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Scrap Dance Two Step – The Final Reveal!


The month you have all been working toward is here!  Today is the final reveal for the Scrap Dance Two Step Mystery.  Gather your blocks and bits of extra fabric, you’ll need it this month.  Here we go!

Scrap Dance Two-Step Mystery Quilt Along

First, arrange your blocks in a checkerboard fashion, alternating the Block A and Block B.  For the sizes, here is how I designed the block layout, but you can do them however you like.
Throw 3×4
Twin 4×6
Full 5×6
Queen 5×7
King 6×7

This is important, before you actually begin to sew the blocks together, lay them out.  Check to be sure that the points formed between the blocks are there.   The bars on Block B line up to the HST on Block A to create the illusion of a block set on point.  If any of your HSTs are oriented the wrong way, you’ll lose that illusion in the pattern.  Now is the time to find and fix anything not pieced correctly, before you get the quilt blocks assembled into the flimsy.

Now, let’s Two Step! You’ll be making some flying geese for the first border to finish off the points.  Determine the number of flying Geese units you need. In this example I’ll go over the 5×6 placement of the blocks for the quilt as shown above.  If you are making a different size, your totals will be different.  But not to worry, I’ll show you how to figure it out.  Note that the upper corners will be different than the lower corners due to Block A being both ends of one, and Block B on the other.  You’ll need to do the flying geese, then cut the strips as shown for the rest of the border.  I’ll show you that layout too in a minute, lets do the geese first.

Full Size 5×6 blocks flying geese border will need –
11 Flying Geese for border to complete block points (remember two of the blocks are on corners so will need 2 for those)

Use the quick no waste method to make 4 at a time. Cut 4 small squares 3-3/8″, and 1 large square 5-3/4″ for each 2 flying geese needed.  In this example, we’ll make 12, and one will go to the scrap bin.

Draw 2 sewing lines on the back of your small background squares, 1/4 inch from the center.

Place two small background squares on opposite corners of the large square, with the sewing lines down the middle and connecting.  Pin in place so they don’t shift.

Sew on the lines.

Cut apart down the center diagonal between your sewing lines.

Press the large square away from the smaller squares.

Place the remaining small squares on the unsewn point on the larger square, and sew on the lines.  Repeat for the other piece.

Cut apart between the sewing lines.

Press away from the larger square.

Square up to 4-1/2 inches x 2-1/2 inches.  Use the 1/4 inch line on your ruler to make the first cut so there is exactly 1/4 inch for seam allowance above the point.  Then cut the opposite edge to 2-1/2 inches wide.  Center the point at 2-1/4 inches and cut the total goose 4-1/2 inches wide.

Make as many as you need for your top.

Now, lay out your flimsy, and your fabric strips with flying geese to be sure you have all the bits you need.

Background strips needed for 5×6 placement –

7 strips 20-1/2 x 2-1/2 between the flying geese in the border middles
2 strips 2-1/2 x 12/12 and 2 strips 2-1/2 x 14-1/2 for the bottom corners
2 strips 2-1/2 x 4/12 and 2 strips 2-1/2 x 6-1/2 for the top corners (shown below)

Correction!  I made a mistake in the calculations, a 20-1/2 inch strip is needed between the blocks in the center. It will be corrected in the final pattern.

Lay out the flimsy and all the border bits before sewing to be sure that you have all the correct pieces of border and flying geese to complete all the points.  Begin assembling the border, one side at a time.  Be sure that the sides even with the flimsy are sewn first, and then the ones incorporating the extra for the border width.  This one is a 3×4 placement, so the numbers will be different from the example.

Finish assembly, and the blocks now have their points extending into the first border.

If you just don’t care to add the border, no worries, it is your quilt! I put three borders on the first one I made, one background and two color, and it looks just fine.

And here is the second one I made with the border points.  It might have looked more symmetrical if I had done 5 blocks across instead of 4, so the border would have points on all the corners.  But, it’s done now.  Something to consider as you lay out your flimsy and borders.

I added a second dark border after the background border to finish the flimsy..

I’ll show you the quilting soon.  But now you have the Big Reveal!  So you can decide how to finish your Two Step.

Scrap Dance Two-Step Mystery Quilt Along

The steps for this quilt along will remain up through mid-August, then will be taken down.  The pattern will be available in my Craftsy store after that at an intro price for a short time.  Here’s a pdf for the final assembly with the border – Final Reveal

Tomorrow, I’ll show you some of the shares from participants in the quilt along.  What you do think?  How’s your Two-Step coming along?


Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


25 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Two Step – The Final Reveal!

  1. Very exciting!! Another GREAT design by a talented lady! Now we have to get to work.

  2. Good morning Carole,

    That is one colorful quilt and is very appealing to the eye, great work. It’s suppose to be 101 today, great day to stay inside!


  3. I sometimes do flying geese like that but not all the time – I do like the method though

  4. Carole, that is absolutely beautiful.  Love the mix of colors.  This is on my bucket list for scrap busting for sure!

  5. Love the quilt, Carole! I’m one of those people that wait to see the finished quilt and I think this will make a great quilt for my granddaughters Christmas. Many thanks for your generosity. I’ve been out tending to flower garden and potted plants in the cool of the morning and now to stay in and quilt.

  6. I have loved working on this QAL. Thank you for sharing this pattern and for posting the clear and concise clues.

  7. Hello Carole! Another marvelous Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt is coming to an end with such a spectacular quilt as a result! I can not wait to get mine all laid out and start sewing the blocks together. Although the added geese in the border is a great addition, I am not sure if I will do it or not; will have to wait and see if I have enough fabric saved or not….LOL. Although I adore both of the quilts that you made, my favorite is the one with the flower fabrics. I am a flower lover and am instantly drawn towards floral fabrics. Yet, the fabrics that you chose to use in your second quilt all work so splendidly together and when you added the last border fabric, wowsers did it make the whole quilt just POP! You, my dear friend, once again have made wonderful choices and designed a Rockin’ Two Step quilt pattern that I know I will want to make again! Thank you for everything you do! Have a great day!!!

  8. I like that you brought the points out into the 1st border. Love the pattern. Thank you

  9. My only regret is I didn’t make mine queen size…I’m just loving it and can’t wait to wrap ‘er up. THANKS CAROLE!

  10. I love the layout! Thank you!

  11. Great quilt! A mystery reveal is always exciting!!!!

  12. Wow, fantastic quilt and excited with the reveal.I don´t play along only I`ve read your post about it.

  13. Thanks for the final step, Carole,
    I’ll get my top together as soon as I get home from Europe in early August. Another fun project!

  14. Another beautiful finish! Thanks for the QAL! Love how you brought the points into the border — gives it a great finish.

  15. Fabulous quilt. LOVE the border treatment!!

  16. Love it…now I need a few free days to sew! We are in “Ocean Waves Quilt Guild QUILT SHOW” mode through Saturday. Sunday, I am treating myself and 2 friends to a ride to Hershey PA to see the show there for the day; Monday is another guild class and meeting; Tuesday a quilt bee. Darn the person who adds anything to Wednesday, as Pat Sloan releases block #5 of Grandma’s Kitchen QAL. Hoping I can squeeze this in by Wednesday! Then there is the Bonnie Hunter “Talkin’ Turkey” still hanging on my design wall waiting on the 3 rounds of borders to be attached….Thursday might be doable, but then the Grandkids arrive on Friday for the weekend! (And a potential stay for a few days after the parents leave). Alas, I am trying breathe, and I have the blocks made, and the pattern saved. 🙂 Looks great as expected!!!

  17. Thank you so much for this. @ of my friends and I have been doing this as a fun shared quilt along. THANK YOU!!

  18. Woo-hoo! I can’t wait to pull out my blocks tomorrow!

  19. That turned out beautifully.

  20. A very pretty finish! I think, though without the geese it looks fine, I like it with them better. Thanks for all the work you put into these things.

  21. Hi! I’ve spent the last week making more blocks because I decided to make a bigger quilt. So today I finally started on my border. The pattern says 16 1/2″ strips between the flying geese in the middle but I found I needed 20 1/2″ strips. Not sure if I did something wrong but it looks great. Will share when I get my borders done. Best Rhonda

    Sent from my iPhone


  22. I still haven’t figured out Flicker.

    I decided to make it 5×5 so the points would be equal. I had planned on 3×4 but I really like this larger size for a throw.

    Sent from my iPhone


  23. Another amazing mystery quilt! You are such a wonderful designer and this one turned out beautifully! Mine is quilted and ready for binding! I’ve got to finish binding the one I’m currently working on, but will be ready to pick up Two-Step bu Sunday. Thank you for sharing your pretty designs with us!

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