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Be My Neighbor – Block 5


Getting back to the Be My Neighbor quilt, the first four blocks have been sewn together into the first row.  I laid it out so I could look at my spring scraps basket for the next house block colors.

Be My Neighbor Block 5 ~ From My Carolina Home

This one has a heart on the side of the house, and I found a pink and red rose print for the heart. The house will be white, and the other floral print will be the ground.

Be My Neighbor Block 5 ~ From My Carolina Home

Beginning with the roof again, I marked the sewing lines for the angled roof.

Be My Neighbor Block 5 ~ From My Carolina Home

Once again, I chain stitched as much as I could to shorten the assembly time.

Be My Neighbor Block 5 ~ From My Carolina Home

I sewed it, then realized I had cut one of the pieces wrong.  The blue strip on the far left should be a half-inch wider than I cut it.  Those cutting instructions have such tiny writing, I keep seeing 3/4 as 1/4.  Egads, can I just do one bloody block without frogging? And I thought I was doing so well by paying attention to the way the chimney should face.

Be My Neighbor Block 5 ~ From My Carolina Home

Ah, well, moving on,

Be My Neighbor Block 5 ~ From My Carolina Home

The re-cut and re-sewn roof unit matched up this time to the base.

Be My Neighbor Block 5 ~ From My Carolina Home

Almost done, the piecing part is finished.

Be My Neighbor Block 5 ~ From My Carolina Home

This one has applique too, another bird.  Picking up the colors in the heart, I decided to do a cardinal. The advantage is that I don’t need to make the bottom a different color.  So, I tried the technique of fusible web, sewing and turning the applique. It made the applique a bit more stiff, and I clipped out some of the bulk from the backside. I stitched it as well.  The small bits got the starch treatment, pressing around freezer paper.

Be My Neighbor Block 5 ~ From My Carolina Home

I did another French knot for an eye, but again, will likely add a button after the quilt is finished.  The beak is a bit crooked, but it will stay as it is.

Be My Neighbor Block 5 ~ From My Carolina Home

Now, all done.

Be My Neighbor Block 5 ~ From My Carolina Home

Finally today, I want to let you all know about a wonderful charity quilting event over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  Sign up to participate this week and you’ll be entered into the first round of giveaways from some wonderful sponsors.

Confessions Of A Fabric Addict

There will be tutorials and giveaways, guest bloggers (including me!), check ins and link ups. With three very worthy charities to choose from, just about any quilt size is needed. Hop over to Confessions of a Fabric Addict and sign up to contribute a quilt HERE.

What are you working on now?  Are you participating with Hands2Help?



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16 thoughts on “Be My Neighbor – Block 5

  1. Upon careful inspection, I see this bird beak looks really good! Well done. You know what happens when you get the bird beak looking so perfect…. everyone will ask you to do their beak. Just say “no. Get some skills”
    These house blocks are just adorable!!
    It is bitter cold here. I am going to hibernate one more day. Perhaps focus on sewing. It is like Siberia on this side of the mountains.
    All of our 8 inches of snow has turned to rock solid ice. Oh well.

  2. The newest block is so nice. You did a great job on the bird.

  3. Oh goodness Carole, this is so cute, what a great idea for a quilt! Wonderful happy fun!

  4. The bird’s beak isn’t crooked. He is smiling.

  5. I love these blocks you are making-will make a beautiful quilt

  6. Love the rosebud heart – so sweet! Regarding cutting the one strip wrong – isn’t it funny (well, it doesn’t seem funny at the time!) how we think we’re sailing along and then find out we’re not – always irritating and another reminder that we’re so not perfect…darn it! The snow I was going to shovel today is rock solid so I’m finishing (I hope…) a velour pullover top with a hood from fabric I must have bought 20 years ago since it’s still quite cold here and this will be the last of the sewing for cold weather. Hopefully the snow will be softer tomorrow and I can shovel it then – I’m pretty sure it will still be there tomorrow waiting for me…and if it’s not, then I won’t have to do it!

  7. I feel your pain re all the “frogging”, Carole. But…..your blocks you have completed are lovely. Love your latest one. The red cardinal is a sweet fellow. He looks perfectly at home resting on the roof.

  8. Good Evening Carole! Your house is lovely, I especially love the flower fabric you chose for in front of the house. Plus, your Red Cardinal is perfect on the roof. Your quilt is coming along so wonderfully. How many blocks will there be in this quilt? I would love to do the charity quilt, but I have to many going on as it is (you know this). Can you believe I am saying no? It is hard, but I have made up a detailed project list to complete before I am allowed to start any others. So far, so good. Well have a great day tomorrow!

  9. Just signed up for H to H . Thank you for link. it sounds like fun. Love the cardinal.miss our backyard ones ( we moved West out of their nesting area).

  10. I love that cute little redbird 🙂

  11. Very cute house, I really like the little heart and bird.

  12. That is a fun house block! I really like your spring-y florals, and the cardinal is wonderful!

  13. Another very cute house block! I love the little red bird. I am participating in the H2H drive. I think it is a wonderful event. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  14. Great job. Love the red bird.
    Have a wonderful week.

  15. What beautiful houses you are “building”. Well done.

  16. Thank you for sharing – this post felt like a much appreciated mini tutorial! Thank you so much!

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