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Scrap Dance Waltz – The Borders


Update – This post series will be taken down on March 1, 2017.  The pattern is now published in my Craftsy store for the low introductory price of just $5.  Purchases fund the costs of the blog so I can continue to develop fun quilt alongs without resorting to ads.  The price will go up to its regular price of $8 on March 1.

After a bit of wrangling with the fabrics for the borders on my red and ecru Scrap Dance Waltz, I did decide to do the rose print in the middle.  I used a light background print for the first border, then the rose print.  I wanted a five inch final border but I did not have any one fabric that had enough to complete it.  So, a pieced border would have to be done.  I wanted the final border to be all darker reds, so I cut 5 inch strips of those fabrics, leaving out the ones with stronger white prints.

Scrap Dance Waltz Borders ~ From My Carolina Home

The 5-inch wide strips were sewn along the long edge, then cross cut into 5 inch wide strips. Then those were sewn together.

Scrap Dance Waltz Borders ~ From My Carolina Home

I pressed the seams and did a test fit on the quilt top. But, you know, Murphy’s law will tell you that there is no way the number of squares will come out even with the border measurement, so I needed to figure out the adjustment.  Naturally it is short by just a bit.

Scrap Dance Waltz Borders ~ From My Carolina Home

So now, I could add on another square and then take up the seams all along the pieced border to take up the excess, but I wasn’t happy about all that work. So, I came up with another idea. I found the strip of that fabric and cut another end piece longer than the 5 inches of the original. No one will notice that the end one is a bit wider, and there will be another square on the end from the other border.

Scrap Dance Waltz Borders ~ From My Carolina Home

Picking out the seam, I removed the end square and sewed the longer one on.

Scrap Dance Waltz Borders ~ From My Carolina Home

Now, to do a proper measurement to make sure I don’t have wavy borders. Notice that the end piece is now much longer than needed, so I can cut the length to the exact measurement of the top with its first two borders.

Scrap Dance Waltz Borders ~ From My Carolina Home

I used a lot of pins on this border, one in every seam.  I did the same with the border on the opposite edge.

Scrap Dance Waltz Borders ~ From My Carolina Home

The shorter side border was a bit too long, so I cut it to the proper length.

Scrap Dance Waltz Borders ~ From My Carolina Home

Then, I figured out that the shorter piece couldn’t be on the end. It would be too obvious on the corners that the seams don’t match up.

Scrap Dance Waltz Borders ~ From My Carolina Home

Easy solution, pick out a seam several squares down and flip the end section so the smaller square is in the center section of the quilt.

Scrap Dance Waltz Borders ~ From My Carolina Home

Now I can nest the seams on the border at the corner…

Scrap Dance Waltz Borders ~ From My Carolina Home

and the adjustment won’t be apparent.

Scrap Dance Waltz Borders ~ From My Carolina Home

And I did the same thing with the last border.

Scrap Dance Waltz Borders ~ From My Carolina Home

After all the borders were applied, I tried my hanging trick. Look at that! Even with three borders, one of them pieced, the quilt hangs straight.   I’m going to talk more about measuring borders next week.  It looks a bit weird because this is the backside of piecing.

Scrap Dance Waltz Borders ~ From My Carolina Home

New additions to the Flicker group since last time, I was so excited to see Tanya’s blocks all together on her blog. This grey background is a fabulous contrast to her bright prints.  The secondary circular design really pops!  It will be fun to see what she does with borders, as she wants it bigger.  She is doing a huge quilt, the blocks are set 9 x 9, for a total of 81 blocks!

IMG_0360 2

Mary is using all blues, beautiful aren’t they!

scrap dance waltz QAL

Ready to quilt?  Click on Quilting Scrap Dance Waltz

I have to add one more thing, tooting my own horn here, but I am delighted to announce that I am one of Fave Quilts Top Bloggers for 2016!  How cool is that!  If you are visiting from Fave Quilts, please stay a bit and have a look around, some of my tutorials and project posts are gathered at the top in pages to make them easy to find.  We have lots of fun here, and I invite you to follow with any of your favorite methods, see the sidebar for ways to follow.  My third mystery quilt using up your scraps begins later in January, after we finish the Scrap Dance Waltz quilt along.


What are you working on?


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Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


26 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Waltz – The Borders

  1. Have a large cross-stitch project started for my hubby but need to make a new quilt for my bed. Perusing patterns this week and may wait to see your new quilt pattern. Scrappy of course!!!

  2. I will be starting my Scrap Dance Waltz quilt. Does using a fat quarter bundle that I have had for several years count as scraps?

