40. I’ve never tried wool applique but I do enjoy needle turn applique.

  41. I have to admit that I have never tried wool applique, but I love the look of it. Thanks!

  42. I have never used wood in appliqué before although the projects look stunning. Thanks for the giveaway. grinnie1961 at gmail dot com

  43. I have done a few wool applique projects and loved working on them. Your little table mat is cute.

  44. I do love wool applique. I’ve done a few projects in my day. So portable and not a lot of prep!

  45. I do like wool applique. I try to find 100% woven wool clothing at the thrift store and felt it myself.

  46. I wish I had the time, stash and money to get into wool. I am still dreaming of it and I will have the chance someday. I see a penny rug in my future

  47. Hello Carole; No, I have never tried wool applique and most likely never will. I have so many types of projects going on at all times that if I started a new variety, my very supportive husband just might shake his finger at me or even say something like “You are not actually going to try another type of project are you?’ Of course, he would be laughing and shaking his head as he walked away. But at this time, I will just watch you and anyone who posts pictures of their Penny Rugs create them. I will work on one of my hand embroidery projects. Thank you though for having all of these lovely and fun projects for your Autumn Jubilee it is fabulous. Have a great night!

  48. So pretty and fall-like! This looks like a great project for on the go too.

  49. Want to try it… but like Brenda, I have so many projects going on! I’m getting ready to do some embroidery on a sunbonnet sue small hanging I’m doing as a baby gift: from a Japanese book on Sue, very creative! I’ll do quite a bit of hand embroidery and applique on this. I have some small wooly pieces that I planned on making a doll quilt with, I’m thinking a penny rug for the top of my old Franklin treadle might be just the thing!

  50. PS someone needs to bundle a scrap bag! $$$$ I think I will visit goodwill to see what’s in the racks to repurpose!

  51. Oh, I wish I had the supplies handy or the time to do this right now. It looks so easy and fun. Unfortunately, lately all my handwork is on Saturday and Sunday only and I am so far behind with everything.

  52. I need to go get out the candle mat I made from last years event! THanks for the reminder.

  53. I like your pumpkin mat. I’ve been wanting to make a wool table mat for quite a whilel

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