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Christmas in July plus more ideas for seasonal sewing and crafting

The Christmas in July Blog Hop ends today, so I wanted to give you one more list so you can get in on the drawings for the wonderful prizes Sarah has.  Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict arranged a great hop and giveaway.

The lovely folks over at Free Spirit Fabrics have donated not just one item for a giveaway, but THIRTEEN!  And it’s pretty drool-worthy stuff, too – it’s Tula Pink’s new holiday line, Holiday Homies!!!

Sarah has six design rolls, six layer cakes, and one fat quarter bundle to give away – and here’s how she’s going to do it!  Visit each stop on the hop, including this blog, and leave a comment on each post for the day.  At the end of the hop,  Sarah will do a giveaway for each day by putting everyone’s name in the hat who commented that day (from all that day’s hop-blogs), and drawing a winner for that day.  That will be twelve winners – the design rolls and layer cakes.  Then she’ll put all the names from all the days in a hat and draw out a grand prize winner for the fat quarter bundle!  Only one prize per person, though – let’s spread it around a bit!  So carve out a bit of time to visit all the blogs and comment – it makes the time bloggers spend on each post worth it when we see what people think about our work!  The deadline to make a comment on all the blogs to be included in the drawings is July 26th.  Due to some family problems, the drawing will be delayed to August 4th or so, as she deals with her father-in-law’s illness and hospice care.

Here are the participant blogs, have fun!!   The participating blogs are linked to their main pages, you may need to scroll back to find the Christmas In July post.  You’ll note that some blogs are listed more than once as have more than one project to share.    My link will take you back to that page for the travel bag.

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I thought you might like to see some of the projects I did last year during my 12 Days of Christmas event coinciding with Sarah’s event.  Here are some links to those projects, plus some other Christmas projects from prior years.  In keeping with my blog being about a lot of subjects, there are a number of different kinds of projects here.  I also added a page at the top of the blog to gather my Christmas projects together for your convenience later.  Click on the titles to see the post.

Christmas Stitched Ornaments

Cross Stitched Quilted Christmas Ornaments | From My Carolina Home

Christmas Card Stamping

Christmas Cards 14

Christmas Mini Quilt Tutorial

Christmas Ornament Mini Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Gifts for Guys

Gifts For Guys ~ From My Carolina Home

Sewing / Jewelry Kit Tutorial

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Christmas Wool Applique Penny Rug

Christmas Wool Applique Penny Rug ~ From My Carolina Home

Christmas Trip Around the World Quilt 2015

Christmas Trip Around the World | From My Carolina Home

Make a Holiday Purse

Christmas in July at From My Carolina Home

Pine Cone Hanger

Pine Cone Hanger at From My Carolina Home

Quilted Table Runner with Tablescapes – Figure out what you’d like to find at the thrift stores before the holiday season.

Christmas Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

Gifts From The Kitchen – including my recipe for Double Dutch Brownie Mix.

Gifts From the Kitchen - Double Dutch Brownies | From My Carolina Home

More Ornaments and Decorating Ideas

Christmas Ornaments ~ From My Carolina Home

Christmas Breakfast

Christmas Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

Crafting with Christmas Cards

Christmas Card Crafting ~ From My Carolina Home

Christmas Vanilla Sugar Cookies

Christmas Vanilla Sugar Cookies ~ From My Carolina Home

Cozy Christmas Reading – mystery books set at Christmas time.

Cozy Christmas 2

Quick Christmas Table Toppers

Quick Christmas squares 10

2015 Christmas Runner Quilt Along

Christmas Quilt Along finish

And one last idea from last year, use a table runner as a bed scarf!  Makes a room festive without taking up a lot of storage space.

Christmas Table runner used as a bed scarf | From My Carolina Home

I have an idea cooking for another Autumn event, more on that later.  Are you starting on your seasonal sewing yet?


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Having Fun in Lexington, Kentucky

Last week, DH had to go to Lexington, Kentucky to do some work, so once again I packed a bag and tagged along.  I had a fun time shopping and sight seeing while he was working. Lexington says it is the horse capital of the world, with much in the town being about the horse. There are horse farms, a horse racing track, an entire park dedicated to horses and Man O’ War, and many of the streets are named for race winners or tracks.  I took over 300 pictures, and I promise I will not show them all to you, LOL!!  But today, come with me as I shop and eat, visit quilt shops and bookstores, and have fun in Lexington.


