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Scrap Dance Two Step March


How’s your mystery going so far, are you caught up and ready for the next step?  I really get a big kick out of seeing all the different color combinations, and choices for backgrounds.  There are some new posts in the Flickr group with really interesting quarter-square triangle units, such diversity!  I can hardly wait to tell you the rest of the steps so I can see the finishes of these wonderful quilts.  But, I’ll just have to have patience, not my strong suit, LOL!

Scrap Dance Two-Step Mystery Quilt Along

Match the 5″ background squares with an equal number of 5-inch scrap squares for your chosen size.  Draw lines on the back of the lighter square on the diagonal.

I have found it easier to actually draw the sewing line 1/4-inch away from the center line (that I do not draw), so I draw 2 lines on each square.

If you are using another method, make as many of these units as you have 5-inch background squares in your chosen size cutting instructions.  Chain stitch the units.

Cut apart and press to the darker side.

Now let’s Two-Step!  Take the remaining 5″ color scraps, make two color HSTs.  Pair up the squares with as much contrast as you can with color or value.

Cut apart and press to the darker side.  Square all HST units to 4-1/2 inches.

And that’s the Two-Step for March.  PDF – Two Step March  Don’t forget to share your progress in the Scrap Dance Flickr group.  If you missed any steps, or you are just now finding this post, click on the category of 2017 Scrap Dance Mystery Two Step on the sidebar to see all the posts for the mystery.

Click on April Two Step for the next step, published April 21!

So, how’s your Two-Step coming along?  Or, how’s your progress on your current project?







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7 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Two Step March

  1. Fun, quick and easy. Sitting in my kitchen in my robe with my coffee catching up on blog posts. Had to “run to the garage” in the cold, upstairs and retrieve my background squares and my June Tailor Perfect HS/QS triangle tool. I use it for the marking, cutting and squaring and love the results. 🙂 Back to my coffee and the morning news while I mark those units! Thanks

  2. I do like your tan and purple/mauve HST, great fabric colours there. I am slowly sewing Laundry Day block, with a lot of piecing, just not quite enough of blue batik for all the sky. And gathering fabrics for another Freefall quilt along . The 150 Canadian Women blocks, just printing out the patterns and saving, in case I have a lot of rainy… non weight bearing, restricted walking if my knee has surgery.Being prepared is a lot better than trying to ask Hugh to find a certain fabric!!!

  3. Hope to squeeze in some sewing time at some point this month. I’m anxious to see this come together too!

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  5. I’m wishing I hadn’t gotten derailed at the start, but things still aren’t that great, so I’m saving steps and hope to sometime do this. Thanks for the tutorials, as they help a lot. I think I’m reverting to childhood. I need picture books!

  6. My set of directions are printing. Looking forward to creating a post later this week. 🙂

  7. Our guild has a Quilts of Valor group that meets once a month at a LQS. We end up with LOTS of scraps, so there are three ladies who are doing the Two Step Scrap Dance Mystery (one lady is doing two of them!). I’ll try to post pictures (need to get a FLICKR account) of our progress. Thank you so much for all of your hard work to bring this to us! My favorite two-step song right now is “One Two Step At A Time” by Aaron Watson (Texas independent country singer – this song is on his new CD “Vaquero”). Shameless plug for him – great live show!

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