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Scrap Dance Mystery Two-Step April


Are you ready for the next step in the Scrap Dance Mystery Two-Step?  I know I am!!  Sometimes it seems like it is so long between steps!  But from the comments, I think that is a good thing so you can work it in around other things and still have some mystery fun while making a dent in the scrap bins.
Scrap Dance Two-Step Mystery Quilt Along

OK, then!  Without further ado, here is the April Two-Step!

First, divide the total number of 4-1/2 inch scrappy squares into two equal number piles.  If you are making the Queen size, you’ll have an uneven number of squares, put the extra one on the first pile.

Match up those squares with the bar units as shown in the picture below.  Make sure your background on this unit is touching the center square.  The scrappy bars should be on the outside.  You’ll use half your bar units for this step, (just over half for Queen).  Press toward the center square.

Now, Two Step!  With the remaining 4-1/2-inch squares, use two QST units to make the unit below.  Be sure that your scrappy QST touches the center square.  The background QSTs should be oriented north-south.   This will use up half of your QSTs.  Press toward the center square.

PDF Download of this month’s steps – Scrap Dance Two Step April

Don’t be tempted to guess what is next, LOL, it can go together a number of different ways, and only one of those is right.  We’d all love to see your progress as you go forward, so upload your pictures to the Flickr group, and be sure they are public so we can share them.  The group url is – and I look forward to seeing all your units as they are done.

Are you just now finding the mystery?  You can catch up quickly as there are only four months published.  We will finish in July, then have more shares in August as the quilts are finished.  So, come join in!  Just click on Scrap Dance Mystery Two-Step to get started.  Each step is linked to the one that came after, and all have downloads to print out for reference in the sewing room.

How’s your Two Step coming along?

Scrap Dance Two-Step Mystery Quilt Along


Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


11 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Mystery Two-Step April

  1. Having the month in between is a good thing. Not so rushed

  2. Yea! No trimming of HST’s! I’ve keptthe project box for this quilt out of the packing melee, so might just get this stitching done before the packers come on Weds. If not, it will be one of the first in the lineup in my new studio the following week. @susansquiltstudio

  3. I’m making the throw size and I’m confused with the April Instructions. I have 12 4 1/2″ squares that I am supposed to divide in half. that makes 2 piles of 6. I have 24 1/2 QSTs and 24 bar units. Seems like I should have 24 4 1/2″ squares to make this work. What am I missing?

  4. Your pace is perfect for me….and since this is my first mystery…I’m starting to get excited as we begin to put pieces together. (Off to catch up on your past posts…I’ve been so busy I just looked in the mirror and actually noticed I need to “wash that gray right out of my hair!” LOL!!!!

  5. Pingback: Part 4 of Scrap Dance Mystery 2 Step | stitchinggrandma

  6. Hello Carole! This is so exciting, yet, I am still behind a tad bit. I did finally finish all of my Quarter Square Triangles….yeah! Now, I will go and find the next step and get that all put together and once again, I honestly believe your always encouraging words “Do not worry, You will have no trouble getting caught up!” Why by now, I even doubt myself and my skills over this is just a who knows because you are always right and I do catch up! LOL. Now that both Mom and Dad are home from the hospital and on the mend, I will be getting back to a normal pace again. Only I do believe, I am going to set the lap top aside until the evenings and do nothing but sew from sun up to sun down for a week or two. I have a couple of projects that I really do need to get finished in the next month or two at the latest. I have really been following your advice and just saying no to any new projects. My Pinterest sections are receiving quite a lot of “Saves”. LOL. Which is something I only do in the evenings usually. Alright Carole, off I go to find the next Mystery Step and get busy. Please forgive me if you do not hear from me everyday. I know you do not expect me to comment everyday, but it is something I totally enjoy doing. Your blog is fabulous and you know I love it! Have a great day!

  7. would you please notify me when June is released I have not received any of the notifications I just had to look them up and I have not found May

  8. Is there a May post? This post does not contain a link.

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