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Mother’s Day Card 2016


This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and there is time for stamping a special card to send.  Certainly this design could be modified to be any kind of card, birthday or anniversary, get well or just thinking of you.  Since my MIL reads my blog, I’ll ask her to stop reading, unless she wants to see her card early, LOL!!

Mother's Day Card | From My Carolina Home

I started off with her favorite color, purple. Cut the card stock in half to make one card, then fold and burnish the folded edge to make it sharp.

Mother's Day Card | From My Carolina Home

This purple paper with white flowers was in the last order I got from my friend Gail. I cut a piece to fit on the top of the card.

Mother's Day Card | From My Carolina Home

Before I glued it down, I measured and cut a piece of yellow ribbon as an accent color. It is glued to the front of the flower paper, and wrapped to the back to hide the ends.

Mother's Day Card | From My Carolina Home

Then the unit was glued to the front of the card.

Mother's Day Card | From My Carolina Home

I am still having fun with the embosser, so I took a bit of the purple and embossed it.

Mother's Day Card | From My Carolina Home

I punched a flower shape from pink card stock, and stamped “To Someone Special” on it with purple ink.

Mother's Day Card | From My Carolina Home

The embossed piece was mounted on the front.

Mother's Day Card | From My Carolina Home

Then the flower was added.

Mother's Day Card | From My Carolina Home

As usual, my personal stamp went on the back.

Mother's Day Card | From My Carolina Home

But, now I had a problem. I don’t have a stamp that says Happy Mother’s Day. So, I went to the computer and found a great blog with sayings on it for free.  The site is Homemade Gifts Made Easy.  I really wanted to make a small purchase from them to thank them for all the freebies they offer, but unfortunately there isn’t anything in their shop I can use right now. I’ll save the site for later though.  I copied one of the sentiments into a word document, and removed the hearts, then added my greeting.  I put the letters in bold and italic for more impact.

Mother's Day Card 11

I printed it out on plain paper first, to check the size and fit. Then I printed it out in purple ink on cream cardstock. I added a rose stamp in purple ink.

Mother's Day Card | From My Carolina Home

Then, I cut it to fit the inside of the card.

Mother's Day Card | From My Carolina Home

I test fit the inside piece, trimming as needed until I was happy with the size.

Mother's Day Card | From My Carolina Home

Voila, inside done and I like having the printed words rather than just handwritten, although handwritten would be just fine too.

Mother's Day Card | From My Carolina Home

All ready to send. I had to put a little purple pansy on the envelope.

Mother's Day Card | From My Carolina Home

It is this time of year that I miss my own mother terribly. She passed away in 2009. I am grateful to have my wonderful mother-in-law who helps to fill that void. She is very special to me, and to her son too.

Are you playing with paper this week?



Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


8 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Card 2016

  1. Very Nice card! I need to get my card finished up today…

  2. What a lovely card for your MIL! I don’t know that I would ever make a card for anyone, but I’m glad to see what thoughtful work goes into it.

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  4. That is a lovely card Carole.Your mother in law is going to like it. I tried scrap booking years ago but it bored me something awful so I stopped doing it. My daughters both do scrap booking but not very often. Enjoy your day Carole. Thank you for sharing with us.

  5. So pretty, so special!

  6. Good early evening Carole! Hubby and I just returned from a day spent in Medford. Hubby had a doctor appointment and I was dropped off at the hospital to visit with Dad until hubby was through. He then joined us for a couple of hours and we then headed home. Having not had a good nights rest, he is now taking a nap and I am playing on the computer for awhile before I begin creating some fun projects. Dad seemed to be doing a tad bit better today and was told by his Doctor that if his lab tests came back good tomorrow, he may release hi tomorrow.. So I shall be praying extra prayers tonight. We still will not know the diagnosis of the Biopsy until Thursday or Friday.

    I am in love with your card making! Your Mother In Laws favorite color is the same as mine. such terrific taste she has! Your card is so beautiful with the touch of the ribbon and the special embossing. They were excellent choices to go along with all of your other choices. It appears like you have not trouble picking out the accessories, card stock choices or even the words to use. Does it truly go that easy with you? I can say that I never have that kind of success with any craft I try. I am enjoying the few new crafts I am experimenting with like wreaths and bow making ( I may be having fun with this but not much success. LOL)

    I am so glad that you do share all of your projects with us. It really helps me with finding courage to try new ideas and accomplish so much more! I hope that your Mother In Law delights in receiving this beautiful card you have made for her! Have an extra special Fantastic Creative day!

    Your Friend Brenda

  7. I too love your variety and sometimes you remind of my student as they explore and create. It’s inspiring!!

  8. A lovely card, Carole. It’s interesting seeing how you complete different projects.

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