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Broadway Tablescape, Giveaway, Game, and a Blog Hop

The Tony awards for the best of Broadway are coming up, so what better theme for a blog hop than Broadway Tablescapes, coordinated by Chloe at Celebrate and Decorate!  Plus, today I have some additional surprises for readers, so come along we have things to see, games to play and a giveaway too!  The actual award ceremony is June 11, so you have lots of time to see all the inspiration.  My inspiration for a tablescape and party come from an old theater I used to go to many years ago.  It was a stage theater that was remodeled into a movie theater.  The colors, as often are the case for stage theaters, were deep burgundy red and gold.   Ornate doorways with gold leaf carvings were gateways into another world for just a couple of hours.  Deep burgundy red draperies hung on the walls and across the stage with heavy tassels and gold fringe on the bottom.  Heavy brass railing went across the balcony, and matched the wall sconce lighting that dimmed to just a soft glow, instilling a hush across the audience as attention shifted to the stage.  There was always a bit of excitement and anticipation as the lights dimmed and the curtains parted to reveal the screen and the beginning of the feature.

Broadway Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

I challenged myself to create this table using only what I already had. Starting with the base, I put a dark burgundy square tablecloth on the table on point, resisting the urge to buy one that would cover the whole table. I have a pale gold lightweight wool shawl, and I placed it in the center, bunching it up a bit in the center and trailing the fringe on each end. My ivory damask placemats went on top.

Broadway Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

From the den, I snagged the little lamp we use when watching movies for the center of the table, rather than using candles.  The low light is helpful on the eyes when we darken the room for movie nights.  The lamp again reminds me of the low lighting of the stage theater. I ran the cord under the shawl.

Broadway Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

There is a plug on the floor not to far away from the table. The cord goes under the placemat at my place setting, then down to the floor and an extension cord to plug in the lamp.  I’ll make sure the cord is covered with a small throw rug so no one will trip on it.

Broadway Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

On the table, the shawl fringe hides the cord nicely.

Broadway Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

For a little glamour befitting an awards show, I added a couple of my evening bags. I’ve used them on a table before too. I picked two that were gold or glitzy to keep with the theme.  From my holiday box, I pulled the gold star wire garland to add a bit of glittery starry shine to the table.

Broadway Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Each place setting has a gold charger, white china dinner plate, and dark red salad plate. The wine glasses are cut glass or etched glass in crystal with gold rims or soft pink. I don’t have six matching stems, so I mixed three patterns around the table. Each setting also gets individual salt and pepper shakers. Dark gold napkins are held with gold beaded rings.

Broadway Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

The good silverware is on this table too. As I stood back, it seemed to be almost but not quite finished. It needed just a bit of something more.

Broadway Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

I pulled some silk flowers out of the flower stash, and removed the them from their stems. Scattering the dark red flowers around the centerpiece finished it off, adding just that touch of red that was missing.

Broadway Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Then, I turned off the lights and waited for evening to fall so I could see it with the lamp lit. Perfect.

Broadway Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

How fun is this!! It brings that theater experience to the table. The only problem is daylight saving time means we’d be eating really late. That probably won’t happen on a Sunday night. These award shows should be on Friday or Saturday, when it is more feasible to have guests stay late. But, of course, if you really want to, you could record the show, and watch it a few days later when it is easier to stay up and have people over later.

Broadway Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

And you just might want to do that with the game I have for you, Broadway Bingo! The rules are quite simple, play just like Bingo. Each of the 8 provided play sheets are different, with five different categories each containing five nominees for the 2017 Tony Awards. Only categories with five nominees were chosen for the boards, such as Best Leading Actor in a Musical, or Best Featured Actress in a Play, along with other categories like Best Direction or Choreography. Mark winners as they are announced in the given categories. Participants can circle winners with ink, or use a yellow or light color highlighter. Five in a row, either across or diagonal is a winning board.

There are two additional entries at the bottom of each sheet with Best Play and Best Musical for a second chance win, or use as wildcards.  Family friendly for an evening of fun!
Download the Rules and 8 unique game boards by clicking on this link – 2017 Broadway Bingo

Broadway Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Provide a few prizes for participants to win, inexpensive gifts with a Broadway theme are easy to do. For example, prizes could be videos of Broadway hits made into movies, or books that became Broadway hits and microwave popcorn tied with ribbon. I used Act II brand popcorn just because it fit the theme. No one will mind if the videos or books came from the library secondhand sale. If no one wins, then have the participants put their names on the boards and draw one.

