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Welcome Autumn Cards


Autumn is a wonderful time to send a card to someone, just to say hi or thinking of you.  It doesn’t need to be a birthday or special day, just a card to tell someone that you haven’t seen in a while or that is having some challenges that you are thinking of them.  Even better when the thrift store yields a veritable bonanza of stamping goodies! On a recent trip to the Humane Society thrift store, I scored this marvelous rolling cart, stuffed with stamping stuff!! The front has two zip open pockets containing all kinds of decorative edge scissors, plus glue sticks and ribbons.

Stamping Score at the Thrift Store ~ From My Carolina Home

It had lots of fun leaves, dimensionals, yarns and decorative elements…

Stamping Score at the Thrift Store ~ From My Carolina Home

framelets and 3-D elements….

Stamping Score at the Thrift Store ~ From My Carolina Home

along with a stack of decorative papers and cutting tools.

Stamping Score at the Thrift Store ~ From My Carolina Home

All contained in this rolling cart. Yes, it was for sale at $30, but it gets better. It was 60% Off one item day!!  It didn’t take me 2 seconds to say yes to that offer, LOL!!

Stamping Score at the Thrift Store ~ From My Carolina Home

So, as if I needed an excuse to make cards, I got out my goodies. I wanted a couple of fall inspired cards to send to a couple of dear ladies having some health issues, just to say thinking of you. I had this idea, but I don’t have a punch in a leaf shape. So, I stamped a few maple leaves on ecru cardstock.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

Then I used the wickedly sharp razor knife and the cutting mat from the stamping kit to cut the leaves out.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

Then, I put the front side of the card into the embosser folder and sent it through the machine.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

I love this effect. Now, what to put behind to bring through the fall color. One of the sheets of decorative paper was perfect.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

Oh, even better, loving this look! But it still needs a little something.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

So, I added one ribbon for an accent.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

I like this design, so I did another one, this time with just paper and ink. I stamped leaves on a beautiful piece of brown mottled paper, and used a leaf motif ribbon.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

Inside both cards are the Thinking Of You sentiment, and I added some leaves inside too. On the cutout one, I thought the inside looked a bit sloppy, so I added a cover of just brown marbled paper.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

Naturally, both got my signature stamp on the back.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

Both cards done, and I stamped leaves on the envelopes to dress them up too.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

I am so ready for Autumn! Are you stamping for fall?



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11 thoughts on “Welcome Autumn Cards

  1. What a great buy! Looks like you are going to get use out of the stamping kits. My sister has a card ministry and I snatch up something like this and give it to her. I manage to send card to my grands, but that is about it. Blessings, Gretchen

  2. Great designs on your cards.

  3. I love your cards. They are great!

  4. Very pretty, and what a deal you got. I recently got quite a few sizzix letters and designs at at goodwill near me. I’ll have to check out that thrift store on my next quilt shop visit in Hendersonville. I think I’ll pull out my card stuff and make some up.

  5. What an amazing thrift shop find. Absolutely perfect for you. And your Fall theme cards are lovely. Total #CreativeGoodness.


  6. You were in the right place at just the right time for that thrift store bonanza; Wow!! Intrigued by your stamping projects! So thoughtful of you to send such special cards to special people. The only stamping I do is with my feet to get the mud off. LOL But I am more than ready for fall.

  7. It was fun watching you build a card. You are so talented!

  8. That was great buy in the thrift shop. You are just as creative in card making as in quilting. The two cards are lovely.

  9. What a find!!! I especially like the embossed card with the cut outs. Interesting to see how the ideas progressed to the finished card.

  10. Wow – that’s the kind of find that makes one’s day and feels like a dream come true! Not to mention, it vindicates thrift store shopping, if you were looking for an excuse…. Plus, it fell into good hands and you’re already making beautiful use of it – love the cards!

  11. Carole, these are so lovely! Pinned to our Features & Favorites ~ thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm!

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