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Autumn on the Veranda

Color is finally showing in some of the trees, and I wanted a pretty veranda for our recent company to enjoy. I thought it would be nice to add a quilt to the tableau, fall inspired and cozy feeling. The little pie pumpkin will become pumpkin bread in a couple of weeks.  I found dark red chrysanthemums at the local store, and got two.  I couldn’t resist putting a small quilt out too.

Autumn On the Veranda at From My Carolina Home

A larger pumpkin is sitting near the front door, with the other deep red chrysanthemum.

Autumn On the Veranda at From My Carolina Home

The begonias and impatiens are still blooming, and I cannot bear to throw them out while they are.

Autumn On the Veranda at From My Carolina Home

I did bite the bullet on the torenia hanging baskets, and took them down. They really were ragged. There was a lot of green still in the forest when I rearranged the pots to form this grouping in the corner of the veranda. Those pink flowers just don’t go with my fall theme, but I am still watering them.

Autumn On the Veranda at From My Carolina Home

My thrift store find Halloween metal hanger is hanging on the outside wall, just down the way a bit from the harvest wreath near the door.  It is fun, even though we have never had trick-or-treaters.

Autumn On the Veranda at From My Carolina Home

At the last minute before company came, I found two orange daisy plants, so I put them in a basket and placed them with the pumpkin. It made a festive fall grouping near the door.

Autumn On the Veranda at From My Carolina Home

Along the driveway, the trees began to show a bit of autumn in the past week.

Autumn On the Veranda at From My Carolina Home

There was a bit more coming along farther down the driveway.

Autumn On the Veranda at From My Carolina Home

Early one morning last week, I pulled up the shade in the kitchen window to this lovely scene. It is so pretty when an early morning fog settles into the valleys. The layers of hills and mountain are brought into sharper relief with the fog.  The rising sun over the mountain to the east lit the neighbor’s tree beautifully.

Autumn On the Veranda at From My Carolina Home

Zooming the lens a bit closer, lovely isn’t it?

Autumn On the Veranda at From My Carolina Home

It still is too warm, and I am looking for it to cool off more.  I am working on Scrap Dance 3 for you, dear readers. More on that a bit later.


Today is the last day to enter all the drawings, so if you missed one, you have time today to get in a comment.  I’ll be drawing winners tomorrow and notifying you by email.  We will wrap up Autumn Jubilee Friday.

Autumn On the Veranda at From My Carolina Home

Is there some color at your part of the world?



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Autumn Jubilee Wool Applique Stitch Along Finish

Now that the applique and buttons are sewn, finishing is just a few more steps. This last bit is pretty quick. After the leaves are stitched down, the stem stitched veins added for interest, and buttons were added to the piece. Today we will finish it up. I decided to use the red base.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along ~ From My Carolina Home

I start by ironing on leftover bits of fusible interfacing to stabilize the back, and lock down the stitching. Just arrange the bits on the back side of the stitched piece and iron down.  It doesn’t matter if some overlap, they won’t be seen once the base is on.  This will also add a bit of body to the piece.

Autumn Jubilee Stitch Along Wool Applique ~ From My Carolina Home

Press well, being careful not to move the iron sideways as this might roll the fusible and make a mess.  Don’t worry about covering every inch of the piece, it is enough just to get all the stitching covered.

Autumn Jubilee Stitch Along Wool Applique ~ From My Carolina Home

Place the stitched top right side up on the base piece. Mark a cutting line 1/2-inch away from the edge of the top piece.  This will ensure that your base is an exact mirror of the edge of your stitched piece. I use chalk to be sure it comes off easily. Cut on the line.

Autumn Jubilee Stitch Along Wool Applique ~ From My Carolina Home

Whip stitch or blanket stitch the top embroidery to the base.

Autumn Jubilee Stitch Along Wool Applique ~ From My Carolina Home

All done and ready to display with a pretty autumn candle, or a favorite small knickknack.

Autumn Jubilee Stitch Along Wool Applique ~ From My Carolina Home

I have this pretty leaf design votive holder that goes nicely.

Autumn Jubilee Stitch Along Wool Applique ~ From My Carolina Home

So, there you are! A pretty little wool applique finished in time for use this season. And whoopee, the internet is back, thanks for all your comments over the past couple of days!! Good luck to everyone in the drawings.

Autumn Jubilee Stitch Along Wool Applique ~ From My Carolina Home

I am in the mood for my Bourbon Chicken and Mushrooms, and the slow cooker is going.  Football and some hand work will be today’s activity.  What are you working on today?

If you missed the first post with the free pattern, click on Autumn Jubilee Stitch Along Wool Applique Penny Rug.