Broadway Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

And now, a giveaway for readers for a new DVD of Victor Victoria with the original Broadway cast!  I’ll also be giving away a secondhand DVD of Chicago. Then, a couple of lucky readers will receive a cd of Broadway music, or a Josh Groban cd.  Josh Groban is nominated for best leading actor in a musical for “Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812” this year, and I am rooting for him to win.

Broadway Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Yes, I will ship anywhere in the world!  But, since the DVDs will likely only play on a Region 1 player, please let me know in the comments if you are outside of the US or Canada.  To enter for the drawing, leave a comment on this post answering the question, what is your favorite Broadway show or musical from the past?  You already know mine, Victor Victoria.   Or, have you seen a Broadway show on Broadway? Followers may have a second entry with a second comment stating how you follow – email, Bloglovin, blog roll reader or Feedly.  The drawing will be on Sunday, May 28th, winners will be notified by email.

More fun for you today, a fantastic blog hop of more tablescapes with a Broadway theme.  Be sure to visit all the bloggers this week for lots of great ideas.  And thanks again to Chloe for coming up with this fun theme and putting the hop together.  Her tablescape is scheduled for Friday at Celebrate & Decorate!

Good luck in the drawing and have fun playing Broadway Bingo!  What is your favorite Broadway play or musical?  Have you ever seen a Broadway show on Broadway?  Do you have a memory of an old style theater?

Broadway Tablescape at From My Carolina Home



Eagle Panel Quilt of Valor

Continuing on with the Quilts of Valor for the Grand Strand Quilters, the next one is a panel with an eagle in the center surrounded with borders. The backing provided was a dark blue.

Quilt of Valor Eagle Panel

Once again, the borders are a bit full, and I suspect that they were not measured. The cornerstone blocks are not straight.

Quilt of Valor Eagle Panel

There is fullness in the middle too.

Quilt of Valor Eagle Panel

Folding it up from the bottom, you can see how the middle of the quilt is smaller than the edges, indicating too much fabric in the borders.

Quilt of Valor Eagle Panel

I removed it from the frame and steam pressed the entire quilt with the 50/50 solution I make of Best Press and water. I do use a spritz bottle, never put this solution in the iron itself. After some pulling and pressing, I was able to get the quilt a bit more squared up, with only a couple of problem areas left.

Quilt of Valor Eagle Panel

Next is auditioning thread. The important consideration with thread this time was not only the color of the backing, but the thickness of the thread. In order to minimize the impact of the quilting on the eagle, I needed a thin thread that would not obscure the eagle’s face.  The blue Aurifil thread was perfect, and matched the backing.  Yes, I often quilt with Aurifil, both the top thread and the bobbin.

Quilt of Valor Eagle Panel

I decided on the gentle swirl of this pantograph, as it was suggestive of clouds like on the panel.  Here is one of the many puckers that appeared on the side.

Quilt of Valor Eagle Panel

You can see some puckering of the fabric due to the excess of border fabric at the bottom of this picture. I really didn’t like this, but I didn’t want to rip it out.

Quilt of Valor Eagle Panel

I think the quilting looks good on the background sky of the panel.

Quilt of Valor Eagle Panel

Some of the excess fabric on the border edges created fullness in the middle as I tried to keep the border seam lines straight.

Quilt of Valor Eagle Panel

Once again, as I got to the bottom, the fullness and wonky corner became apparent.

Quilt of Valor Eagle Panel

It seemed to be worse on the bottom blue border, as this much fullness was too much to work in.

Quilt of Valor Eagle Panel

So, I made a pleat with the excess and stitched it down. I ended up doing four of these, one on each side and two on the bottom.

Quilt of Valor Eagle Panel

Even so, there is still puckering in the bottom border.

Quilt of Valor Eagle Panel

I know I harp on this a lot, but you can see what your longarmer has to go through when the borders are put on with the slap and sew method. I just wish I could get this message out to everyone. If you haven’t seen my tutorial on properly applied borders, click HERE to understand the difference between measuring and not measuring.

Puckers at the top of the picture too. Yes, these will be minimized with washing, but I don’t think these quilts are laundered prior to presentation.

