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Be My Neighbor Block 9


The meeting is today, and I’ll be taking the pebble fabrics there to get a few more opinions. Actually if I could find the grey color in the other smaller scale, it would be perfect. I’ve had another idea too.  I am considering taking all the blocks apart and adding blue sky sashing between the houses to separate them a bit. I haven’t made that decision to rip more yet, but I am thinking about it! So, for today, I needed to get to block 9, the first block on row 3.

Be My Neighbor Block 9 at From My Carolina Home

Once again, cutting all the little individual pieces took a while. This time even more so as the print I picked for the house is directional.

Be My Neighbor Block 9 at From My Carolina Home

I did the marking on the backs of all the designated squares first.

Be My Neighbor Block 9 at From My Carolina Home

Chain piecing was a bit more involved due to the directional print of the house, so I had to lay them out after each grouping was sewn.

Be My Neighbor Block 9 at From My Carolina Home

I was really happy that I got all of them right this time! I kept the little black dot on the top of the white fan on every single one.

Be My Neighbor Block 9 at From My Carolina Home

I got the rows done, and ironed the seams opposing in order to nest the seams.

Be My Neighbor Block 9 at From My Carolina Home

I carefully pinned the two rows of bowtie blocks and sewed.

Be My Neighbor Block 9 at From My Carolina Home

And somehow came out with a seriously off seam in the middle. I didn’t get a picture of it, but trust me it was a mess. So, the streak continues, and I ripped it out to resew.

Be My Neighbor Block 9 at From My Carolina Home

Resewn, looking better. But at this point I am seriously rethinking my choice of print for the house, it may be a bit busy on such a large area.

Be My Neighbor Block 9 at From My Carolina Home

But, I continued on anyway. Laying out the window sections, I made sure again that the print was correctly arranged.

Be My Neighbor Block 9 at From My Carolina Home

And here it is. The print doesn’t look all that bad at a distance, I guess.

Be My Neighbor Block 9 at From My Carolina Home

What do you think?

Be My Neighbor Block 9 at From My Carolina Home

I just now realized that I need to add the ground strip along the bottom, so I’ll do that before the meeting today. Then block nine will be done.  Do you like this print?



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Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


15 thoughts on “Be My Neighbor Block 9

  1. yes, i do like the print for the house,and when you add the brown for the ground, it should tone it down even more!!!

  2. I LIKE this print! The expanses are so large in the upper and lower sections that you needed something a little on the busy side. And, as usual, your block looks just great.

  3. Sorry I really do not like this print for the house. It would be great for shutters but you don’t have any in this house.

  4. Very cute. I am always fussy about fabrics. That is the longest process for me.
    And, unsewing is something I am very good at too.
    I love house patterns. this one is really cute, I like the fabrics too. This reminds me of some houses in Paris suburbs

  5. Another fun block. I like the use of the florals in your blocks.

  6. I like it all, the floral fabric is perfect, and all the colours go so well together. Not too busy at all.

  7. Love the print!!! That’s quite a castle!

  8. This is the difference in quilters: some have a vision and others (like me) are scared to try something different. I would not have chosen the house fabric, but it is perfect. You did a wonderful job, as always, with your fabric choices and construction.

  9. Afraid I agree with the “thumbs down” crowd – think I would’ve reversed the direction, making it look a bit more like cedar shake & only on the top half. Can’t figure the purpose of the bowties where they are located, but as in the first 2 rows, am betting it will all turn out lovely in the end!

  10. Looks great! The ripping has to be done when you are not happy with the block.

  11. I think it’s great. I love the small directional print in such a large house. :o)

  12. good morning, I love these blocks-thanks for sharing

  13. The print for the house reminds me of “fish scale” shingles used on Queen Anne and Victorian homes as siding or on roofs. Sometimes a small print can “read” almost like a solid, although for myself I think I would have used the print for the “roof” of the house with the direction reversed to look like overlapping shingles, maybe something other than the brown fabric for the “walls,” but it’s a personal call, and seeing it in the context of the overall design matters, too…so much to consider…!

  14. I like the print. I think there’s too much of it, though. Just the gables would have been great. Maybe when the ground is on, it will give it more contrast.

  15. I really like these house blocks, this is going to be an awesome quilt. Since you asked, I do not care for the print, it looks like chain length fence to me. I also think it will stick out like a sore thumb in the quilt with the other blocks. If this is a castle type house then a print that looks like rock might work better. JMHO

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