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An Everyday Tablescape


Our weekend got flipped around when a friend suddenly became homeless for a few days.  Her house sold and closed, then the movers came, but her condo wasn’t ready so she needed a place to stay for just a few days.  Of course, we spent a bit of the weekend sewing, instead of helping her unpack as we had planned.  With all the patriotic things going on over the holiday weekend, I thought a simple everyday tablescape would do for the non-holiday days, especially since the formal table in the dining room is decked out in red, white and blue.  So what to do for the pub table for breakfast and supper that is simple and quick?  I thought about my thrift store salad plates with the fruit and veggies, and the checkerboard rims.  Then I remembered the checkerboard tablecloth I had stashed away.  It hasn’t been used in quite a while as I usually save it for picnics.  So  I dug out both the plates and the tablecloth and began setting the table.

Everyday Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

No chargers this time, this is supposed to be casual and simple. I used white round placemats, my everyday white French Country stoneware plates, and set the salad plates on top.

Everyday Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

I went through all my linen drawers, and could only find two checkerboard napkins. I guess I only have two. So, white ones will have to suffice. I put the plastic napkin rings on, another thrift store find.

Everyday Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

Each setting was completed with flatware, my trademark individual salt and pepper shakers, and water glasses (yet another thrift store score!)

Everyday Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

Now for the center, these little rabbits are actually a salt and pepper set, but I never use them for that. I thought of them as they are wearing little neck wreaths with grapes, so they go with the fruit and veggie thing I have going. The center has a yellow basket with faux ivy.

Everyday Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

Once again, the mason jar votives are the perfect casual thing to add to the table.  The flared votive candle holders fit the top leaving space underneath to change out to fit the theme.  This time, I put little faux fruit in them with some dried orange slices and a cinnamon stick. This one got a little pear.  Then put the votive holder on top, and screw the ring on to hold it all in place.

Everyday Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

The pear goes perfectly with the pear motif on one of the plates.

Everyday Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

The other one got a tiny artichoke, with orange slices and cinnamon sticks.

Everyday Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

Around the other side of the ivy basket is a little rabbit peaking out of a head of lettuce. This is a cute little sugar bowl with a carrot handle.

Everyday Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

I added a pottery dish under the basket to finish off the table.

Everyday Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

And all done. Sorry the picture is a bit dark, it was raining while I was setting the table.

Everyday Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

I have left plenty of room for food this time, as it is just an everyday table. But a little special for a dear friend to come stay.  I’ll get out my lettuce bowls for serving the veggies too.

Everyday Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

There, all set and ready for some grilled ribs and fresh yellow squash!  It did stop raining long enough to grill.

Everyday Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

Do you ever set an everyday tablescape?




Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


8 thoughts on “An Everyday Tablescape

  1. Everything, as usual, comes together so beautifully. Thrift store finds are the perfect touches!

  2. charming….just the right amount of casual and so pretty for your friend to feel special!!!

  3. Very nice!!!! I rarely set the table any more. The only time we there is when company comes. Otherwise my husband insists on eating in front of the TV 😦 I gave up fighting that battle years ago.

  4. “Everyday” or not, it’s lovely, as usual. Who would think those mason jar votives would be so versatile. I love your rabbits and lettuce pieces. You are so inspiring….reading your posts and seeing your photos just makes me want to do a better job at homecrafting and pay more attention to detail. Thank you.

  5. As usual, So-o-o clever.

  6. We don’t set a daily tablescape. We do however use table clothes, candles and enjoy eating together. 🙂 Yours welcomes a nice meal sprinkled with good conversation.

  7. I love thrift store shopping and finding things at such good prices! You always do a wonderful job with your treasures mixed with things you have on hand and come up with lovely talbescapes. I only set the table if we’re having guests or it’s a holiday or special occasion; otherwise, we usually sit at the bar for convenience. I’m off to Sisters for the outdoor quilt show, but I also know of a great thrift store in Bend….yippee! :o) m

  8. Love the tablescape. I have many vintage pottery pieces that would make for a fun setting. I, however, have 2 indoor cats who tend to “get in trouble” in the dark of night….and nothing on the table is safe. They go after the flowers, or the candles etc the minute we go to bed. I have a vase of red roses right now that I have on a high shelf in the kitchen to protect them from little paws!

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