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May Is For Makers Week 3 – Free Motion Quilting


This week I’ll highlight a quilter blog that I regularly read. This lady should be on the blogroll of every quilter who does their own quilting. Her designs are so creative, and she does it all on a domestic sewing machine, not a longarm!

May Is For Makers |

Her name is Lori Kennedy and she blogs at In Box Jaunt. I am continually amazed at the prolific new ideas for continuous motion designs she shares for free. Her imagination is simply boundless, and she is one of the most generous bloggers freely sharing her ideas and tutorials.  Her Free Motion Tutorials run the gamut of motifs from bugs to flowers, footballs and pencils, critters and kitties, leaves and fruit, holiday and seasonal, you name it!  She has over a dozen tutorials on just Doodling to create your own continuous line designs.  There are so many tutorials that the pages take almost a minute to load, so be patient and you will be rewarded with more ideas than you can imagine.


Then she will show you posts on using many motifs to create lovely works of art, like this one posted just this past week.  It is a teacher gift using several of her motifs with doodle quilting.


When Lori went to Craftsy recently to record her own class, I knew I had to buy it.  Her class is called Divide and Conquer: Creative Quilting for Any Space.  It is done in her easy follow style, and has class materials to download for practice pieces.  She is just so creative!  It is fun to watch Lori in action.  There is so much there that I am going to take weeks to work through all the lessons and do the practice.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 7.11.47 PM

Right now it is still on the introductory sale until the end of May, so get it soon!  It is a super value considering all she shares and includes in the class.  Once again, I want to thank Lori for her generosity and sharing her expertise to help the rest of us be better quilters.  Buying her class was a really easy decision, and by doing so, she knows her work has value to me and many others.

If you are just finding this series, see what it is all about at May Is For Makers.

Do you free motion quilt?


Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


9 thoughts on “May Is For Makers Week 3 – Free Motion Quilting

  1. Yes I free-motion quilt on my domestic machine (an older Bernina). I have followed Lori Kennedy’s blog for about two years and bought both of her Craftsy classes, although I can’t watch them on my Kindle which is very frustrating. I even went back and read many of Lori’s older posts. I’ve learned a lot from her and greatly expanded my FMQ repetoire. She’s allso a great photographer.

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Carole.
    I agree, Lori is incredible.
    About four years ago, we were talking about blogs and webpages at my quilting club (that I no longer attend :-(, they changed the location – now it is too far)
    Someone brought up Inbox Jaunt. I have never heard of it.
    I was thrilled to look over her blog

  3. Good Morning Carole! I will have to follow your links and discover the Free Motion quilting that is shown and talked about. I have very slowly over the course of 10 years improved my Free Motion quilting skills, but they are still so far from being good that I rarely try it and use my Walking Foot instead. Thank You for sharing this information. Have a fantastic creative day!

  4. Hi, Carole,
    Excellent suggestion – Lori’s blog is terrific. I have not had much luck actually watching the classes I’ve bought, but will bite on this one. So far this month, I have purchased two patterns and have one more earmarked to buy – hard to find one I really want, as I do not usually follow any pattern that closely, rather look at the overall top and figure out how to approach it.

    So, a class this week, a pattern next for me…

  5. I follow Lori’s blog too!! Her FMQ is so inspiring!!! Hmmm…I’ve been looking for a little summer workshop for myself. I ‘m off to check her class out and will email you if I decide to do it. 🙂

  6. One day I hope to be able to do this. People are so gifted and I appreciate anyone that have mastered the skill of free motion quilting. )

  7. I too hope to one day to be able to free motion quilt on my machine. Right now work on wavy lines. I purchased a class on Craftys in April and now I realized I need to take a class on my Pfaff machine. Which I signed up for the sewing machine class in June. I am amazed with the designs that quilters can do on their machines!

  8. I follow Lori’s blog too and purchased her class last month. I haven’t free motion quilted yet, I am still doodling. What fun!

  9. Looks like a great class. I’ve not been brave enough to try doing my own quilting. Maybe Lori’s approach will help break me of that.

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