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May Is For Makers Week 5 – I Breathe I’m Hungry


It is Memorial Day giving thanks for those who served our country and gave their lives for our country. In the afternoon, most of us will celebrate the freedom provided by their sacrifice with a cookout, and perhaps some friends and family time outdoors. So with that in mind, I am going to feature my favorite foodie blogger today.

May Is For Makers |

I have followed Melissa’s blog for quite some time now, she has the best blog name I have ever seen –
I Breathe I’m Hungry!

Melissa is constantly producing new, flavorful recipes that support my weight loss efforts with low carbohydrate offerings. She also offers gluten free recipes. Mouth watering photography makes the dish look wonderful.  Here is her Caprese Stuffen Chicken with a balsamic glaze.  Makes me want to get some chicken breasts out of the freezer right now.  I have made this recipe, and it is as good as it looks.


Just look at these Low Carb Cajun Salmon Patties!


She has yummy ways to serve spaghetti squash, including this one with sausage and spinach. I made this one too, and it is definitely a keeper.


How about some Low Carb Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Mushrooms, good for a main course or a heavy appetizer.


I could go on and on, with her inventive side dishes, and even some desserts!  Just click on any of the pictures above to see her wonderful site and peruse all the recipes.

To show my support, I purchased one of her Ezines – electronic recipe magazine.  She is offering the issues at a discount right now too!  I wanted to see what they were like, and I’ll be going back for the rest of her issues.  Sadly, there are only a few available.  The amount of work in developing these recipes, doing the testing and photography, creating the e-zine, must have been enormous.  I wish I had bought them sooner.  But, I’ll make up for it now and show her that I appreciate all she shares for free.

This is the last of the May Is For Makers posts, but I plan to continue purchasing patterns and ebooks and classes in the future.  After all, there are a lot of independent designers and bloggers who need our gratitude all through the year.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!!  How are you spending this day?

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Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


6 thoughts on “May Is For Makers Week 5 – I Breathe I’m Hungry

  1. Well now I”m starved to death and the day has barely started. 🙂 All of these look so yummy and as soon as i”m off this post I”m going to check out her blog. The menu at our place has been a little stale for a while now 🙂 Have a great day and remember to take at least a few minutes to honor those who gave it all so we can have the life we have.

  2. The salmon cakes look really good.
    I do not enjoy cooking anymore. I used to when the girls were younger and home. We used to invent recipes
    Now, I wish we had our own personal chef. Too bad. We are not loaded with $$
    Happy Week-end. It is so humid here in No Va. but we have a nice breeze

  3. Good Afternoon Carole! Oh my goodness, every recipe you brought to attention looks so delicious! I will definitely be checking out her site and see what all she has to offer. Finding new recipes that are easy to prepare and health conscious are not always easy to find. Since hubby had his first heart attack and we found out he has a severe artery disease, we have been changing the way that we purchase foods and prepare them also. Thank you so much for sharing all of your recipes and this link. We are out weeding in the garden today and admiring all of the beginnings to our fresh canned vegetables that will be eaten all year round. Just taking a break now and then. Have a fantastic creative day!

  4. hi…enjoyed your current post. can you send some of that food to me? Looks fabulous! I am not a cook. I missed out on cookouts today because I had to work. 🙂

  5. YUM!! I shared your post with my hubby as he’s the cook in the family.

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