Quilt of Valor Eagle Panel

All done, I am not happy with the sides, but I did the best I could.

Quilt of Valor Eagle Panel

I was pleased with the Aurifil thread for quilting, as it is thin and doesn’t detract from the eagle.

Quilt of Valor Eagle Panel

Ready for binding, it was sent back to Myrtle Beach.

Quilt of Valor Eagle Panel

What are you working on today?



Main Crush Monday



Heirloom Tomatoes

One of the wonderful things about warmer weather is the appearance of lovely ripe heirloom tomatoes at my local produce stand.  It is on my way home from just about anywhere, so I can stop in easily to see if the tomatoes have come in yet.  She has fresh eggs and goat cheese too, so every visit will yield something yummy.  Recently, I got the first early pickin’s and made several salads and sandwiches with them.  Heirloom tomatoes just have more intense tomato flavor than the hybrids usually in the grocery store, bred for ease of shipping instead of taste.

Heirloom Tomatoes at From My Carolina Home

Heirloom tomatoes have a different look to the inside.  I can almost smell the fresh tomato aroma from this picture.  Heirloom tomatoes usually are not as pretty as the modern hybrids, but the flavor is just so much better.

Heirloom Tomatoes at From My Carolina Home

I’m sure many readers have made a caprese salad, using tomatoes, fresh basil and mozzarella like this one, and I like mine with multiple colors of heirlooms.  The purple ones aren’t in yet, but soon will be!

Heirloom Tomatoes at From My Carolina Home

Sometimes the tomatoes are so big that making a stack and then cutting it in half is enough to serve two.  Fresh mozzarella is placed between the layers, with fresh basil leaves from the garden.

Heirloom Tomatoes at From My Carolina Home

Heirlooms are also wonderful on a turkey sandwich. They are so good that sometimes it is yummy to just have a tomato sandwich, spread thick with real mayonnaise.

Heirloom Tomatoes at From My Carolina Home

I wanted to expand the stacked salad idea with something a bit different.  I had an avocado that was ready to be eaten, so I decided to use it.

Heirloom Tomatoes at From My Carolina Home

I sliced up an heirloom tomato and the avocado, and started on the cheese.

Heirloom Tomatoes at From My Carolina Home

Here is one of those great kitchen gadgets that is just the thing when you need it, a cheese slicer. I get mozzarella in blocks and slice it medium thick for salads.

Heirloom Tomatoes at From My Carolina Home

I just stacked the avocado slices with the tomato slices and the mozzarella.

Heirloom Tomatoes at From My Carolina Home

Then a second layer.

Heirloom Tomatoes at From My Carolina Home

This salad actually was already so moist with the tomato and the creamy avocado that it didn’t need any dressing.

Heirloom Tomatoes at From My Carolina Home

Just a sprinkle of bold smoked salt and some cracked black pepper finished it off. Yum!

Heirloom Tomatoes at From My Carolina Home

I made another one the next day to use another avocado, and this time made a Cranberry Vinaigrette for it, just for the extra flavor and sweetness.

Heirloom Tomatoes at From My Carolina Home

On another day, nothing better than a BLT with thick sliced, applewood smoked bacon and fresh heirlooms!

Heirloom Tomato and Bacon at From My Carolina Home

Topped with cracked black pepper, yum!

Heirloom Tomato and Bacon at From My Carolina Home

Add a generous layer of lettuce, on whole grain bread with sesame seeds, and those thick tomato slices make a filling sandwich that will keep me quilting all day.  No chips needed.

Heirloom Tomato and Bacon at From My Carolina Home

So good!  That wonderful tomato aroma as the tomatoes are sliced, bursting flavor in your mouth as you eat.  It is summer on a plate to me.  Are you a fan of heirloom tomatoes?  What do you like to do with them?


Scrap Dance Mystery Two Step – May

The May Two Step will be fast and easy, as we build Block A today!  Aren’t you excited?!

Scrap Dance Two-Step Mystery Quilt Along

OK, so get out the remainder of your QSTs, and all the two-tone scrappy HSTs.  You’ll make the unit below.  Be sure that the background of the QST touches the HSTs.  Also be very careful that all the units are the same, with the diagonal line on the HSTs oriented this way.  It is important to the secondary design that those lines go a certain way.

It is helpful to lay them out first to be sure that the prints are well distributed and you don’t end up with the same one side by side.