In some places in town, there are horse statues painted by local artists that were apparently part of an art project some time ago.   We do the same thing here with our bears every year. I only found four of these horses, but this one was the most compelling, did you see what was behind it in the picture above?

Painted Horse 10

Oh, yes, a Kentucky institution, Old Kentucky Bourbon Chocolates. Every last bit of this store was chocolate! The aroma of freshly worked chocolate hit you as you walked in, there was no way to leave without having some.

Ky Chocolates 2

A couple of free samples later, I decided on a large box of Bourbon Truffle Chocolates, and two little samplers. One of the samplers was Black Forest Truffles (bourbon, chocolate truffle with chopped cherries), and the other was Chocolate Covered Bourbon Cherries. I am carefully rationing these out, excuse me for a moment while I go nab one, my treat for today.

Chocolates bourbons

This horse was across the street from the chocolate shop. It was beautifully done, and I think was my favorite of the ones I found.

Painted Horse 11

Next on the west side route plan was this shop, Quilter’s Square.

Quilter's Square 1

Beautifully light inside, and huge! Owners Chana and Kayla were so friendly and helpful, I really enjoyed chatting with them.

Quilter's Square 4

They are doing the Row by Row too, and had a darling hot air balloon pattern. Although I can’t show it to you, you can see in these pictures how many projects they have going on, with samples above the fabric. Just stop by and get their kit if you are near the area.

Quilter's Square 3

They had fabric and more fabric!  So much choice!  I could have spent a lot longer just admiring all the displays and quilts.

Quilter's Square 2

While I was on the west side, I had to go to my favorite chain bookstore, Half Price Books. I was delighted to find two stores in Lexington, this was the smaller of the two.

Half Price Books Lexington 1

Yet it was stuffed as is usual for these stores.  The cookbook corner had the same amount of space as this one for crafting, sewing, quilting, gardening and more.  The clearance section was huge too, with lots of books at just $2.

Half Price Books Lexington 3

Dinner that night was at a local eatery called Saul Good, I had a flatbread pizza.

Saul Good pizza

DH had a tuna steak, and shared his asparagus with me.

Saul Good tuna

On the corner of the shopping center, this horse was standing watch.

Painted Horse 5

The next bit of shopping was on the east side, with Sew-A-Lot leading off the afternoon of fun.

Sew-A-Lot 1

I have to say, I had just as much fun chatting with Patti, Thomas and Kim. They were trying to get to their lunch but were willing to chat as long as I was there, and I just couldn’t leave, LOL!! Sorry for delaying your lunches, but I was just enjoying myself too much!!  There were a lot of goodies to see, patterns and fabric galore.

Sew-A-Lot 2

Their Row by Row pattern was inspired by one of their customers who uses a little red wagon to carry all her class supplies. It is a darling pattern, so stop over and get their kit if you are nearby this summer.

Sew-A-Lot 3

The east side’s Half Price Books was next on the list, and wow, what a pretty storefront with the arbor and flowers!!

Half Price Lexington flowers

This large store kept me entertained for over an hour as I perused the fiction for books on my to-get list, and then the non-fiction for what might be fun.

HalfPriceBooks 2

The last horse is the only one of the four with a plaque to show what it was all about, but it wasn’t dated. This one is in front of the TV station and is named Color Bars. It was bought at the art event and donated to the station.

Painted Horse 4

Dinner that evening was at Columbia Steak House. The original restaurant has been there since 1943. We went to one closer to the hotel that has been there for 17 years. It is locally owned, not a chain.

Columbia exterior

I usually look for one of a kind places like this when traveling. We have to resort to chain restaurants often enough on the road, so these are a treat. We started off with a shrimp appetizer as we were both hungry. I had skipped lunch to shop and sight-see.

Columbia shrimp

My dinner was a nicely grilled rib-eye with steamed broccoli.

Columbia steak

DH had a Kentucky staple, a Hot Brown. I was surprised to find out that this is not an open faced roast beef with brown gravy. Quite different!! It is sliced ham and turkey on a piece of bread, covered in a mornay-like sauce, topped with cheese and sliced tomato then broiled to melt and brown the cheese. Then it is topped with crispy bacon. Yum!!

Columbia hot brown

Inside the restaurant was again, all about the horse, with somewhat old fashioned decor and horse pictures on the stucco walls.  It was a bit dark, with stained wood beams on the ceiling and wood floors.

