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Scrap Dance Two Step February


Here we are with the second post for Scrap Dance Two-Step!   I hope you are having fun!  If you are just finding this quilt-along, you can catch up with January’s cutting and first sewing steps. The best part of a scrappy quilt along is you have nothing to lose!  Get a new quilt by just using up leftovers, and bits in the scrap bins!  Now that you have seen January, you know that each month will have two steps to complete.  Last month was cutting and sewing the first unit.  This month we do a two-step unit.

Scrap Dance Two-Step Mystery Quilt Along

Step One – For your chosen size, match all the 5-3/4-inch background squares with an equal number of the 5-3/4-inch scrap squares.  Draw lines on the background squares, either one in the center (and sew 1/4-inch away on both sides), or this way – two sewing lines 1/4-inch away from the center.  I have found it easier to stay accurate with this method.


Sew on the lines (or on either side of a center line).  Cut apart down the center between the sewing lines to form half square triangles (HSTs), do not square!  Press toward the scrappy side.


Now, let’s Two-Step!   Using the HST units you just made, draw sewing lines perpendicular to the seam line on half of the units.


Pair them together again with the other half unmarked HSTs, with the scrappy sides matched to background and nesting the seams. Try to mix up medium and dark values on the scraps.


Sew on the lines (or on either side of a center line).


Cut apart down the center between the sewing lines to form quarter-square triangle (QST) units.


Press seam toward one side, which one doesn’t matter.  Then, square to 4-1/2 inches.


February unit – quarter square triangles.


That’s it for February!  Here’s your downloadable pdf –  Two Step February pdf . Click on March Two Step for the next step!

George Strait once again, with Fool Hearted Memory for your Two-Stepping fun!

Are you Two-Stepping with us?  Or sewing something else?  For country fan readers, what’s your favorite Two-Stepping song?


Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


14 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Two Step February

  1. Thanks, Carole. I am saving the pdfs for now as I am working thru a 9 patch. Love the songs! Makes me want to dance:)

  2. Thank you for putting the instructions in a PDF format. Have my “afternoon” planned out for a little “two stepping”.

  3. Yippee! This is one of my favorite blocks. I started out making the throw size, thinking it would be perfect for an elderly neighbor on the neighboring ranch, but I’m weakening and thinking I need to make a second one for me and make it bigger!
    Chose a favorite song to two-step to? Impossible! LOL. “Amarillo by Morning” was the first song I heard George Strait play at the Crystal Chandelier in New Braunfels so let’s go with that, but I’m listening to “80 Proof” right now. We paid 50 cents for an entire night of two-stepping when he played.

  4. I awoke and your blog was my first stop! I have a long weekend ahead and am looking forward to two stepping!!! Wooohooooo!! Thanks Carole!

  5. I am on vacation in Florida right now (since the middle of Jan.) and no sewing except some hand work I brought with me. I love two step and I do love George. My favorite two step song is a tough one, maybe Catahoula (not sure of the spelling) by the Bellamy Brothers. I teach line dancing in Ohio and love country music.
    Will get back to sewing when we return to cold Ohio in a couple of weeks. Saving the quilt pdfs for then. Thank you for the lovely pictures and your blog.

  6. Thanx so much for all this work in designing. I don’t know if I missed the finish size or not and if so could you tell me again? I am making a throw for my daughter-in-law for Christmas.

  7. Since I’m going to use a special tool I have for making my QST’s, could you just tell me the total number of units I need to make in this step?

  8. Hello Carole! I was side tracked, with a wonderful phone call, last night and did not complete all of my first step pieces. Not a good start to get behind in the first step. LOL. I am going to be putting on some of my favorite country mans songs to two step too all day with! TOBY KEITH ALL THE WAY LADIES WHOOOO HOOO LET’S HAVE US A PARTY !!!

    Do you know Carole, that both Deanna and I really caught the HST bug with all of your Mystery Quilts! I had made a few very bad ones off and on and hated them; therefore, I avoided them almost always. Now, I look specifically for quilt patterns with them. Now, I have NEVER EVER made a Quarter Square Triangle. Are they another part of quilting I am going to fall in love with? I sure hope that I can do this one. Deanna is not here this weekend, due to family issues. Her and I have gotten to be quite a team and quite often it takes both of our brains to figure things out. Should I wait until she can be with me, I know that with her being declared blind that sometimes that is another issue that helps with the two of us together and then my brain injury, her memory helps me with keeping the steps in track. So please let me know.

    But, I am loving every moment of this Mystery just like all of the others. One more thing, my Dad loves the quilt I made him from the Scrap Dance Tango so much that he wants me to make two more for his brothers grandkids! Is it alright if I do?

    Off to get busy….Have a great day!

  9. Looks like fun. I am downloading the PDFs until after all the madness ends here. Love George Strait. He could sing the Oscar Mayer wiener song and I would still love it. They just don’t make them like him anymore. Thanks

  10. You look so good in my favorite song.
    In the early 80’s .at a George Strait concert. I yelled out,
    .Well, his shirts have been monogrammed ever since as one of his marks…
    I owned Monogram Magic Inc at that time. We just had too much fun.

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