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Halloween Tablescape

We had friends come stay overnight recently, so I wanted a pretty table for breakfast.  Halloween is close, so it gave me a chance to create a new tablescape.  A few weeks ago, I went to the opening week of a new big box crafting store for our area, and found some wonderful black chargers, perfect for Halloween. I put these on top of a cute Halloween print table cloth I made a few years ago.

Halloween Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

White plates were added, with black octagonal salad plates, and my pumpkin bowls on top.

Halloween Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

For the centerpiece, I got my witches caldron out, and filled it with silk flowers in oranges. There is a black garland around the bottom with white skulls. A black cat with a jack-o-lantern was nestled into the garland.

Halloween Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Around the caldron, I put some other little jack-o-lantern votive holders…

Halloween Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

and another black cat.

Halloween Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Halloween Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

We had breakfast at this table with our out of town guests, cereal in the pumpkin bowls and fresh Pumpkin Orange Bread on the black plates.

Halloween Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

You can see my Spooky sill sitter on the hall tree behind the table. Of course I had to keep one for me.

Halloween Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

I liked the Halloween theme table this year, and our guests did too! I used the leaf print napkins, as no other color went well with the theme.

Halloween Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

All set for any meal. DH and I are enjoying it every evening now.

Halloween Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Thanks for reading. And I need to let you all know, our internet service went out on Friday morning, and is out for the time being. I do hope that it is restored soon, but I will not be able to respond to emails or questions for a bit. I promise to get back to any questions as soon as I can. I am scheduling this post so it publishes Saturday, and I hope that the service is restored so I can update the stitch along on Sunday. Anyway, have a great weekend, and Happy Halloween!!

Halloween Tablescape at From My Carolina Home


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Autumn Jubilee Table Topper

Today’s table topper is the largest of the Autumn Jubilee projects.  It is designed with some sashing and cornerstones to separate the blocks a bit, adding another level of interest to the finished piece.  Our sponsor for today’s post is Backside Fabrics, a fabulous North Carolina online store with wonderful wide backings of nice quality fabrics.  Read more about how to enter the giveaway at the end of this post.


With four pumpkin blocks and 12 leaf blocks in assorted colors, you will need to cut 40 sashing strips 2-1/2 x 6-1/2-inches from your background, and 25 cornerstones 2-1/2-inch squares.  Then, lay out this design, making sure your leaf stems point in random directions.  Note that the pumpkin blocks face each side in the round.  In this design, the topper becomes non-directional, as every side has a pumpkin right side up and one on its side.  I put the pumpkin stems in a clockwise pattern, using EQ7.


I began with laying out my blocks.


Then I put the sashing strips together. Press toward the cornerstones.


Then sew the rows of leaves and background strips.  Press toward the blocks.  Lay the rows out to be sure your pumpkins are in the right places, to make one on each row us right side up.


Sew the rows together, nesting the seams.


Quilt as you like.


A closer look.


All done and bound in a dark brown.


Don’t forget, upload your progress pictures to our Autumn Jubilee Flickr group.

backside_fabrics_logo_addtmBackside fabrics is providing the giveaway for today’s post of a $30 Gift Certificate!  Just visit Backside Fabrics for their wonderful selection of wide backings, pick out a favorite print, and come back to comment on this post with your choice, or choices.  The drawing will be held November 1, so you have plenty of time to enter and tell your friends! Winner has been drawn and notified.

What’s your favorite print at Backside Fabrics?



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Autumn Jubilee Update

Time for an update and a look at what readers are doing with the blocks for Autumn Jubilee.  It is so much fun to see all the ways you all are putting your leaves and pumpkins together.

Autumn Jubilee Runner Finish 2

Susan did a great job with her runner, starting with large leaves, and making the pumpkins small.  Her quilting is wonderful too!

Autumn Jubilee table runner all quilted and bound.

I have to show you Diann’s mini quilt and matching pillow. What a cozy corner, love those fabric choices!


Danice is doing both the runner with these marvelous scrappy leaves…


and the stitch along! Great progress!


I love these scrappy fall color leaves by Desert Sky Susan!


The pumpkin border on Judy’s runner is just the perfect choice.


Debbie finished her mini quilt….


and also is doing the stitch along.

Felt Sunday Project

Tomorrow will be the largest project in the series. Enter for me to quilt it for you by adding your progress photo to the Flickr group. It can be any of the quilt-along sizes, runner or topper doesn’t matter, just that you’d like to have me quilt it.  I’ll choose a winner from the pictures on November 1.  You don’t have to be ready to ship, just have a progress photo up.  The winner will send their top and backing to me whenever it is ready to be quilted, and I will provide the batting, quilting with this pumpkins and leaves pantograph, and return shipping.