Columbia interior

They had several beautiful stained glass like art on the doors and windows.  Only by getting very close could you see that it was done with paint, still they were nicely done.

Columbia window

So, that was shopping and eating. In future posts, I’ll show you some of the other places I visited, including the Arboretum and Keeneland. We were not able to get to the Kentucky Horse Park where Man O’ War is memorialized as the greatest horse that ever raced. The tickets were $20 each plus $5 to park, and we just didn’t have the whole day to spend there to make that worthwhile. But, DH will have to go back later in the year, so we may try then.

Are you going to do a Row by Row quilt this year? Do you have patterns left over from last year like I do?


The Safelight Project Update

The response to the Safelight project idea has just been incredible, so get ready for a long and picture heavy post. Thank you so much to everyone that has participated, with cards and donations for the gift bags.  I have begun assembling the bags, and want to show you were we are at this point.  I do need to apologize, I must have hit a wrong button and my first paragraphs of this post’s draft posted to the site last Thursday. I immediately took it down, and I apologize for the mis-post. A few days after the first post, I purchased the tote bags, removing the labels and opening them up all over the office floor.

The Safelight Project at From My Carolina Home

Taking what funds I had at the end of that week, I went to the stores and found lots of things to begin filling the bags. I got pretty hairbrushes with flower handles, hand lotion, facial peel off masks, perfumes, shower gels, scrubbies, and gel eye coolers.

The Safelight Project at From My Carolina Home

I found hair treatments, and neutral color eye shadows too.

The Safelight Project at From My Carolina Home

I also did several hypoallergenic bags for those with perfume and fragrance sensitivities. At the thrift store (unbelievably!) there were some full size, brand new, Avon products for just $1 each – I bought them all!

The Safelight Project at From My Carolina Home

Then, like handing out trick-or-treat goodies, I began filling the bags with goodies.

The Safelight Project at From My Carolina Home

I want to publicly thank the donors, each and every 1/2 bag, whole bag and multiple bags sponsored made a difference. I won’t tell you who the two gold star donors are, but they donated $50 each to get this project well underway. With the mail from Friday, promises of checks yet to be received, and a couple of donations from the mis-post, the financial goal has been exceeded for the project!!  If any additional funds come in next week, I’ll put them to making up additional bags for future residents.

Amy O. —  Mary Jo L.  — Nancy B.  — Norece E.  —  Susan D. — Mary Z.

Sharon S.  —  Kathryn W.  —  Jodi M.  —  Mary C.  — Deborah M  —  Denise F.

Mary Jean C. — Susan G.  —  Jennifer G.  —  Christine S.  —  Erika N.   —  Susan C.

Linda S.  —  Carol L.   —-  Teresa M. —   Sherry T.  —  Jeanne C.  —  Donna S.

Nancy J.  —  Beth L.  —  Sarah K.  —  Elizabeth S.  —  Ruth C.   —  Melanie T.

Karen T. —  Judy D.  —  Lesley G.  —  Janice H.  —  Lisa (unknown)

Mildred P.  —  Jennie R.  —  Edy J. — Vicki W. — Pat E. — Dana W.

I have responded personally to every donation I have received. If you see your name above, but you didn’t get an email from me, check your spam folder. If you made a donation, and you have not received an acknowledgement from me, and you don’t see your name above, I didn’t get it.  Sometimes the long email address doesn’t get transcribed exactly right, and you know how computers can be.  Let me know in an email or a comment if this is the case, and we’ll try to resolve it.

The Safelight Project at From My Carolina Home

I have to tell you all a quick story that just shows how wonderful people can be. While I was checking out at the Dollar store with over 100 items, a lady came up to stand behind me in line.  I apologized to her for holding her up as the checker had already begun before she got in line.  The checker was curious as to why I was buying multiples of so many things.  I told the checker about the project as she was ringing up the sale. When she told me the total, I felt a tap on my shoulder. The total stranger behind me was holding out a $20 bill, and said “I want to help you with that.” I was absolutely blown away. All she would tell me was that her first name was Lisa. So, Lisa, even though you may never see this, I am so grateful for your kindness.

The Safelight Project at From My Carolina Home

My friend Sam brought over boxes of items to add to the bags, toothbrushes and combs, nail files and razors, deodorant and soaps.  Each bag got two or three of each of these items, and there are still some left over that I’ll take with me to the shelter.  They can use some of these items for the kids, and the rest can be stored for future needs.

