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Scrap Dance Mystery Two Step Shares


It is wonderful to see all the different concepts in colors with this mystery quilt.  There are just so many great combinations, they make me want to make multiples of this quilt.  Or design another one just so I can do one or more of them, LOL!!

Scrap Dance Two-Step Mystery Quilt Along

Like Marsha’s brights with black.

Part 3 Units

Or Carolyn’s colorful scraps with a butter yellow background.

2-Step Quarter Squares

Lindi’s understated elegance has really caught my eye.  She also has posted her HSTs as well, and they look so beautifully subtle. That pic got marked private, but you can see it if you to to the group.


Mary’s wild prints are so modern…

Scrap Dance Two Step mystery Scrap HST

and they are going to really pop with her white background!

Step 3 of the Two Step

Edy’s striking color combination of orange and teal is going to be interesting with that touch of black.

Two step Step 3

Elaine showed off her new-to-her Featherweight, Gladys, and her units completed.  I love her lamp!

My new 1955 Feather weight,Gladys, sewed the HST for Scrap Dance 2 Step in record breaking time. The trimming took the time!

Laura has her QSTs done, and …

Two Step Step 2

step three as well!  Laura commented “I sure hope all of these crazy unplanned bright scraps work!”  I think they will.

Two Step Step 3

Karen caught up too, with a very French feel to her fabric choices.


Ranch Wife is doing hers in Western prints, how fun is that!

2017.2.20 Wind (38)

I’d love to see more of your progress on the next steps, so upload those pics and share. If you haven’t stopped by your photos lately, there are lots of comments on all of them from the other participants. It is fun to have such a supportive community in our quilting world.

Are you caught up? If not, don’t despair, there is still plenty of time. I only post a new step once a month, on the third Friday, so even those just now finding this quilt along can catch up in just a few days. Just click on the Two Step button on the sidebar to get to the first post. The next update will be April 21. Happy Sewing!

What are you working on today?



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Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


8 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Mystery Two Step Shares

  1. So inspiring to see all the fabric combinations… quilters are so creative!!

  2. I love all of them too! I was in my sewing space this morning cutting up more scraps just to get started on Step 1. I’ll share as soon as I get some of those pieces sewn together! Who knows? Maybe I’ll sew up a couple more steps and be able to post those too … although it probably won’t be 100% all of the pieces needed for the size I’m doing. ☺

  3. So many colour combinations, and every one delightful.

  4. Wow, when all is done, there are going to be some pretty fine creations.

  5. Hello Carole! Everyone is doing such fantastic fabric combinations, great job to everyone!!! I got so involved in trying to catch up that once again I forgot to take any pictures. I will have Kevin do it in just a few moments. I promise. I am on my last part of the Quarter Square Triangles and hope to be totally caught up by the next post! Have a great day!

  6. Oops, guess I had better finish trimming the March squares! Out on the cutting table now… I have purchased a condo and will be moving at the end of April, so actually putting the top together with the April clue might have to wait until May! I think mine will be a much more boyish quilt than my usual, so am looking forward to how it turns out – plus, by keeping my top small. I can actually quilt it myself! @susansquiltstudio

  7. So many great color combinations!!

  8. I enjoy seeing all the different combinations! (I’ll have to get mine on flicker after step three) I think we’d all like Glady’s lamp as it’s sooooo stinking cute!! Today, I’m chasing my grandson around as we celebrate Easter a day early.

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