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Scrap Dance Two-Step Mystery Quilt Begins!



Scrap Dance Two-Step Mystery Quilt Along

Scrap Dance Mystery Two Step is now over.  The pattern will be available in my Craftsy store soon.  Thank you for quilting along, and if you are just now finding it, gather your precut leftover charm packs and jelly rolls, fat quarters, end of bolts, and scraps for the next mystery in the Scrap Dance Series coming January 2018.


Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


30 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Two-Step Mystery Quilt Begins!

  1. Thanks for the directions, I’m looking forward to participating. Would it be too much work to add the inch size to the quilt size (Throw, Twin, Full, Queen, King)? What I consider queen & king sized is normally larger than what other people think they should be. I’ve been so busy organizing the fabrics I want to use, I didn’t even think about a size! Blessings!

    • Oh, no I can’t right now, I don’t give exact dimensions at the beginning of the mystery as it gives away too much information. I don’t want you to know what the block size is yet. You can always make more blocks later if it turns out smaller than you like, and borders will make a difference too. My sizes tend to be on the larger side of the standard measurements. Hope that helps! Thanks for quilting along!

  2. Good Afternoon Carole! Oh goody, goody! Deanna is coming over later on today and spending the weekend for one of our many quilting sleep overs. We even now call the spare bedroom Deanna’s Room! So we will be having a blast picking out our fabrics and background choices, plus cutting and starting the first step. You know, I believe I am your number 1 fan of your blog in whole….no intentions of hurting feelings, just my personal opinion; yet, I am positive there are several more of Carole’s followers who feel the exact same way! Got lost in where I was going, making sure not to hurt anyone’s feelings. Oh yeah, Number 1 fan of the Mystery Quilt also! I have loved and had so much fun with each and every one of your projects. I finally finished my Dad’s Father’s Day quilt and gave it to him and he was so happy!!! My Mom was also thrilled, telling him that now while watching TV he could wrap up in the quilt and she could turn down the heat a tad bit! I am currently working on the quilt that you gave us during the Holiday Season (drats, I forget the name) and only have a few sections to finish and all of block A will be done so only Block B’s to do. It is gorgeous. Thank you so much for every design you provide us! I have loved each and every one of them! So today, I will be working on the Christmas quilt until Deanna gets here and then we will work on the new mystery quilt! Thank you for every thing you do for us! Have a spectacular day!!!

  3. I am so excited! I have just one question–you are showing 4 colors in your, should we have 4 colors or go total scrappy? I will be using a consistent light background with contrasting scraps…Thanks!

  4. Carole, Are some of these squares going to be used for half-square triangles? If so, could you give me the finished size of those. I prefer to use my Easy Angle Ruler to cut triangles and to do that, I need to know the finished size so I know what size to cut my strip for use with this tool.

    I don’t want to cut squares that are oversized…..I don’t like trimming down.

    Thanks Marsha

    • Oh, Marsha, that is a difficult question. I’m afraid that I cannot answer it as it would give too much away. it would be better for you to wait to cut fabric as needed with each step. That way you can use your cutter, and I can keep the mystery a mystery.

  5. Thanks, Carole, for the mystery.

  6. Would scrappy blues work? Hi from Louisiana.

  7. Whoot Woo!!! I’m in and already have enough cut for a twin size!! Thanks for creating this QAL.

  8. From the second picture it looks like prints would work as well. I’m thinking of some kid-friendly prints with polka dots in some brighter colors!

  9. Have my fabric pulled and the first step strip-pieced. Will make the throw size with a group of ‘rainy day’ prints from Connecting Threads, I think, that have been waiting for a project, along with a cloudy grey for my background. Will wait for next step before cutting more, as I don’t like to make HST’s two at a time if I need a quantity. @susansquiltstudio

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  11. Had to jump in and play along. I am going for the throw size this time. I am holding off on cutting “everything” too until I see the next step. Like others, I have my “preferred method” for HST, so will see what developes. I do trust you, and I have LOTS of scraps to spare if I need to swap things around. More on my blog today! Linked back to your page. Grabbed your button too!

  12. SO much fun already. Going through all of my scraps 🙂

  13. This sounds very doable. Thank you.

  14. Looks like your off on another exciting project! I’m trying to step back and keep my hands out of something new, but this is definitely tempting … and I’m saving the steps in case. =)

  15. I’m only taking on two additional sewing projects to be accountable for this year and this is one one them. However I can’t get the logo to download on my side bar. I have highlighted the text you provided and only a box with the word scrap comes us. any suggestions? Will I get an answer on my email or do I have to come back here?

  16. To celebrate our 35 th anniversary, my husband surprised me with dinner at the Top of the World Trade building. Beautiful view looking out on the Hudson. Fireworks later during the dessert and he gave me a new diamond ring. The Trade Center is no more, but I am so grateful for the memories and the special night.

  17. Hi Carole I am very tempted in the Mystery Quilt to use up some of my older stash. Could you please advise the size you refer to as throw and as twin. I think in NZ ours sizes are a little different. Thank you very much. 🙂

  18. HI Carole,
    I would like to discuss possibly using your mystery quilt pattern in a group. Please contact me at my email address to see if we can work together. Thank you! Linda

  19. I know I am getting a late start but I have a lot scraps already cut in some of these sizes. I am excited about another mystery quilt. This is my first with you. Thanks

    • Hi Betty,
      Your email got bounced back, so I hope you see this. I’m sure you can catch up, there are only two posts so far. Did you see the next one Feb 17? I planned this one particularly to use those sizes which are prevalent in pre-cuts. Please join our Flickr group and share your progress. Hope you have fun, and thank you for commenting.

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  21. Carole – I seem to have missed the step showing how to extend points into first border, and adding successive borders. Could you please help direct me? Thank you

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