The Safelight Project at From My Carolina Home

The creativity in the cards coming in is just awesome. The first package from Lenora arrived just days after the Safelight Project post, and contained 16 unique cards with such creativity!

Lenora's cards 1<

Inside, Lenora put several different sentiments, all very inspiring! I really like how she signed her cards – ” A Friend You Haven’t Met!”

Lenora's cards 2

Lenora's cards 5

Then, she used a great stamp for the outside of the envelopes and decorated those with stickers too.

Lenora's cards 3

Gorgeous cards, here are a few more of her designs.

Lenora's cards 4

I was inspired by her cards, and went to the stamping workbench to create a few more for the project. Remember my sunshine box from my friend Val? These daisies came from that box, and I hope they will bring that sunshine to the women. I stamped a bluebird of happiness on textured cardstock, and a Happiness Always greeting. The trim on the bottom is washi tape.

My Safelight Cards at From My Carolina Home 2

I found the perfect sentiment stamp in the box of goodies given to me by reader Katie. Thanks again, Katie!  I signed the cards “Someone Who Cares.”

My Safelight Cards at From My Carolina Home 1

On the back, this stamp was cute, and left my name off.

My Safelight Cards at From My Carolina Home 3

I decorated the envelopes too.

My Safelight Cards at From My Carolina Home 6

Then I stamped this design for another purpose, and made a second one for the Safelight bags.  Inside it has my sentiment from the first post on the project.

My Safelight Cards at From My Carolina Home 9

Karen T. sent in products for the bags, some Mary Kay lip and eye crayons along with some makeup items. Thanks so much, Karen, these will add a lovely touch to some of the bags. I put them in the bags with the hypoallergenic items as those had fewer items per bag. I was able to find sensitive skin unscented shower gel and lotions, but no makeup items, and of course, no perfume. It really helped to balance out the bags so the scent free ones were just as fun as the rest.

Karen's Mary Kay donation

Danice made these lovely cards, using the sentiment from my post inside. Thank you, Danice, for blogging about the project as well! She sent an email that she is sending six more cards that should arrive next week too!

Danice's cards

Then, a dozen cards arrived from Carol L, beautifully done.

Carol's Cards 1

Each and every one has a unique, handwritten message inside. Truly stunning, and once again I was just blown away.

Carol's Cards 3

Carol's Cards 4

Carol's Cards 5

Jennie’s cards arrived on Friday, how lovely!

Jennie's Cards

I love what she did inside too.

Jennie's Cards 2

The cards are truly the most important piece of this project and without your help, I’d be gluing my own fingers together by now. The inspirational messages will help these women so much, to feel better, to believe in themselves, and to have hope for the future. If you are counting, you’ll notice that we made the goal of 35 cards, but will be using a few more for the extra bags that can be done from the extra donations received.  Any additional cards received will be given to the shelter for future needs.  Here is one of the bag assortments after week one of shopping.  The roll of tissue contains a nail polish, wrapped to keep it from breaking in the bag.

The Safelight Project at From My Carolina Home

At the second trip to the stores, I found a pedicure set and got more nail polish so every bag has these items.

The Safelight Project at From My Carolina Home

Several of you have asked about sewing projects, and I do have a couple of things in mind. More cards will be appreciated for holidays coming in a few months. I will look around when I deliver the bags and see what may be needed or appreciated, and we can do another project later in the year.

The Safelight Project at From My Carolina Home

The drawings for the prizes will be in early August, with the winners notified by email. One question I got privately, but want to answer publicly is regarding the gift card prize. The MasterCard Gift Card prize is not being funded by donations, it is coming out of a points program I have on my personal credit card. So, all your donations, every penny, will go to the gift bags. I’ll draw a couple of days past the postmark date of August 1 so everyone has a chance. You get one entry for each card sent, and one entry for every $5 donation.

So, that is where the project stands at this time.  It is almost complete!  I am still going to wait until August 1 to draw the prizes as I know of at least a couple of things still coming.  I’ll bring you another update when the delivery is made in early August.  Thank you all for your wonderful support of this project!

What do you think of our progress?


