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Scrap Dance Two-Step June


We are getting close to the end, today you’ll see the second block in the design. So grab the units you still have and let’s get started!

Scrap Dance Two-Step Mystery Quilt Along

With the bar units you have left, match one bar element with two scrappy/background HST elements to make this unit. Be very sure that the background HSTs point to the ends and up with the background bar on bottom.  Press toward the HSTs.

One hint, at this point, you are down to the last bits to assemble.  I laid mine out in overlapping rows to be sure I had the remaining scrappy prints distributed.   Right away I had the same print in two adjoining pieces.

So, I could change them around until the scrappy prints were well distributed between the units.

As you sew, be careful to sew through the little ‘x’ to get those sharp corner points.

Now, let’s Two-Step! Here is the block you’ll make with these units. Note that half the HST/bar units go on the top, and the other half will be turned around and on the bottom. The final block will have all four corner background HSTs pointing to the outside corners as shown here.  Sew in rows, pressing seams in one direction, either all up or down.

Here’s mine.  Note again I laid out the units in rows, and did all of them at once to be sure that the prints were distributed as best as they could be.  There is the opportunity to change them around before sewing if one block ends up with the same print contiguous.

Here is your pdf for your sewing room for June – Scrap Dance Two Step June.  Resist the temptation to finish it up at this point, as we have one more thing to do.  Remember that extra fabric I said to put aside at the beginning?  You’ll need it next month (and it is NOT sashing, so don’t do that), so be sure you have some extra background and a few more scraps for July.  You’ll find out the final mystery step next month!

We’d all love to see your progress as you go forward, please upload your pictures to the Flickr group, and be sure they are public so we can share them.  The group url is – and I look forward to seeing all your units as they are done.  Any finish of any of the mystery quilt alongs can be shared on this group, even from the original mystery from 2015.  We use the same group for all the annual Scrap Dance mysteries.

Here area a few of the latest shares of the May block finishes. Garden2Fun has wonderful bright batiks!


Mary has a great variety of prints with a pop of red.

Scrap dance two step Part 5

Laura R. is doing a red and white version.

Two Step Scrap Dance--I started this when the mystery quilt started and then life got in the way, but today I was able to catch up!

Laura F has a wonderful variety of prints too.

Two Step Step 5

Love the black background Marsha is using!

12 Block A's

Kristi’s blocks are looking awesome!

These are looking awesome! This mystery is really fun!

And I love the autumn prints Elaine is doing.

Scrap Dance two Step .This quilt says"mine". Thank you Carole.

How’s your Two-Step coming along?

Scrap Dance Two-Step Mystery Quilt Along


Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


18 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Two-Step June

  1. It’s fun to see all of the different looking pieces. It’s going to be another beautiful project.

  2. All the blocks are looking so great! Wish I had been able to two-step with you all. Perhaps next time. Love your blog, Carole!

  3. My computer died and I lost all the clues for Scrap Dance Two Step. Is there a way that I can get all the clues up to May? Thank you for any help you can give.

    • All the steps are still on the blog with all the pdfs. Go to the blog, click on the category on the sidebar for Scrap Dance Mystery Two Step, and the blog will pull up all those posts. You can then go through them one at a time and download all the pdfs.

  4. I am way behind, but still plan to make this great scrappy quilt–scraps is my middle name. LOL Love all the different versions others have shared, too. Makes me want to two step right into my sewing room right this minute!! :o) Thanks, Carole, for another installment.

  5. Absolutely great…..

  6. Hi there, I don’t know if you do awards here, but I nominated you for a blogging award today. It’s just a neat way for bloggers to get to know each other. Your link is also posted on my page so my readers have a chance to see your awesome craft posts.
    You can either answer the questions on your blog in a post and nominate more people, or you can answer the questions on my post if you’d like. Or, you can skip it. Ha. Here is the link if you want to check it out: / Thanks

  7. Those all look terrific! I didn’t wind up ever starting because of life issues. I’ll save it in the files, though, and maybe get a chance when I’m looking for a scrappy quilt again. You are definitely a great mystery designer! I’m looking forward to what trick you have up your sleeve for that last bit.

  8. Hope life settles for you. Be sure to print the PDF’s. The mystery steps break the quilt into small “hunks and chunks”, so you will be able to work a bit at a time!

  9. Hi Carole! I had this “on my calendar” so I could get out to the garage and sew bright and early. But like Dezertsuz, life got in the way. A morning meeting , and then an afternoon of shopping to feed 100 kids at church left me exhausted! By golly, as soon as I get 2 cups of coffee into me this morning, I will get these blocks assembled~!~ Great pattern and SO much fun working on your pattern/mysteries. Love seeing all the colors chosen on the FLICKR group. 🙂

  10. It’s fun to see how different each quilt is!

  11. Pingback: Mystery is close to being solved! | stitchinggrandma

  12. I’m shamefully so behind! BUT!!!! Wait! I just printed out the months I’m behind on and it’s all packed for my retreat this week! My retreat mission: Catch up on UFO’s. Can’t wait to share my mystery blocks this month!!!

  13. Hello, I just wanted to ask permission to put this quilt in my local county fair here in Fallon NV? Of course I would give you and your mystery quilt credit for the design. I will not be selling the quilt, pattern, or anything like that… just hanging it with hopes to get a ribbon lol.

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  14. Howdy! I’m getting started on this step tonight. Any pressing tips that I should know about?

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