Autumn Jubilee Runner Finish 3

Depending on when I receive it, I’ll try to have it back to you in time to use on Thanksgiving.  But if it is later, that’s OK.  Timing will be up to the winner, so no pressure to finish unless you want it for this year.

All the giveaways are still open for comments, so if you missed one you still have time to enter.

What are you working on?


Autumn Jubilee Magnet Project and Giveaway!

Earlier this month, I was contacted by Magnet King to try out some of their products.  They sent a box of goodies for me to play with, and I was amazed at the variety of products offered, including a magnet sheet that is a dry erase board, and another is a chalkboard.  What fun!! I immediately thought of a dry erase decorated board for the refrigerator. How nice to replace the usual myriad of paper bits I usually use to remind myself of meetings or appointments.  My inspiration for this project was this picture I took last fall.

Magnet Board Project ~ From My Carolina Home

I began with creating a pattern for the leaves.  The colors are a gradient of fall hues in gold and rust and brown, all on a single magnet sheet.

Magnet Board Project ~ From My Carolina Home

Using a pencil, I traced around each leaf shape. The magnet sheets are easy to draw on. The color gradient makes the leaves look more real.

Magnet Board Project ~ From My Carolina Home

Then I cut out the shapes with a pair of ordinary scissors. This sheet of magnet is thin and easy to cut with standard paper cutting scissors. Cleaning up the pencil marks with a little eraser was easy too, the sheets held their color, not rubbing off.

Magnet Board Project ~ From My Carolina Home

Using a brown color pencil, I drew in some vein detail on each one.

Magnet Board Project ~ From My Carolina Home

The board with its autumn leaves makes the refrigerator into a decorative message board.

Magnet Board Project ~ From My Carolina Home

Here is a closer look at the leaves.

Magnet Board Project ~ From My Carolina Home

If you prefer a chalkboard magnet, that is possible too.  All these sheets are flexible, not stiff at all.  Wouldn’t this be a cute idea for kids in the classroom?  Each child could have his or her name on a leaf.

Magnet Board Project ~ From My Carolina Home

For springtime, I cut flowers out of the pastel gradient sheet, and added buttons to the centers with super glue. I used the excess clippings on the cute little garden angel, gluing a bit to the back. These sheets will make anything into a magnet.  Even the bits left behind are useful.

Magnet Board Project ~ From My Carolina Home

How about some ink spot color eggs for Easter?

Magnet Board Project ~ From My Carolina Home

Then I got to thinking, where else could I use a dry erase board? The only other metal area in the house is the garage door. So, how about a spot for the list for the garden center?  This is on the inside of the garage door.  Now I can add items as I find I need something instead of tromping inside with dirty hands to scrounge for a list, or trying to remember it all days later when I get to the garden center.  This  would make a neat guy gift for Christmas!

Magnet Board Project ~ From My Carolina Home

Using the dry erase board on the inside garage door made me think of decorating the outside of the garage door with more leaves.  They almost look real, don’t they?

Magnet Board Project ~ From My Carolina Home

The bright colors available would be appealing to kids, and they could use magnet sheets to play with shapes, like this tie dye printed sheet.

Magnet Puzzle 1

Triangles and squares, rectangles and parallelograms, all could be used to teach shapes and colors.   Easily cut with scissors, just cut what you like.  Oh, look, now it is a puzzle!

Magnet Puzzle 2

The beauty of magnets is they can be arranged and rearranged. Does this look like a chicken to you? What other shapes could be made from these pieces?

Magnet Puzzle 3

I have made a pattern sheet for the leaves so you too can have magnet leaves for your projects, just download this pdf file – magnet-leaves-pattern

Magnet Board Project ~ From My Carolina Home

The company also has adhesive backed sheets so the side of a desk, a sheet of wood or drywall, or the bottom of a door could become a play area for magnet shapes.  Or the sheets could be used to mount paper, making the kids artwork into magnets for the grandparents.  Wouldn’t that be a great holiday gift idea?

The magnetized dry erase or chalkboard sheets, adhesive backed sheets and magnet gradient color sheets can be ordered from Magnet King, just click on Magnet King to see the kits you can get to make the projects in this post.  You can choose the chalkboard or dry erase options, with three choices of printed magnet sheets, very reasonably priced too.  While you are looking around, look on the right sidebar to see more individual sheets which are also priced for the home crafter, like solid color sheets, photo framing kits, printable magnet sheets, letters and shapes.  Check out the Learning Aids section for more wonderful ideas.  These links are not affiliate links.  Magnet King did pay me for a day of creative time with their products.  But I would only agree to do it if I liked the products, and I did.