Scrap Dance Two-Step Mystery Quilt Along Shares

I wanted to share some of your quilt blocks shared on our Flickr group, but the reveal post was already too long.  So, I thought I’d just do a second post on the next day.  I love the color combinations and each one is so unique! Part of the fun for me is to see how all of you interpret my pattern. Just look at the beautiful brights that Sally is using, and it looks like the background has a confetti look.  How fun!


And here is Sally’s Block A she shared after the last update. These are going to be fantastic together.


Brenda is doing a wonderful scrappy version, I love these colors.  The high contrast between the scraps and the background is going to be marvelous in the finished quilt.

Pictures loaded June 21, 2017 020

And Brenda also caught up with Block A, won’t these make a great cozy quilt!

Scrap Dance Mystery Two Step part May 2017

Here is Kristi’s Block B with the fun pop art prints.

Scrap Dance Two Step! Finished with Block 2! This has been such a fun mystery!

Elaine once again has chosen my favorite palette, autumn!

Scrap Dance Two Step June clue for the twin size quilt. Thanks Carole for great block patterns.

Sue has totally used her scrap box for her blocks, good going Sue!

Totally from my old and newish scraps.

Susan is doing her mystery all in blues, looks like a calm ocean and a pretty sky with the low volume contrast.

June blocks, not too scrappy.

Carol is using black for her background, with a high contrast to her bright prints.


Marsha has also chosen black for her background.

Two Step June

Pat has such a pretty palette of greens, golds and browns, reminds me of a garden walk.

IMGP2671 (640x480)

Mary finished her Block B pretty fast, she sets aside the third Friday every month as a sewing day. Smart!!

12 Scrap Dance Two Step Blocks - Part 6

Milla showed us her country prints, can’t wait to see her blocks.


Share your progress on the Flickr group for our mystery quilts, click on Scrap Dance Two Step Flickr Group to add yours!

What do you think of the variety of choices and the pattern so far?


Scrap Dance Two Step – The Final Reveal!

The month you have all been working toward is here!  Today is the final reveal for the Scrap Dance Two Step Mystery.  Gather your blocks and bits of extra fabric, you’ll need it this month.  Here we go!

Scrap Dance Two-Step Mystery Quilt Along

First, arrange your blocks in a checkerboard fashion, alternating the Block A and Block B.  For the sizes, here is how I designed the block layout, but you can do them however you like.
Throw 3×4
Twin 4×6
Full 5×6
Queen 5×7
King 6×7

This is important, before you actually begin to sew the blocks together, lay them out.  Check to be sure that the points formed between the blocks are there.   The bars on Block B line up to the HST on Block A to create the illusion of a block set on point.  If any of your HSTs are oriented the wrong way, you’ll lose that illusion in the pattern.  Now is the time to find and fix anything not pieced correctly, before you get the quilt blocks assembled into the flimsy.

Now, let’s Two Step! You’ll be making some flying geese for the first border to finish off the points.  Determine the number of flying Geese units you need. In this example I’ll go over the 5×6 placement of the blocks for the quilt as shown above.  If you are making a different size, your totals will be different.  But not to worry, I’ll show you how to figure it out.  Note that the upper corners will be different than the lower corners due to Block A being both ends of one, and Block B on the other.  You’ll need to do the flying geese, then cut the strips as shown for the rest of the border.  I’ll show you that layout too in a minute, lets do the geese first.

Full Size 5×6 blocks flying geese border will need –
11 Flying Geese for border to complete block points (remember two of the blocks are on corners so will need 2 for those)

Use the quick no waste method to make 4 at a time. Cut 4 small squares 3-3/8″, and 1 large square 5-3/4″ for each 2 flying geese needed.  In this example, we’ll make 12, and one will go to the scrap bin.

Draw 2 sewing lines on the back of your small background squares, 1/4 inch from the center.

Place two small background squares on opposite corners of the large square, with the sewing lines down the middle and connecting.  Pin in place so they don’t shift.

Sew on the lines.

Cut apart down the center diagonal between your sewing lines.

Press the large square away from the smaller squares.

Place the remaining small squares on the unsewn point on the larger square, and sew on the lines.  Repeat for the other piece.

Cut apart between the sewing lines.

Press away from the larger square.

Square up to 4-1/2 inches x 2-1/2 inches.  Use the 1/4 inch line on your ruler to make the first cut so there is exactly 1/4 inch for seam allowance above the point.  Then cut the opposite edge to 2-1/2 inches wide.  Center the point at 2-1/4 inches and cut the total goose 4-1/2 inches wide.

