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Autumn Jubilee Stitch Along Wool Applique


Did you get all your leaves done last week?  Well, if not, that’s OK, its another slow stitching Sunday.  If you did, we are now going to put on some buttons to embellish the piece.  I am not doing a lot, just a few to accent the fall colors.   So, here is where I started.  Four colors of leaves were cut out and whip stitched to the background, then leaf veins were stem stitched.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along ~ From My Carolina Home

I have a huge button stash, and lots of little ones. This seemed like a great project to use some of them to accent the leaves. I placed a few around, deciding on a good arrangement. Two rows looked good, not to little, not too much.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along ~ From My Carolina Home

I actually kept playing with the color placement for a bit.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along ~ From My Carolina Home

Once I was satisfied with the distribution of button sizes and colors, I stitched each one by hand with two strands of DMC floss in a medium-dark brown, using a crossing stitch.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along ~ From My Carolina Home

This really didn’t take long at all.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along ~ From My Carolina Home

Now, what color to use for the backing base? I had three choices, first a beautiful hand dye rusty orange.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along ~ From My Carolina Home

Too pretty to put on the back, and I have another project in mind for that beautiful piece. Next I looked at a gorgeous fern green.  This piece was a bit pricey, but the color  is gorgeous and the quality of the wool is really superior to most of my wool stash.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along ~ From My Carolina Home

Not bad, but it reminded me more of spring than autumn. So, how about dark red?

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along ~ From My Carolina Home

Yes, that is it. Next week, we will finish up with the putting the base on and stabilizing the stitch work.

What are you slow stitching?



Smalls Stitch Along at Stitching Lotus


Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


19 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Stitch Along Wool Applique

  1. Easy Peasy…I like the buttons…will get mine done today. 🙂

  2. That was fun to see the different backing colours… I liked them all!

  3. I am working on a cornucopia wallhanging in wool…..from a Quilt Sampler magazine dated 2010….one of my “must make someday” projects. Thanks for the inspiration to get to these slow stitching projects! My project list is longer than my lifespan. LOL

  4. Just beautiful! The buttons remind me of acorns which go perfectly with the leaves! I like all the backgrounds, it’s hard to choose!

  5. The leaf veins add a wonderful touch, and a backing, what a great idea.

  6. What a good use for buttons. I have a jar full that were my mom’s! I just can’t part with them !

  7. Your mat is ever so pretty.

  8. I love the addition of buttons a lot, and it is very interesting to see the different backings you considered.

  9. What a pretty project. Love your colours and I agree the red is more autumnal.

  10. This is such a lovely project / colors, buttons, embroidery, etc.

  11. It looks really nice on that red. It looked good on all of them, actually. The buttons are a fun touch. I’m not stitching anything lately. =P

  12. That is so pretty and makes me wish I had some wool to stitch on!

  13. Carole, The autumn candle mat is coming along nicely with the embellishments. Perfect item to be hand stitching at this time of year.

  14. I absolutely love what you’ve done here, Carole!! It’s just darling (I’ve already pinned it). 🙂 Adding the buttons was such a good idea, and I love all the fall colors. Thanks for sharing this with us and for your visit earlier today. Hope you have a great week!



  15. Lovely idea with the buttons enjoy your wek

  16. Working on my wool applique mat. For the backing, I love the green since it is my favorite color, lol. That is the color mine is going to be.

  17. It’s taken me days just to find my embroidery threads 😦 I really need to de-clutter around here and then reorganize. It looks as if a bombshell has gone off!

  18. Your mat is lovely. Beautiful autumn colors!

  19. Love the idea and the buttons add so much.

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