  3. Loved seeing how your quilt top is almost finished and the other 2 versions look good as well. I didn’t start my runner before Christmas as I had other things to sew – maybe I can start in the next few weeks. Happy New Year and well done on your FAVE success 🙂

  4. Your blog is one of my fave’s, congratulations! Thank you for all you do, I think you know I love your quilt-alongs:)

  5. Congrats!!! I’m working on a pattern i’m testing and I need to bind a quilt due tomorrow!!

  6. My #1 goal for 2017 is to finish my pet mosaic. That said, I haven’t been in the sewing room in over a week. Maybe tonight………….
    Love the pieced border!

  7. I loved seeing Tanya’s blocks all together. They are gorgeous and I love the secondary design.

    Congratulations….that is such a honor and well deserved. I am looking forward to some quality stitching time with the arrival of the new year.

  8. it is neat to be on that list isn’t it – I only recently found out I was on that list too – I need to pin the badge to the side bar of my blog. Love your reds altogether!

  9. Congratulations on being a top blogger. You really deserve. I look forward to your blogs all the time.

  10. Well done, many congratulations. The border, that was a work of art to get the pieces all lined up so well, and having the smallest not at the end was brilliant. This will be superb when all quilted.

  11. Thanks for the great blog!
    I have been following since the autumn Jubilee and you are terrific.

    Sent from my Verizon 4G LTE Droid

  12. Congratulations! What a nice honor! Your border fabrics are wonderful. I especially love the light print being in there.

  13. Congrats on the award! 🙂 You’ve put in a bit of work on these borders but I think the solutions are wonderful / I saw Tanya’s quilt the other day and it is dancing indeed 🙂

  14. Congrats on being a top fave blogger! Love how you made that border fit it looks great. 😀

  15. I love scrappy borders. I cut my strips all different sizes so that way they will fit any size quilt without being noticeable if I have to trim a block down. Lovely looking quilt too.

  16. I am adding the last row and then will start on the borders!! I love it when the blocks come together.

  17. nice result. I love the surgical procedure you performed to make the corner look wonderful. I love the red pieced border very much. Nice. This is a great pattern!
    congratulations on your honorable award! I will dig around and find my horn and give you a toot!
    Happy New Year.

  18. Hi Carole-

    I recently started following your blog via email. I have been gathering my scraps and now that Christmas is past wanted to start on your Scrap Dance Waltz quilt pattern. I see comments about a pdf of the pattern but can’t find it. Where can I find this to print out for reference when sewing?

    Your quilt is gorgeous by the way-love the reds!



  19. Congratulations on being awarded a “top blogger award”. I enjoy your blog and read it all the time. Love Scrap Dance by the way.

  20. Congratulations on the well-deserved blog award! We all benefit so much from the time you take to teach and inspire us with your posts, like the one today showing how to calculate and re-calculate the border on your quilt top. Your blog is everything good – beautiful and practical, too, and much appreciated!

  21. Hello,
    I just came to your blog today and would love to make the Scrap Dance Waltz quilt. I wasn’t able to find the PDFs for blocks A and B. I also liked your Trip around the world Christmas quilt. Want to make both of them and looking forward to your 2017 quilt. Thank you for being so generous with your time and tutorials.
    Joan Watson

  22. Good Afternoon Carole! I apologize for forgetting all about sharing pictures on Flickr. Things have been so crazy around here that I have not gotten any farther than the first row completed. So it will become a work in progress throughout the year until it is finished by Christmas. Well hopefully it will not take me that long! I really like the way you explained your border, it completely made sense and how wonderful that it hung so perfectly! In reality, I imagine the majority of your quilts hang perfectly especially after reading the introduction about you on FaveQuilts.

    CONGRATULATIONS on your special award! I knew I had seen a couple of your quilts on their site, but honestly had no clue it was this extensive. That is an amazing accomplishment you have achieved in so many areas of your quilting life; along with your Career and your Homemaking style plus so much more. Carole you are an amazing woman and you deserve this award and dozens more!

    After pointing the FaveQuilts follow along, I noticed I have missed a whole lot of follow links for you! I will be correcting that as soon as I finish this commenting letter. LOL. Actually, I should end now , I still have some housekeeping to do and am working on an applique quilt for someone special. I do love your red and white Scrap Dance Waltz quilt and the others pictured. Thank you for sharing and have a spectacular creative day!

  23. Congratulations on being one of the top 5 quilt bloggers of 2016, Carole! What an honor! Brilliant move to adjust your border by flipping the short piece to the middle of your border. I need to remember this trick next time I run into an issue like this. 🙂

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