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Quick Squares Table Topper


I need a very quick table topper for my recent luncheon, and I didn’t want to bother with any half square triangles.  It needed to be much faster to put together.  I found a nice block using all squares called Arrowhead Puzzle on Quilter’s Cache, and thought four together would be perfect.  I used purple violet fabric for the focus color, with green as the accent and yellow for the background.  It would work great for Mardi Gras too with these colors.

Violets Table Topper at From My Carolina Home

I put this together differently than the instructions.  Analyzing the block, you can see that the top two rows are the same as the bottom two, just turned around.   I also used 2-1/2-inch strips instead of the 3-1/2-inch squares called for in the pattern.

Violets Table Topper at From My Carolina Home

So, I sewed strips in this order.

Violets Table Topper at From My Carolina Home

Violets Table Topper at From My Carolina Home

Sewing the strips was fast.

Violets Table Topper at From My Carolina Home

I pressed the seams all in the same direction. Since I’ll be reversing the orientation of the cross cut strips, this will nest the seams.

Violets Table Topper at From My Carolina Home

Each strip was cross cut into eight 2-1/2-inch wide sections.

Violets Table Topper at From My Carolina Home

Then the blocks were laid out, ensuring that the seams would nest.

Violets Table Topper at From My Carolina Home

In nothing flat I had four blocks.

Violets Table Topper at From My Carolina Home

Then a topper, orienting each block to create the square in the center.

Violets Table Topper at From My Carolina Home

I added a border of violet fabric.

Violets Table Topper at From My Carolina Home<

Loading it on the longarm was quick as it was a small project.

Violets Table Topper at From My Carolina Home

I used a leaf pantograph, it is one of my favorites and goes with just about every design. This time I used a variegated green thread.

Violets Table Topper at From My Carolina Home

Using Warm and Natural batting, with Bottom Line in the bobbin, the quilting is done.

Violets Table Topper at From My Carolina Home

Once again, I bound it in matching fabric to the border. I find I am doing more of this rather than a contrasting binding.

Violets Table Topper at From My Carolina Home

All done, and placed on the Battenberg runner on my luncheon table.

Violets Table Topper at From My Carolina Home

Quick and easy, it went together in an afternoon, and I finished the binding in one evening.

Violets Table Topper at From My Carolina Home

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Would you make one of these quick toppers?  What colors would you use?


Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


15 thoughts on “Quick Squares Table Topper

  1. This looks so easy. I would make it.
    I love the colors, Carole. I would probably dig deep into my immense pile of fabric and make one in red white and blue! patterns. I could make one for my parents M-F morning caregiver, Karen. She is an angel and deserves a gift every week from me, but I can’t do that. I did get my dad to pay her $25 an hour. Really, she is a gem

    Yours turned out so pretty.

  2. I would love to make it in Black,White and Red!! Nice and quick!!!

  3. Would love to make this as a table runner. This looks like a very versatile pattern. I love that it is made from strip sets. Fall colours would look nice, pumpkin orange and Browns and some gold.
    Thanks for sharing Carole.

  4. This block also appeared in Quiltmaker magazine, named “garlic knot” by Bonnie Hunter. I have been making them in 6″ blocks for a charity quilt. The 4 blocks together make a great size and design. Love all your designs and color combos. A watermelon seed print with green and white would be fun for a picnic setting! Think I’ll make that one. :o) m

  5. That’s my favorite all over quilting design.

  6. Good Morning Carole! This is a beautiful table topper! Of course, I am a tad bit biased since your projects are quickly becoming my go to projects first and secondly because Purple and Purple Flowered fabrics are my favorites. LOL. I really do think this is a beautiful table topper and would love to make one. Which I have a few projects to make for some really great people in our lives, so this would be perfect. Thank you for sharing the link also; it has been quite awhile since I have visited Quilters Cache and she has some great patterns available. I also think the other fabrics that you used really add to this pattern in that it helps to balance out the flowered fabric! The more I write the more I want to run and find fabrics and get started! So, off I go…have a fantastic creative day!

  7. Like the patter. Great idea for a Quilt Boutique. It would take me more time to quilt as I usually machine & hand quilt. Thanks

  8. I bought a lot of Debbie Beaves Lovely in Lavender fabric collection. I think I’d use colors similar to yours, except I’d replace the yellow with either black or an off white; whichever looks good layed out or from the colors in the collection.

  9. That is a cute table topper. I would make one and I would do it in either browns or blues.

  10. This could be done for each season in appropriate colors. I have a large stash of florals so I would use lilacs for spring, roses for summer, sunflowers for fall, and poinsettias for winter. But first I have to catch up on my Scrap Tango blocks 🙂

  11. Thanks for sharing this and it looks like something I would love to make!

  12. That’s great, and I love that you analyzed it and saved yourself so much time! I might make that next time I need a topper, but probably greens and blues, no yellow. Just depends on my mood at the time. This definitely looks very spring-like, and having that longarm really speeds up the process. =)

  13. Thanks for sharing over at the DIY Crush Craft Party. Love this table topper! We’ve added this to our Pinterest board. Don’t forget to stop by next Thursday to add your tutorials to our next DIY Crush Craft Party!

  14. just what I have been searching for………thanks!!!

  15. i’m a first timer too!

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