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Be My Neighbor Block 13


Getting back to the Be My Neighbor quilt, I decided to lay out a number of fabrics all at once, and choose the fabrics for the last four blocks all at once. I plan to put the darker blue fabric on the last block in the final row, and I also wanted to distribute the colors across the row.  I have realized that I am going too slow on this at this point, and I need to finish all the blocks, do the sashing, and add the border(s), all before the end of July.  That will give me one month to get it quilted and bound in time for the State Fair this year.

Be My Neighbor Row 4 Plan at From My Carolina Home

I had this wonderful lattice fabric with roses that I wanted to use on one of the houses, and this block seemed the perfect one.

Be My Neighbor Block 13 at From My Carolina Home

Block 13 has a large piece in the center that will look like the lattice is climbing up the side.

Be My Neighbor Block 13 at From My Carolina Home

So as usual, I cut all the bits, and found a couple of buttons for the flower center to audition.

Be My Neighbor Block 13 at From My Carolina Home

Marking diagonal lines, chain sew as much as I can.

Be My Neighbor Block 13 at From My Carolina Home

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Be My Neighbor Block 13 at From My Carolina Home

Layout the bits, and sew in sections, again as much as possible to minimize trips to the ironing board.

Be My Neighbor Block 13 at From My Carolina Home

I noticed that I ran out of bobbin thread, and after reloading, I got the leaf blocks sewn on the wrong side.  Oh well, it just means that the solid blocks are on opposite sides from the pattern, something no one will notice.  Not ripping that out!

Be My Neighbor Block 13 at From My Carolina Home

Piecing all together, I placed the flower on the patchwork.

Be My Neighbor Block 13 at From My Carolina Home

Pinning on the bird and the flower, I used the freezer paper method of applique again.

Be My Neighbor Block 13 at From My Carolina Home

It only took me part of an afternoon to get the handwork done.  All the birds will get button eyes, and all the flowers will get button centers once the quilting is done.

Be My Neighbor Block 13 at From My Carolina Home

So, Block 13 completed.  I’m going to have to finish one block a week at least to stay on track.  Next up is Block 14, the sailboat, and I am not going to do a sailboat.  So now I have to figure out what to put in its place.  I’ll do another house of some sort, and I’ll share that with you next week.

What are you working on now?



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12 thoughts on “Be My Neighbor Block 13

  1. The quilt is coming along wonderful. How about doing a church or a barn?
    Have a grand week-end…
    Tell DH that my 1974 Triumph Spitfire had to have a catalytic converter
    put on to pass inspection. Therefore every road that had a speed bump
    I had to turn around and go another way…..LOL

  2. I will continue to work on putting my blocks into rows and rows together of my Tumalo Trails quilt – it is coming along – supposed to get up to 93 degrees today which means up here on the ridge maybe 88 – still too hot by 1 to do much of anything outside for me without getting dizzy from the humidity so I will be in the house sewing!

  3. This quilt is on my to-do list. It would make a great wedding quilt, I think. Yours looks great!

  4. I like the little birdy best! He finishes it off with personality. I’m sewing my Lori Holt Bloom quilt into a flimsy this morning!! YEAH!!! Just have to sew rows together and add a border…done!

  5. That’s coming together so nicely.

  6. I just finished piecing mine and will send you a picture of it next week. I had one row of the last 2 rows that came up a little short so I added on of the flowers which fit perfectly. I put a checkerboard sashing between rows and am adding a black border. I cant wait to see yours finished. I am also obsessed with the row by row for 2017. I have completed 4 rows and need 4 more to finish. I plan on travelling to Greensboro to get a couple there and one from Morganton. The two from Boone were so neat and one had Grandfather Mountain on it. I’ll send pictures of those too.

  7. Great progress and plan. Can’t wait to see it finished

  8. It looks great! You have worked up a lot of these in a fairly short time. Best of luck on your deadline.

  9. I have the templates printed, but have not yet started. Sigh, so many projects, so little time!! Yours is lovely!

  10. The way the quilt emerges from the pieces of fabric is just magical to me Carole! This is going to be adorable!

  11. I love that lattice fabric. It made a really pretty house. I don’t blame you for not picking out the leaves. It looks great.

  12. The little bird is singing for joy! Lovely block!

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