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On The Frame and Taking a Break


On the frame now is another quilt for Elizabeth House.  I will be working on this as I have time, but the next couple of weeks is going to be very busy with other things.

On the Frame at From My Carolina Home

I am using two layers of batting this time, as the roll I have is somewhat thin. Elizabeth House residents need warmth so double batting makes sense. I just made sure that the scrim side was on top of both layers.

On the Frame at From My Carolina Home

It is making a lovely quilting pattern with soft edged flowers.

On the Frame at From My Carolina Home

The pantograph is a pansy pattern with a few leaves, nice on the green and purple. But, I noticed around here that my bobbin tension is off, so I fixed that and will be taking part of this out where the tension really is bad. Luckily I have all month to get it done, going 1-2 passes here and there as I go stir crazy needing to put thread into fabric.

On the Frame at From My Carolina Home

So, that is what I am up to on the frame. I want to let you all know that I will be taking a break from my normal blogging activities of doing linkups, responding to comments and commenting on other blogs for a couple of weeks. I have some medical tests to do, and then 50 hours of continuing education to complete, so I just need to spend some more time on the necessities for a bit. Don’t worry, you won’t miss me, as I have posts scheduled roughly every other day for the next three weeks, including the Scrap Dance Tango reveal on Friday, June 10 (7:30 am). You’ll see new quilt designs, quilting of Tango and Quickstep, a couple of new recipes along with a garden update and a patriotic tablescape. Please continue to leave comments, I promise I’ll read every one, even if I cannot respond right away.

When I resume at the end of the month, I’ll be sharing an exciting event of Christmas in July with some new ideas and several posts on the subject, along with being a stop on the Christmas In July Blog Hop by Confessions of a Fabric Addict. Plus I have another Moda Bake Shop design that will publish in August. So, stay tuned, and enjoy the upcoming posts!


Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


14 thoughts on “On The Frame and Taking a Break

  1. We’ll look forward to the posts you’ve prepared. So nice of you so we won’t be left wanting 😉

  2. Carole,
    Take care of yourself first. Looking forward to the Tango finale and reading about your busy and creative life when you are free to be back on the blog.

  3. Looking forward to Christmas in July!

  4. ooohhh CHristmas in July…will be looking forward to it! Study hard and enjoy your “retreat” time from the internet world. But know I’ll miss our correspondences and Jackson his belly rubs. 🙂

  5. I love what your doing on that quilt. They will love it. I never thought about using 2 layers of batting but for extra warmth especially in cold places would be very comforting.
    Please take care of yourself and don’t over do it. Good luck with your tests and the 50 hours hopefully will go by fast.
    I can’t hardly wait for the final reveal on the scrap dance tango. I have enjoyed working on it so very much and I hope that you do another soon.
    Christmas in July sounds like so much fun. My ex sister in law had a son born on Christmas Day and ever since he was a little boy, she would ask him when he wanted to celebrate his birthday and he would always say July. She did this so that he could have a real birthday instead of technically missing out.

    Have a great day Carole.

  6. I’ll be thinking of you at this busy time. Hope you enjoy all the other activities. Thank you for thinking of us and preparing posts to fill the gap. I always look forward to hearing about your Carolina home.

  7. Love the colours in this quilt. The pansy quilting looks fabulous. Have a good study break…wishing you well for your tests.

  8. Good luck with your tests and fulfilling your hours.

  9. I hope that the medical tests will turn out fine, the education will be a breeze, and that you’ll enjoy this time in between the ‘must-do’s’ 🙂

  10. I sure do hope you will get some time for you also. Studying and tests can be draining and you will need to regroup now and then. An iced tea on your veranda sounds about right!!!!!

  11. That quilt looks great! I hope you get the tension issue solved and don’t have to do too much frogging. Thinking of you and sending prayers that all goes well with your medical tests and all the other things that will keep you busy this month.

  12. can’t wait to see what scrap dance tango looks like!!!

  13. That’s a great panto, and perfect for this quilt. I hope there is some time to enjoy taking a break while you are doing that continuing education stuff.

  14. That’s such a pretty quilt and the double batting gives it a really cozy look! Oh my goodness, you are so organized! Good luck with getting all the necessities accomplished over your break.

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