Update!  This project has been picked up by FaveCrafts!  See the project post HERE.  FaveCrafts is a great spot for all kinds of crafting.  You can see what is hot by looking on the right sidebar, and the categories are on the left.  Have fun looking around this inspirational crafting site.  I am very proud to be a FaveCrafts designer. If you are visiting from Fave Crafts, I invite you to look around while you are here.  I have a lot of projects and a variety of subjects including crafting, quilting, sewing, recipes, tablescapes and more.  In 2017, the next mystery quilt will begin.  To see more of my crafting projects, click on the Crafting category on my sidebar.  Thanks for visiting!  You can follow my blog by using one of the choices on the sidebar.  And, see Fave Crafts for even more ideas.  Click on my home page button at the top to see the latest posts.  And check out the pages at the top for collections of posts on all kinds of subjects.

What would you use for a project?



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Waterfalls in the Autumn Mountains

I can smell autumn dancing in the breeze.
The sweet chill of pumpkin
and crisp sunburnt leaves.
~Ann Drake, 2013

I found this quote recently, and had to share it with you.  It was the perfect opening to a picture heavy post from our hiking over the weekend with friends here from out of state.  They wanted to see some waterfalls, so we took them to a few lesser known areas of Transylvania county, knowing that the Blue Ridge Parkway would be overcrowded this weekend.  It wasn’t their first visit to local waterfalls, so we could go a bit farther off the main roads. We were all hoping to see more brilliant color, but this year it just isn’t to be.  It has been too warm and too dry.  The drought has made it hard for the leaves to stay on the trees long enough to have pretty color before falling off.  The warmth has delayed the change in color, which needs a good cold snap to make that change. You can see that in dramatic detail with these 100-ft trees next to our home, some that are bare too early and more that have yet to change color.

Leaves 2016 3

On the road, the color is sporadic like this spot, but it won’t be the brilliant color of past years.  A brisk wind over the past few days brought down a lot of leaves just turning brown.

Leaves 2016 5

Still, nothing beats a walk in the woods no matter what the season. This is the path to the first waterfall view of the day. It was chilly, we had to wear jeans and sweaters, but it was worth it. It was one mile to the waterfall.

Log Hollow Falls 2

The first waterfall we hiked to was Log Hollow Falls.  It is way off the beaten path of the Blue Ridge Parkway or DuPont Forest. Small (only 25 feet high) and tucked away, we had the place to ourselves to listen to the gentle running stream, hear a rustle of leaves, and marvel at the quiet beauty.

Log Hollow Falls 7

Back to the car, we drove over to Whitewater Falls near the SC border. This park is more of a draw, with a nice parking lot, a paved walk to the observation point, then 154 wooden steps down to the bottom. Going down is easy, coming back up is a bit hard on the knees. This picture is from the observation point, some color in the trees but still a lot of green. Whitewater Falls is the tallest in the eastern US, falling a total of 811 feet. This is the upper section, 411 feet.

Whitewater Falls 3

Whitewater Falls bottom section falls another 400 feet.

Whitewater Falls 5

From the bottom, you can get a view of both sections.

Whitewater Falls 11

Another view of the upper falls.

Whitewater Falls 10

While we were in that area, I was able to take a picture of Lake Toxaway.  This area is still mostly green, and probably won’t reach peak color until mid-November.

Lake Toxaway

I did find this tree with beautiful color, lovely red leaves against an azure blue sky.

Leaves 2016 7

Another short drive south of Rosman, there is a privately held property with a waterfall. They allow visitors to respectfully visit on their property. The falls drop 60 feet down a rock face, lovely and a bit unusual in the rock formations.

Eastatoe Falls 1

The rock at the top has a curve to the right, which makes an interesting pattern to the falling water.

Eastatoe Falls 13

Lovely, isn’t it? The leaves are scattered around the moss covered rocks.

Eastatoe Falls 16

Downstream a bit, there is a little bridge that leads to a small raised platform with a couple of chairs to sit and enjoy nature in all her glory.

Eastatoe Falls 28

Moss covered rocks channel the water between creating a calming environment, a perfect way to relax.

Eastatoe Falls 29

Here and there, brilliant color can be found. This scarlet red and orange with some gold was all on the same tree.

Fall 2016 trees

If you love that first quote as much as I did, there is a free printable on Ann Drake’s website with a lovely image – HERE.

I’ll leave you with this lovely thought.

When autumn dulls the summer skies,
And paler sunshine softly lies
Upon the brown and fallow lands:—
As fairy artists come in bands
To paint with brushes dipped with frost:—
They pay with gold, for verdure lost…
~V.O. Wallingford (b.1876), “The Cottonwood Trees”

How are the views at your place?


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