Make as many as you need for your top.

Now, lay out your flimsy, and your fabric strips with flying geese to be sure you have all the bits you need.

Background strips needed for 5×6 placement –

7 strips 16-1/2 x 2-1/2 between the flying geese in the border middles
2 strips 2-1/2 x 12/12 and 2 strips 2-1/2 x 14-1/2 for the bottom corners
2 strips 2-1/2 x 4/12 and 2 strips 2-1/2 x 6-1/2 for the top corners (shown below)

Lay out the flimsy and all the border bits before sewing to be sure that you have all the correct pieces of border and flying geese to complete all the points.  Begin assembling the border, one side at a time.  Be sure that the sides even with the flimsy are sewn first, and then the ones incorporating the extra for the border width.  This one is a 3×4 placement, so the numbers will be different from the example.

Finish assembly, and the blocks now have their points extending into the first border.

If you just don’t care to add the border, no worries, it is your quilt! I put three borders on the first one I made, one background and two color, and it looks just fine.

And here is the second one I made with the border points.  It might have looked more symmetrical if I had done 5 blocks across instead of 4, so the border would have points on all the corners.  But, it’s done now.  Something to consider as you lay out your flimsy and borders.

I added a second dark border after the background border to finish the flimsy..

I’ll show you the quilting soon.  But now you have the Big Reveal!  So you can decide how to finish your Two Step.

Scrap Dance Two-Step Mystery Quilt Along

The steps for this quilt along will remain up through mid-August, then will be taken down.  The pattern will be available in my Craftsy store after that at an intro price for a short time.  Here’s a pdf for the final assembly with the border – Two Step Final.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you some of the shares from participants in the quilt along.  What you do think?  How’s your Two-Step coming along?


Carolina Shop Hop – and some additional fun stops

Every summer, some of the quilt stores in western NC get together for a shop hop.  The hop runs 10 days, begins this Friday the 21st and will run to the following weekend.   For those planning to do the hop, there are a couple of stores that aren’t on the participating list that are right on the way to shops on the tour, so you can get even more shopping and fun in while you are out.  I thought I show you those two stores, then show you my two favorites that are on the hop.

Angie's Shop 3

First, up in Weaverville just north of Asheville, my friend Angie has opened a wonderful shop called 5 Little Monkeys Quilt and Sew  It is located in an old part of downtown, and the shop is light and airy. I didn’t get a picture of the front, but there are directions and parking information on her website.  The five monkeys are Angie’s five kids, now old enough that she can run a business outside of the house.  Angie moved her longarm here and provides longarming services too.

Angie's Shop 1

Wood floors and antiques decorate the shop, filled with wonderful fabrics.  Cozy and comfortable with great selections.

Angie's Shop 4

Angie also has a unique spin on the average shop, she puts a group of fabrics on sale each week at a good discount!  So there is always something on sale, as well as a nicely stocked show floor of regular price fabrics.

Angie's Shop 2

All of the shops in this post are part of the Row by Row Experience this year too!  See all the NC shops participating at the North Carolina Row by Row Experience website.


Another shop not on the hop list is Quilter’s On The Go, located on Hendersonville Road in Fletcher across the side street from Foam and Fabric (another huge fabric store not on the list). Their fun shop van is easily recognizable anywhere.

Quilters On The Go Shop 1

There is a nice selection of more modern prints, with bright colors and a clean look.

Quilters On The Go Shop 3

QOTG has lots of precuts and notions as well.

Quilters On The Go Shop 4

My favorite two stores on the hop are both frequented regularly.  You can get a schedule and a passport at the Carolina Shop Hop website HERE. As you go around, you can register for prizes at each shop, plus there is a Shop Hop group with prizes and a grand prize drawn from the passports that have every shop visited. This is fun to do, plus many of the shops are also participating in Row By Row patterns, so you can get a lot done in one visit.

Carolina Shop Hop

At Beginnings in Hendersonville, Lynn has a wonderful selection of fabrics and notions, fabulous classes, and a monthly club for block quilt alongs and show and tell.

Beginnings Quilt Shop 1

This is the shop that is doing the Be My Neighbor blocks that I have been working on. It is wonderful to be able to get with a group for quilting fun since I no longer belong to any guilds. I get the fun and friendship I miss.

