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Scrap Dance Waltz Progress


Are you quilting along with us for Scrap Dance Waltz?  I am really liking the way the red and ecru colors in mine are coming together.  But first, I want to thank Cheryl whose alert eyes picked up that I had the colors backwards from the instructions on the Christmas quilt option.  I fixed the picture in the post last week, and here it is again, the way the instructions indicate with the red stars.  Cheryl liked it the other way, and has decided to stick with that one.  That is one of the fun things about doing these quilt alongs with options, you can choose to do your quilt however it pleases you!


Aren’t her fabric choices wonderful? This is going to be such a beautiful Christmas quilt!

Waltz cutting 2

Susan is doing a two color quilt, using just two prints.  These go together really nicely!

Cutting and HST's for 3 X 3 Scrap Dance Waltz all done.

Here are her Block A blocks done!

A blocks for baby size all finished.

Elaine is auditioning blues in the background, looking good!!

My Carolina Home . Scrap Dance Waltz Quilt Along block sample to see if I want to use royal blue as the background.

I like the colors Brenda chose too, such a pretty poinsettia fabric.


For me, I am working on Block A and I need 18 of them.  I have a few done, so my goal for this month (One Monthly Goal) will be to get all 18 done.  One thing I have found, when there are this many bits in a block, it is going to be almost impossible not to have similar prints end up close or even touching in the quilt unless I had a hundred different prints.  So, I am not even going to try.  I’ll just try to keep each block scrappy and let the quilt evolve as it will.

Block A Scrap Dance Waltz ~ From My Carolina Home

I’ll have a pdf for you with all the instructions, and will post it with Block B, next week.  Are you quilting along, or saving it for later?

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Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


22 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Waltz Progress

  1. Love this quilt. Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity with us. Love how different it looks with the various fabric choices

  2. I have 2 blocks done in purples and neutrals, both scrappy. Using up some left-over HST from Scrap Dance Tango. Will use scrappy yellows for block B. Will need to make more HST soon though. Not sure how big I will go, but I’m taking my time (too many other projects to work on).

  3. Pretty fabric! Need this quilt but will be on next year list

  4. This is beautiful. I need to print out these pattern instructions.
    I have scraps. I hope you are enjoying these drabby days. We will have rain all day.
    I want to make this quilt.
    I am inclined to not decorate much this year for Christmas. I love Christmas, but I am not in the mood
    of decorating. Today I will put string lights in the windows. I stick about 8 3M tab things at the top of the window and drape the strings down. It looks cool on the outside.
    That will be nice.
    I miss my Pierro, he used to trample me in the morning, and then snuggle in for another 30 minutes of rest.. and in the evening, he would sit on my lap and stare at me.
    I love everyone’s fabric choices. These designs always turn out stunning.

  5. Happy sewing day,

    Love the poinsettia print and the pretty blue with the stars. I personally like the metallic materials. Haven’t decided just what I’m going to do with them as yet but that want take long with all the books I have. Right now my mind is on baking my cookies and breads to snack on. Also been trying to get my scarfs made to send to my friends so they can be wearing them in all this cold weather ware getting now. My niece in Miami, Fla. Gave me a color wheel book with all the different colors that can match up to make quilts so I have been using that book to match up a lot of my scraps to make scarfs out of, what fun to match things up that you wouldn’t have thought to match together. Gotta go and get started on my projects for the day. Have a great one yourself.


  6. I love this quilt With the red A blocks against the green B blocks it looks like Poinsettias against the green. With the reverse with green A blocks and red B blocks, it looks like red ornaments on a tree!!! Is there a .pdf for each of the blocks and how do I find it?

  7. I’m working on my blocks! I was really trying to mix up the fabrics, but as I sewed one block together I noticed I had the same print in 3 places! I thought about ripping it apart but said “oh well- it’s scrappy” and moved on. Maybe I shouldn’t sew late at night?

  8. The blocks are beautiful in any coloway! I’m partial to the red and white though!

  9. Love, love, LOVE the green, ecru and red together!

  10. Good Morning Carole! The fabrics that everyone has chosen are beautiful and are going to make gorgeous quilts! I almost got my fifth block sewn together yesterday evening, but Deanna called and by the time we were through talking, I was totally wore out (stupid flu) and took my medicines and went straight to bed. LOL. I really love the way these blocks are looking and am anxious to see how Block B will look with them; I am still considering adding a touch of this pretty pink fabric into Block B somehow. Also, I am sorry that I forgot to post pictures of my finished blocks. This Flu it just zaps you and takes away all of your energy; therefore, it is very easy to forget to do things…especially when you already do that big time already!

    Carole, I do not remember you mentioning having a PDF for Block A….where do I go and look (which day did you post it)? Because, I know that I want to make another quilt with this pattern, it is so pretty! You are such a spectacular Designer! Have you ever thought of publishing a book? I know I would buy it and several copies to send as gifts! So, I am off to do another dose of Flu medication, which at least helps the cough for awhile. Have a fantastic creative day!

  11. Keeping track of all the instructions for after the New Year. Too much going on now…
    I love all the different fabrics. Has got me thinking this might not be just Christmas colors….

  12. WOW!!! I love the fabric choices…all of them! I will hope to do this next year! I’ve been busy w/ a friend who is quite ill….between medications, insurance, doctor’s visits, taking care of the patient who is unable most days to do ADL’s, it’s become a full time job. These blocks are QUITE STUNNING!!

  13. I’m eagerly watching along. To many projects right now with deadlines to participate, but will be on my To-Do list for 2017. Love watching the progress and fabric choices.

  14. Hi, Carole,
    I am SO glad I decided to go small and am feeling very virtuous that I will use up all of the two fabrics on the top! Not that results in an appreciable stash reduction, of course. I think I have enough other bright starmprintsmto piece for a back, too.

    I am really enjoying seeing all the different color ways being used by the others who are participating. HST designs are so classic and fun to make!

    Now to make a dent, too, in the rest of my Christmas and QAL sewing,

  15. Oops, sorry I did not proof read more carefully – two finger typing on the iPad keyboard always results in unfortunate new word and punctuation inventions. I did really mean to say “other bright star prints” without all the extra letters!

  16. What a beautiful quilt, Carole. ‘Love those colors and fabrics. I am finishing-up on all of my Christmas quilts.

  17. This will be a beautiful quilt – you’ve got some really pretty fabrics. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project!

  18. I have my backgrounds cut and marked. Hope to get going on main fabrics today. Then I can start the sewing phase.

  19. I meant to quilt along, but it’s turned into save for later because of life. =P However, I’m loving the pictures you are sharing of people’s fabric choices. The quilt is a beauty, no matter the colors. I like your reds, too.

  20. I am “saving” for a later date because life is busy right now. Beautiful fabric choices and design decisions by the participants.

  21. It’s lovely to see the fabric choices to others.

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