Press all the units made today to the outside from the center.  This will nest the seams with the previous unit pressed to the center as shown.

Now, let’s two-step and build the block.  Get out your previous QST units.  Take half of the above units placing them oriented this way above the first unit, and the other half rotated 180 degrees placed below.  See photo.  Your diagonal lines on the corners should look like this., and you’ll end up with a square in a square in the center.  Press the final seams all in one direction, either all up or all down, it doesn’t matter which.

Don’t be tempted to guess what is next, LOL, what is left can go together at least four different ways, and only one of those is right.  We’d all love to see your progress as you go forward, so upload your pictures to the Flickr group, and be sure they are public so we can share them.  The group url is – and I look forward to seeing all your units as they are done.

Here is a pdf for your sewing room (update! it is now a pdf) – Two Step May Instructions

Are you just now finding the mystery?  You can catch up quickly as there are only five months published.  We will finish in July, then have more shares in August as the quilts are finished.  So, come join in!  Just click on Scrap Dance Mystery Two-Step to get started.  Each step is linked to the one that came after, and all have downloads to print out for reference in the sewing room.

How’s your Two Step coming along?

Scrap Dance Two-Step Mystery Quilt Along


Be My Neighbor Block 10 and a Quilt Shop Visit

Moving on to Block 10, I feel like I am running out of choices for pastels.  I really don’t want to buy more fabric for this quilt, but I may have to.  A fat quarter or two wouldn’t hurt, would it?  There are still six more blocks after this one.  I knew I wanted a green house somewhere, as the house I remember most vividly from my growing up years was green.  I auditioned a few prints for the star in the center.

Be My Neighbor Block 10 -1

I carefully cut all the pieces, double checking the dimensions.

Be My Neighbor Block 10 -2

This one has another tree, so I began with the squares on the edges to make the branches, drawing the lines as instructed.  Once again, I used the orange tree fabric.  This used up the last of it, so I don’t know what I’ll do for the tree in the last row.

Be My Neighbor Block 10 -3

As usual, I chain pieced as much as possible to speed up construction.

Be My Neighbor Block 10 -4

Finishing up the tree, I started on the house. This one will be the green with the swirly print, with a purple star center. Once again, I divided the background on the tree to allow for a ground of flowers.

Be My Neighbor Block 10 -6

I had a moment of dismay, thinking I had cut these wrong, but it really was OK. The squares were supposed to be a bit shorter than the rectangle to make the flying geese.  Whew!

Be My Neighbor Block 10 -7

I constructed the elements, then laid it out for sewing in rows, and pressing for nesting seams.

Be My Neighbor Block 10 -8

At this point I was feeling pretty good about the construction…

Be My Neighbor Block 10 -9

until I sewed the two sides together and realized that one side was too short.  I wasn’t sure if the bottom piece or the top one was too short, but it was easiest to just replace the bottom.  So the streak continues, and I frogged out the offending piece.

Be My Neighbor Block 10 -10

A new piece was cut and inserted.

Be My Neighbor Block 10 -11

And now, the piecing of this block is done.  All the points are looking pretty sharp for a change, LOL!!

Be My Neighbor Block 10 -12

All that is left is the applique, and this time I will do a bluebird. I also reversed the direction, as I wanted at least one bird to face the other direction. I already have two facing to the left, so I made this one face to the right. This will be my slow stitching for Sunday.  I’ll add beads or buttons for eyes after the construction and quilting is done.

Be My Neighbor Block 10 -15

Last week on my quick trip to Chattanooga, I wanted to visit a couple of quilt shops and I found a fabulous and charming one that I want to share with you.

Chattanooga Quilts

I didn’t have much time, as we were on our way out of town, so at some point I need to go back.  I was enchanted by the ambiance the moment I stepped into it. Stuffed full of fabric and notions, just look at the lovely wood floors! Kim greeted me as soon as I entered the store.

Chattanooga Quilts

That is Kim behind the counter, the store owner. She graciously agreed to allow a few pictures so you could see her wonderful store.  It is beautifully laid out, with plenty of room for browsing, yet full of fabrics and goodies to see.  It has lovely vignettes with pretty lamps, vintage sewing items, antique clocks and more placed around the shop.

