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Scrap Dance Two-Step Mystery Quilt Along Shares


I wanted to share some of your quilt blocks shared on our Flickr group, but the reveal post was already too long.  So, I thought I’d just do a second post on the next day.  I love the color combinations and each one is so unique! Part of the fun for me is to see how all of you interpret my pattern. Just look at the beautiful brights that Sally is using, and it looks like the background has a confetti look.  How fun!


And here is Sally’s Block A she shared after the last update. These are going to be fantastic together.


Brenda is doing a wonderful scrappy version, I love these colors.  The high contrast between the scraps and the background is going to be marvelous in the finished quilt.

Pictures loaded June 21, 2017 020

And Brenda also caught up with Block A, won’t these make a great cozy quilt!

Scrap Dance Mystery Two Step part May 2017

Here is Kristi’s Block B with the fun pop art prints.

Scrap Dance Two Step! Finished with Block 2! This has been such a fun mystery!

Elaine once again has chosen my favorite palette, autumn!

Scrap Dance Two Step June clue for the twin size quilt. Thanks Carole for great block patterns.

Sue has totally used her scrap box for her blocks, good going Sue!

Totally from my old and newish scraps.

Susan is doing her mystery all in blues, looks like a calm ocean and a pretty sky with the low volume contrast.

June blocks, not too scrappy.

Carol is using black for her background, with a high contrast to her bright prints.


Marsha has also chosen black for her background.

Two Step June

Pat has such a pretty palette of greens, golds and browns, reminds me of a garden walk.

IMGP2671 (640x480)

Mary finished her Block B pretty fast, she sets aside the third Friday every month as a sewing day. Smart!!

12 Scrap Dance Two Step Blocks - Part 6

Milla showed us her country prints, can’t wait to see her blocks.


Share your progress on the Flickr group for our mystery quilts, click on Scrap Dance Two Step Flickr Group to add yours!

What do you think of the variety of choices and the pattern so far?


Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


10 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Two-Step Mystery Quilt Along Shares

  1. These are beautiful, great job ladies

  2. all so nice – wonderful use of scraps and so colorful and cheerful too

  3. I hope Sue (#7 picture) double checks everything before sewing it all together. Upper left block has a piece turned the wrong way
    I am always amazed at how the same pattern can look so different just by the color choices. Love all of them

  4. Some beautiful renditions there. You have to be thrilled to see what everyone has done with your pattern Carole!

  5. Hello Carole! Each and every one is going to have a beautiful quilt! You designed another superb quilt pattern that uses up all scraps in such a beautiful way. Right now, I am working on creating all of the half square triangles for one of the Scrap Dance Tango quilts I am making for my Father to give as a gift to his Brother to gift to his two Grandchildren. Deanna is squaring up the first quilts half square triangles. LOL….we definitely know how to make them now and love them!! I have learned a great method from Jenny Doan using 5 inch squares and making 4 at a time, it does save time. The Scrap Dance Two Step is going to be put on the guest bed as soon as I get it finished! So, I am really looking forward to seeing it completed also. Thank You so much Carole for all the time and effort that you put into designing these Scrap Quilts that our so fantastic and so fun to make! I truly love each and every one of them that I have made and am already looking forward to your next project! Well off I go to begin sewing HST together, what are you working on today?

    My applause goes to everyone on their magnificent blocks! Each one of these is going to make a splendid quilt and I look forward to seeing them completed! I may be a short while in getting mine done, but will share as soon as I can so please share your finished quilts also!

  6. What a lot of fun to see all of the color and print themes!

  7. These will all be part of wonderful projects. Bravo!

  8. Every single one of these is gorgeous! That’s what a great pattern does! 🙂 Thanks so much for hosting this awesome mystery!

  9. Looks like every colorway is terrific. I can’t even decide which one I like best!

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