Beginnings Quilt Shop 3

There is a fantastic selection of fabrics and notions, rulers and patterns, plus a huge classroom with design walls.  She has a longarm service attached to her shop, too.

Beginnings Quilt Shop 2

Lynn is one of the most extraordinary people I have ever met. Not only is she a wonderful person, and a business owner, she is mom to 18 children (yes, that is right eighteen!!), many special needs adopted kids with a lot of issues. But she dedicates her life to making other’s lives better, whether in raising special needs children, spreading love and encouragement, or providing a gathering place for quilters to socialize.

Beginnings Quilt Shop 4

Last but certainly not least, Asheville Cotton on Hendersonville Road in far south Asheville is just up the road north of QOTG, so easy to hit both in a trip.

Asheville Cotton 3

Robin has her shop stuffed with fabrics of all kinds, sorted by colors or seasons.  She hosts an annual customer quilt show each year for charity that is always well attended.

Asheville Cotton 5

Be sure to check out the back tables where the sale fabrics are on display. There is usually something you need for a backing there

Asheville Cotton 6

One more note, for those running out to Franklin, the shop Sassy Stitches is the new name by a new owner for Deb’s Cats and Quilts.  Deb sold her store to Lindy last year.  While you are in Franklin, don’t miss the other cute shop called A Stitch In Time in Macon center, east of Hwy 23 as you get to the outskirts of town.  Turn left at 441.  I haven’t been there yet this year, so I don’t have pictures, but it makes the drive out to Franklin worthwhile.

Need longarming services?  See the Carolina Mountain Longarm Association site for a longarm services provider near you.   Many of our members will ship as well for out of area customers.  Want your binding done for you?  Contact me, I’d love to bind your quilt for you.  I make the binding using your fabric, sew to the front by machine and hand stitch to the back.

The Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt final reveal is in two days!!  Are you ready? Are you gathering Row by Row patterns, or going on shop hops this summer?


Well Loved Quilt Repair – Purple Sunbonnet Sue

Recently I finished up another hand repair of a well-loved quilt.  I really enjoy doing this, and love having people bring me these quilts.  This was Donna’s daughter’s quilt when she was a baby, and now the daughter was becoming a mother.  Donna wanted the quilt repaired so that her new grand-baby could cuddle with it too.  There were several larger tears in this vintage quilt, including this one that was just not going to take kindly to being repaired.  This tear was in four directions from a center hole.

Well Love Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

So, I had to get a bit creative this time. I ironed down the tears with a bit of very light fusible web just to hold them in place. Then, I made a yo-yo from a pink print to make a flower applique large enough to go over the entire area of damage. I pinned it into place with a dark purple center to go with the dress on the Sunbonnet Sue main appliqué.

Well Love Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

I stitched both down by hand.

Well Love Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

But, that dark center kept drawing my eye to it, when I wanted it to just be an accent to the main motif. So, I frogged off the dark purple and replaced it with a lighter purple, fussy cut flower.

Well Love Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

Around the main appliqué, some hand stitching was needed to close up the gaps and small tears.

Well Love Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

After using a light fusible web on the longer tear in the background here, there was enough extra bulk in the background to make hand stitching with an over-whip possible.  Because the quilt is tied and not quilted, there was fabric to move around a bit.

Well Love Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

You can see the seam here, but that is better than a tear, and should hold up to at least moderate use.

Well Love Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

A few more stitches around the appliqué and that part was done.

Well Love Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

The pink border was pulling up from the white background in spots, so all those areas were hand stitched back in place.  All done, and didn’t take that long.  I finished the repairs in about 3 hours.  Now the little flower appliqué is a cute accent and the focus is the Sunbonnet Sue.

Well Love Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

I had to applaud her for wanting to pass on such a piece of living memory. For me, this is the true measure of how much a quilt is valued, to be worn out and repaired to wear out again. This has to be the highest complement any quilter can get!

If you are local and have a well loved quilt needing repair, my rates are very reasonable, and are charged by the hour.  I am also willing to do quilts mailed in, if you are willing to pay the postage both ways.  Just send me an email at frommycarolinahome at gmail dot com and let me know what you need.  You can see more of my repair work on my Carolina Mountain Longarm Association page – Carole’s Quilts.  Also, I have done posts on how I do repairs which you can read about in Repairing an Old Damaged Quilt and in Applique Quilt Repair if you would like some tips on repairing your own quilts.

Do you have a well loved fabric memory?