Chattanooga Quilts

Charming antiques and warm wood tones make a relaxed shopping experience. Mary Beth was also working that day, and I loved having a chance to talk with both ladies. Mary Beth has read this blog from time to time, and it was a thrill for me to meet a reader! I was having so much fun, and then we began talking about Be My Neighbor. Her shop is doing the quilt pattern in block-of-the-month meetings too. I explained my pebble fabric dilemma that you all have seen, and Kim had a fabric to show me. Smaller scale and more neutral rosy brown tones looked promising, so I got some.

Be My Neighbor Pebble Fabric 1

Here it is with the block row, and I like it!  It has the smaller scale but more neutral tones that you all said would be the best compromise between the first two choices.

Be My Neighbor Pebble Fabric 2

The color blends well with the roof fabrics, and the pastels on the houses. Thank you, Kim!

Be My Neighbor Pebble Fabric 3

I had a few minutes to chat, and see the blocks that are being done by the shop in the lovely classroom space. Just look at how they are embellishing the blocks with stitching and appliques. Lovely, and what a great idea for some of the more plain house sides.  The little scalloped curtains in the windows of this house block are just so cute, and what an inspired idea!

Chattanooga Quilts

I could have stayed for a long time, chatting with these two friendly ladies and browsing all the goodies in the shop, but DH was waiting in the car to get on the road home. But before I left, Kim treated me to a sneak peek of her design for the Row by Row event this summer. It is so cute, I may have to make the trip back during the event just to get the pattern. If you are in east Tennessee for a visit, be sure to visit Chattanooga Quilts, it is a delight.

Chattanooga Quilts

What are you working on now? Do you have a favorite out of town quilt shop you like to visit?


Slow Sunday Stitching



A Card for Mother’s Day

Normally I would show the card I made for my MIL before Mother’s Day, but she reads my blog and I didn’t want her to see it until she got it in the mail.  The idea here can be modified for any holiday or occasion, just change the sentiment. I decided on yellow when I pulled out one of the packs of patterned papers, so I pulled a coordinating yellow base and cut an oversize card to fit an envelope. I had these bird stickers too, and she loves birds.

Mother's Day Card at From My Carolina Home

I wanted a texture look on the inside, and this yellow did well. The green was for contrast for the stamped image.

Mother's Day Card at From My Carolina Home

I took the paper to the computer to print out a nice sentiment as I did not have a stamp that said what I wanted it to say. There is a wonderful website with free verses to print and use – Imag-e-nation.   I selected Mother’s Day from the extensive list of occasions, and scrolled down the verses with DH to pick the perfect one for her card.

Mother's Day Card at From My Carolina Home

The paper with the sentiment was cut to the size of the card and glued down. A goldfinch sticker was added.

Mother's Day Card at From My Carolina Home

Another pretty paper was stamped with a floral image. The green frame cardstock was embossed for texture.

Mother's Day Card at From My Carolina Home

I stamped a flower on the inside, and on the envelope, and colored them using my chalks and blender pens.

Mother's Day Card at From My Carolina Home

The stamped image was mounted on the green embossed cardstock, and positioned at the bottom of the card front.  A little hummingbird sticker was added for extra interest.

Mother's Day Card at From My Carolina Home

The top of the card front looked a bit bare, so these dimensional flowers were added.

Mother's Day Card at From My Carolina Home

A floral and songbird card for a lovely MIL, here is the finished front and envelope.

Mother's Day Card at From My Carolina Home

Naturally, I put my signature stamp on the back.

Mother's Day Card at From My Carolina Home

Linking to Just For Fun May Challenge – A Mother’s Love.

Mother's Day Card at From My Carolina Home

Did you have a nice weekend?  If you are a mom, how was your Mother’s Day?



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Creative Muster

Foodie Friday and Everything Else


Quick Trip to Chattanooga

Last week another opportunity came up to take a really fast trip with DH.  He had a small job to do in Chattanooga, driving over one day and back the next.  It was too good to pass up, so again I packed a bag and tagged along.  We drove over in the morning, and there is nothing like going over the high pass on I-40 in the morning light.  The mountains are just gorgeous green now!  There was a bit of overcast sky part of the way, but no rain.

Hwy I40 - 11

Hwy I40 - 16

Very little traffic for a good part of the way made for a relaxing drive.

