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May Is For Makers – Week 1


Sharing my first purchase for the May Is For Makers campaign, this designer completely blew me away with her latest release.

May Is For Makers |
I first ‘met’ Cynthia when we were on a blog hop together in 2014 for new quilting blogs.  I liked her blog and started following her then, and we comment on each other’s blogs frequently.  She blogs at Quilting is More Fun Than Housework.  When she published her pattern for this quilt, called Spin, I knew I needed to have one.  I would have bought this pattern anyway, but it comes at the perfect time for the May Is For Makers campaign.
Isn’t this the neatest pattern?  Remember how I talked about the amount of work that goes into creating a pattern?  It takes hours and hours of work, sewing, writing, editing, and testing.  The result is below, she produced three complete quilts in her pattern in different colors, testing both a scrappy look and an orderly color palette.  Cynthia certainly put in the work here, and I understand what that takes.  So, I bought the pattern not only because I liked it, but also to tell her in real terms that her work has value.  Find her pattern on Craftsy – HERE


Just finding this post and curious as to what it is all about?  Read about the May Is For Makers Campaign here.

See Week 2’s designer!

Please share your purchases from indie designers on social media with the hashtag #mayisformakers for the month of May.  Do you have a favorite pattern from an indie designer?


Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


23 thoughts on “May Is For Makers – Week 1

  1. wow! what a stunning pattern! I’m going to participate in May is for Makers too and this one will get serious consideration 😀

  2. Carole, This is Very nice. I love it. It is bold, but pretty. I love the Red One 😀 my fave color…. well, one of them
    Happy Monday and Happy May.
    May May What can you say
    It is raining out side
    but I will go out to play…. in the garden. I must.
    Have a fun easy week at work, and come home and play too❀

    • It looks really complicated and fussy but we know it is not a treacherous pattern at all!
      The results are spectacular

  3. Love you idea of sharing different bloggers and sites. Yesterday I bought some beautiful fabric from someone you suggested.

  4. Wow that is beautiful.

  5. Thanks so much Carole for purchasing and sharing my newest pattern as part of the May is for Makers campaign. I feel very honored!

  6. What a beautiful quilt! I definitely want to see yours when it’s done.

  7. This pattern knocked my socks off —- but alas the only way to buy it is to “join” Craftsy, which I don’t want to do. I emailed Cynthia to see if there is another way to buy the pattern, but haven’t heard back yet

  8. Good Morning Carole! That is a beautiful choice of patterns to buy! You, as already mentioned can do so many color variations and a scrappy one too. Thank you for participating, buying and sharing these wonderful blog sights with us! Have a fantastic creative day!

  9. I just bought this pattern! I love how unique it is and can see it made with so many different colorways…. Thank you for the inspiration Carole.

  10. At first I thought the white areas looked like ‘too much’ or ‘too broad’, but when I clicked on the link and saw the closeup of the pattern, WOW!! Really a spectacular pattern and the detail is magnificent. Think you made a wise choice buying this one, it’s just stunning! These kinds of posts really make me wish I knew how to quilt. My sister also recently joined Craftsy (she is into crocheting) and it really is a great site with lots of inspirational projects!

  11. Wait….so you didn’t mean Makers Mark? Ha ha, oh well!! 🙂 Lovely quilts, I truly wish I had that talent.

  12. Oh, that’s a good one! I like it! I have to delay my first Monday purchase for personal reasons, but I’ll catch up at the end of the week!

  13. Hi, Carole,
    This is such a great idea! I cannot tell you how many great tutorials, etc I have seen on the blogs, along with free patterns i have downloaded from Craftsy. I purchased the Archer Pattern from Color Girl Quilts today as my first #may is for makers buy. I found two very good ideas of Sharon’s, one on her blog and one on IG, which took me to two finished quilts. I expect I could have done the work to figure out her pattern but giving her both credit for her hard work and making the purchase feels right.

    I love Cynthia’s pattern, too, but worked log cabins out of my system 40+ years ago!

    I will have to think about what to buy next week, as I rarely do buy a complete pattern…

  14. Carole, I have just ordered, paid for and downloaded Spin. I think it is a fantastic pattern. Can’t wait to finish up some stuff so I can give it a try in Red version of course. Thanks for sharing this.

  15. Beautiful pattern, I can’t wait to see your take on it!

  16. What a lovely choice! Cynthia is such a talented quilter and designer. Glad to see you are joining in the #mayisformakers movement. Looking forward to seeing your version of this beautiful pattern!

  17. I love this newest version of the old log cabin pattern…imagine, circles out of straight line logs. Cool.

  18. What a beautiful first buy, the log cabin pattern never ceases to amaze me! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  19. I’m new to blogging. I recently found the Inbox Jaunt and from there I found your blog. I’ve been quilting for about a year now and I’m overwhelmed at what can be done quilting on a regular sewing machine. I’m looking forward to learning lots of tips from these blogs.

  20. I just finished piecing this quilt. Could send you a picture. Any thoughts on how to quilt it?

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