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Two Stepping March Update


Lots of progress photos have been shared on Flickr, if you are quilting along I hope you will share your progress too!  Click on Scrap Dance Mystery Group to see the current and past mystery quilts.  Of course, you all know I made two quilts, one controlled scraps, and the other completely scrappy.


Edy John is using black as her background. She has the January unit here ….

Two Step 1

and she shared her February QST unit the day it posted! Wow, she is fast! And I love the black!

Two-Step/ Step 2

Mary began with her first two-step unit.

Playing with Scraps

She set aside time on the day of the February release and got 48 of that unit done that day too.

Step 2 of the Scrap Dance Two step

Carolyn is using lovely blues for her scrappys, and a light background.

P 1 Two step

Lindi’s colors are so interesting, will be wonderful in neutrals!  I think she is making this for her daughter in law.  These colors have an elegance to them.


Witch Stitch (I’m sorry, I don’t know your name) has some really pretty fabrics too.

My 24

Sally has a wonderful fabric selection.

Two-Step Fabric Selection

Marsha is also doing a black background, with wonderful batik brights!

Marsha Day - Part 1

and here are her QSTs she made with her companion angle tool. You know, I don’t care if you follow my way to do the QSTs or use your own, just make the number you need.

Two Step Clue 2 QSTs

Of course, you all know, I adore Elaine’s autumn colors!

Number 2 Two Step mystery quilt with oranges, avacado greens and browns.

Here are her QSTs.

Scrap Dance Two Step... second month done for quilt #1 . On to March. Thanks Carole

And she is doing a second quilt in these colors!

From My Carolina Home.Scrap Dance Two step #2 quilt using all types of scraps. Storing pieces until.March. thank you Carole Carter.

Kristi has a beautiful array of colors and prints…


and made great progress on her QSTs.


Tammie is using a red print for her background, how interesting this will be!!


Here are her QSTs.


Susan has another idea for her Two-Step, all blues. It reminds me of the ocean.

Step one and step two blocks all finished.

It isn’t too late to join in, Laura finished her step one just a few days ago.

Two Step Step 1

It is such a thrill for me to see all these different interpretations of my ideas.  I cannot tell you how much fun I have with all your shares.  Please continue to upload your progress photos, and if you haven’t done so yet, it is easy and free!  Just create a Flickr account, upload your photos and add them to the group.  Be sure they are set to public, not private, so they can be shared here on the blog.  It is the same group I have been using for all the mystery quilts, so you can look back to previous year’s photos too.  The group url is – and I look forward to seeing all your progress.  Plus, you can still upload finish pictures of previous mystery quilt-alongs to the same group.  Jeannine just shared her original Scrap Dance Mystery finish, love her colors and borders!  Great job, and the quilting looks perfect too.


There are also discussion groups connected with each Flickr group where you can ask questions, and most of the participants will comment on the photos.  It is a really fun way to connect with others doing the mystery.


Are you Two-Stepping with us?


Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


10 thoughts on “Two Stepping March Update

  1. good morning-a great way to use up scraps

  2. Ooops I forgot to upload mine. It’s inspiring to see the large variety of quilts being created from one pattern. Thanks for creating this for us Carole.

  3. Wow…so many fun color combinations have been shared. I can hardly wait to see them all finished.

  4. Hello Carole! Drats, once again I forgot to enter my pictures. I do have all of step 1 done and have started on step 2. With step 2, I become curious about various methods of creating them. I tried your method and it worked very nicely, except I had a hard time matching those seams up. I then tried the Companion Angle Ruler and really did like the way it worked. Their is one other way I would like to try with a sewing method, but for some reason, I can not find the tutorial now. LOL. Deanna is coming over today and hopefully she will know where to look. I am really enjoying making the Quarter Square Triangles also. Thank You once again for your Mystery Quilt designs and for intruding me to new techniques that have opened up so many patterns it is amazing! Well, I had best get busy. Oh wait, did the freeze hit last night? At least 3 of my Daffodils are actually turning Yellow and getting ready to open. Have a great day!

  5. Fabulous. I really like seeing what other people are doing with the pattern.

  6. I can’t wait to get started Two Stepping. I have a graduation quilt and a wedding quilt to finish before I can start anything else but I have a big box of scraps just waiting for this quilt!
    I found your blog when a friend shared the post about borders with me. Who knew that measuring flat or held up would make that much difference? That explained a lot about the way my quilts laid on the LA.
    I’ve been enjoying your posts and looking back at the older ones ever since. Thanks for sharing!

  7. First time! A good friend got me started in the “cult” and I am having a ball!! My colors are varying shades of purple with cream background. It will be a Christmas present for my dear niece Lori….I’ve named it “Lori’s Quilt”…a surprise for her. Purple is her favorite color!! Rock On!!

  8. I saw a picture someone posted of last years mystery quilt and I’m excited to start this years. I found the steps for January and February, and I’m wondering when the steps for March will come out? Is there a set day and I missed it when I ‘skimmed’ through the other two posts?

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