Hwy I40 - 17

Arriving in Chattanooga just after lunchtime, I dropped him off, and went shopping all afternoon.  I started at an enormous bookstore called McKays.  You have to see it to believe it.

McKays Books Chattanooga 1

Reading and video are on the ground floor, audio cds and vinyl are on the second floor balcony that ran all the way around the building.

McKays Books Chattanooga 2

This is the hardback fiction aisle, it keep me occupied quite a while.  Then the cookbook aisle was calling.  I know I was there at least 2 hours!

McKays Books Chattanooga 5

The result of my browsing was a small haul, with an author signed, first American edition, hardback copy of the Jeffrey Archer book I was missing for just $7. All the other books ranged in price from 50 cents to $1.50. Yep, that little!  The cookbooks , Best of the Best, were just 50 cents each.  I plan to attempt making paper soon, and found a book on that subject as well. The other books have been on my hunt list for a long time, over 2 years for On Rue Tatin!  Finding treasure is exciting, but finding it at $1 was a special thrill.

McKays Books Chattanooga 7

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the thrift stores, but that wasn’t a fruitful venture.   The one I spent some time looking for was closed on the weekday that I was there.  Several more thrifts were visited but nothing spoke to me.  Back at the hotel, I asked the nice, and very helpful young man named Rhett at the front desk for a recommendation for dinner.  We were directed to Mount Vernon, a Chattanooga institution since 1955.  As luck would have it, it was only about 10 minutes away.

Mount Vernon Restaurant 9

Rhett had given us a coupon for a free appetizer of fried green tomatoes that came with a horseradish sauce.  Yum!!

Mount Vernon Restaurant 1

DH and I both had fish, mine was salmon with a lovely garlic and parsley butter.

Mount Vernon Restaurant 2

He had grilled haddock, and we both got the squash casserole.  I’ve been working on a squash casserole recipe at home, and I’ll be posting that soon.  I want to make it one more time to be sure I have it the way I want it.

Mount Vernon Restaurant 3

I liked the ambiance of the place, so inviting with low lamps and nice decorations in the lobby.

Mount Vernon Restaurant 7

So many times, older restaurants like this get stagnant and stale, but not this one.  The music was low, modern jazz.  It looked like it had been updated with soft colors in yellow and blue with off white trim, warm and elegant but not dated.

Mount Vernon Restaurant 6

Service was outstanding.  The menu was fresh and on trend with locally sourced food as much as possible.

Mount Vernon Restaurant 5

The next morning, while DH was working again, I drove up to Lookout Mountain and was surprised to learn that there are no lookouts. I am spoiled by the Blue Ridge Parkway with its many overlooks and free parking areas to take pictures of our magnificent views. But, the only way I found to get even an idea of the view was to park at a meter regulated space, and try to get a picture across a private garden of the valley beyond.

Lookout Mountain 2

It looked like a lovely space, but it was posted as private, and surrounded by fencing, with the entrances gated and locked.

Lookout Mountain 3

There are a few attractions to see, but they were really pricey and didn’t have views. I thought the underground caverns would be fun, along with seeing a very high waterfall that was in the caverns, but I wanted to do that with DH, not by myself. So, I went down to the Riverwalk.

Tennessee Riverwalk 5

It is a beautiful area, clean and nice for a long walk on the Tennessee River.

Tennessee Riverwalk 2

Heading back toward the area where I had parked, I spotted a blue heron on the walk.

Tennessee Riverwalk 6

Amazingly, he wasn’t afraid of me at all.

Tennessee Riverwalk 8

I asked him what his thoughts were this fine morning, but he didn’t care to share them.

Tennessee Riverwalk 9

Walking a bit further the other direction, there are bridges for cars and pedestrians, along with the lovely shoreline scenery.

Tennessee Riverwalk 11

I also visited a really wonderful quilt shop, I’ll show you that with the next Be My Neighbor block.  Picking up DH, we decided to have lunch before beginning the drive back home, spending barely a day in Chattanooga.  I am certain we need to go back again, there was a lot to do, and I want another meal at Mount Vernon.  On the way home, we stopped in Knoxville at the other McKays Used Bookstore, and yes I found a few more books, just as inexpensively too.  This was a really fast trip, but enjoyable with a nice bit of time to just talk while in the car.  I left my laptop at home, and just enjoyed the scenery and the time with my dear husband.

Have you made any quick trips like this?



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