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Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along and Giveaway!


It is my favorite time of year, and this year I’ll be doing a quilt along to help us get started on Autumn themed projects, leading up to my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.  The projects will be suitable for the entire fall season, but the best part is the quilt along that starts today!!  There will be weekly posts for four weeks, short and sweet, and doable for this season’s use.  In addition, I will have giveaways from a list of fantastic sponsors.  There will be one sponsor each week in October for our quilt along.  Today, our lead off sponsor is Aurifil Threads!    So, let’s get started!


The quilt-along begins today, so gather your scraps in all the fall colors you have. The quilt along will have two different blocks, and the size of the finished projects will depend on how many blocks you want to make. So, lets get started!

Autumn Jubilee Leaf Block Construction

To begin, the projects will need the half square triangles we have made before. If you have jelly roll strips, you can get the 3-inch pieces you need by starting with the 3-inch background square. Cut them in half diagonally, then position on the jelly roll strip with the diagonal cut edge on the edge of the jelly roll strip. Yes, this will mean that the sides of the finished HST will have bias edges, but we will square them up. You’ll just need to sew carefully as you assemble the block. I would put these next to each other, they are separated here for demonstration.  I also marked the diagonal line along with the quarter-inch sewing lines to be sure you could understand the placement.

Autumn Jubilee Leaf Block Construction

So, let’s cut some fabric! The first block is a leaf block, pieced with scrappy autumn colors.  The block will finish at 6 inches square.  For each block you will need scraps in similar colors to create the leaves.  Here is what you need for a single leaf –

3 3-inch squares
1 2-1/2-inch square

Leaf color
2 3-inch squares
1 strip 4-1/2-inches x 1 inch
3 2-1/2-inch squares

Start by matching up the 3-inch leaf color squares with 2 of the 3-inch background squares, and make HSTs using our usual method, and square up to 2-1/2-inches. If you make more than one leaf block of each color, mix up your HSTs to make the leaves even scrappier.

Autumn Jubilee Leaf Block Construction

With the last 3-inch background square, cut in half on the diagonal. Position on either side of the leaf color strip.

Autumn Jubilee Leaf Block Construction

Sew with a 1/4-inch seam.

Autumn Jubilee Leaf Block Construction

Press, then square up to 2-1/2 inches.

Autumn Jubilee Leaf Block Construction

Now, lay out the elements in the block. I switched colors on you, as I am making a lot of leaves.

Autumn Jubilee Leaf Block Construction

Sew in rows.  Press the rows in opposite directions to make nesting the seams easy.  How you press the final block won’t matter.  I usually press all the seams up.

Autumn Jubilee Leaf Block Construction

All done! In multiple colors.  At this stage, they will be 6-1/2-inches square.

Autumn Jubilee Leaf Block Construction

If you want to make the leaves totally scrappy, you can. Why not?  Real autumn leaves often have more than one color.

Autumn Jubilee Leaf Block Construction

How many do you need? Well, it depends. For the absolute minimum, you need 1. To make the smallest two projects, you’ll need 4. If you want to make all the projects in the quilt along, you’ll need 24.  But you can make leaves each week to get the total at the end, you don’t have to make all of them this week, unless you want to. Block 2 will publish next Friday.

Update – Click HERE for Block 2.

Of course, you’ll need thread to sew the leaves, in lots of luscious fall colors, and there is no better thread for piecing.  Aurifil is sponsoring this post with a giveaway of a 12 spool box of threads in Autumn colors!!  To enter, visit the Aurifil collections website, then come back and leave a comment with the thread collection you’d most like to have next, in addition to the Sheena Norquay Autumn Collection.  (Update, just to be clear, the giveaway is only for the Autumn collection.  The comments are for a collection other than Autumn.)  If you follow me, comment a second time with how you follow for a second entry.  The drawing will be held November 1, so you have plenty of time to enter and tell your friends!  If you tweet, please use the hashtag #AutumnJubilee and include @aurifil and @frmmycarolinahm on your list.  If you follow me on twitter, I tweeted the link this morning.

autumnoutside autumninside

Aren’t these threads gorgeous!  I love the colors in this collection.  There are also at least three other collections I would love to have. What are your choices?



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    My mom went to Heaven on Wednesday — but her body kept going autopilot until 1:00 this morning.
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  203. This Autumn set of set is just yummy….but though it was hard to choose a favorite on the site, Valori Wells collection caught my eye as being a great addition of color into my only white, grey and black threads! I know! TERRIBLE huh! Thanks for the chance to win.

  204. The colors of Autumn are magical. It is amazing to see all the green leaves change to so many colors. I just love the sea shore and tinsel collections and so many more. Thanks for giveaway.

  205. I am coming right along with my leaf and pumpkin blocks; fall is a favorite season and energizes me every year! Thank you for a chance to win an Aurifil collection. I love them all!

  206. have not had a chance to sew up any of these, hopefully this weekend I can get to it!

  207. I really love the Autumn. Second favorite is Wildflower Meadow. (I didn’t realize they had collections! How great is that?)

  208. I’m a new follower (Bloglovin). I found you through the QAL.

  209. I like the Strawberry collection. I love bright colours!

  210. I love the colors in the Alison Glass collection. It was so hard to decide.

  211. I follow via bloglovin’!

  212. I have just found your blog. I may be to late too get in on the giveaways but if not I like the Wildflower Meadow collection along with the Autumn collection. I am sorry I missed the quilt along but I love the pattern and plan to try it.

  213. Pingback: Still playing with Autumn Jubilee | stitchinggrandma

  214. I love the Flower color collection but would probably pick a neutral collection to be practical!

  215. I follow you on Bloglovin’ and e-mail.

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