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May Is For Makers


Today I join fellow bloggers Lee at Freshly Pieced and Lindsey at LRStitched for the May Is For Makers campaign.  Click on their names to read their posts on supporting independent designers so that they can continue to provide the blog content we all like to see, and the comments at the end of those posts as well. These bloggers make the point that while free patterns and ideas are great, appreciation of the time and effort involved should include some financial support in the form of purchasing the blogger’s patterns for sale.  I would add that offerings in their Etsy stores or directly from their websites would count too.   Even a small purchase multiplied by the number of readers would have a huge impact on the costs of a blog and support of the designer.  We are saying that their work has value.

May Is For Makers |

I love blogging and most of that is producing content that others want to read.   I enjoy writing tutorials, and recipes, and all the things I share here.  Having produced several patterns for Moda Bake Shop and my own Craftsy store, I am well aware of what it takes to get a self-published pattern to market.  No one says blogging will be way to make a living, and certainly I still need my day job.  But, I am going to take some time this month to say thank you to the other independent bloggers I admire by purchasing one of their patterns or products.

Beginning on Monday, I’ll share my purchases with you each week.  Those on social media can share using the hashtag #mayisformakers.  If you are on social media like Instagram or Twitter, look for that hashtag to find some new independent designers.

I do enjoy designing quilts and crafts. When I got the EQ7 design software, my creativity soared.  The result was the two Mystery Quilt-Alongs Scrap Dance and Scrap Dance Tango, a Christmas Runner Quilt Along, and more I have yet to share.  Just to be clear, this is not a plea to buy my patterns, although I won’t complain if you do.  I am aware that my blog readers are a wide cross section of readers with diverse interests, and only some sew or quilt.  This campaign is to promote all designers, to say thank you for taking the hours of time and effort to produce a pattern, make a handmade item, share your passion and to support creativity.

Each Monday in May, I’ll be joining Lindsay and Lee in supporting independent designers, sharing a purchase from another designer, telling her or him that I appreciate their work, and their creativity.  That is five designers that I’ll be telling you about and five designers that I will thank for their passion.  I’ll be pulling the trigger on buying a few new patterns that I have admired, or a creation in an Etsy store, instead of just admiring them.  I’ll be saying to those designers, thank you for the great content you have provided for me, and I hope you continue to share your creativity with me and other readers.

It starts Monday.  By participating, you too can help spread the word on marvelous independent designers.  Share your appreciation as you are able, and don’t forget that hashtag #mayisformakers.

See my  first post May Is For Makers Week 1.


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7 thoughts on “May Is For Makers

  1. I agree, I’m not a blogger but I do enjoy reading them and yours is always a bright spot in my day. Thank you for sharing your many talents with us!

  2. I agree and will be watching your posts and following links that you provide. As you know, I am a blogger, but not a very active one. LOL. I used to be though and had a great following and a group of us made fabric postcards and sent them to one another. It was so much fun. I am slowly getting back into blogging and the fun that it can be. But yes, all of the work and time, along with so much more goes into running a blog and providing patterns, quilt alongs (which yours are so fabulous…I finally finished hand stitching the Christmas Table Runner my first hand stitched binding) . I appreciate everything that you do! Thank You so much Carole you are a true inspiration to me and I have learned so much from you also! I am thrilled that we have become blogging friends and taken a step farther; our relationship is a sparkle in every part of my day! Thank You again for sharing and caring. Now you go and have a fantastic creative day!

  3. I buy a lot of crochet patterns from designers and artist. I have another friend who is always asking me to copy them for her for free. The first couple of times I did it and then I started telling her no. I give her the link to the artist and she’ll just shrug and say I’ll find something close free, I refuse to pay for patterns. It upsets me but she just can’t understand. NOW I do love finding free patterns too. But if I see something I really like and want to make I’ll buy the pattern. I must have hundreds of hat patterns filed away LOL!

  4. People need to realize when they ask or a person SHARES a purchased pattern by copying it, they are breaking a copyright law and taking away a person’s livelihood, and this should never be done. NO to the person asking for a copy is the correct response. I appreciate all the free patterns and I do purchase something I really like and want to make. Of course there is always a fly ine ointment that does not want to comply. Enough of my soapbox except that the person copying the pattern is just as guilty! Carole, thanks for all you share.

  5. Just wanted you to know that I went back to my blog post on the Scrap Dance Tango mystery and added a link to your blog there for anyone else who might be interested in the mystery. Takes my brain a little while to “get in gear” sometimes……the older I get!

  6. Thanks for sharing this May is for Makers post Carole. I love providing tutorials and free content to my readers, but I also love designing and selling patterns. When someone purchases a pattern from me it provides a sort of validation that I’m doing work that people like. I really appreciate that support. Because there is so much free available on the Internet, I think it definitely makes people think twice before pressing the “Buy” button.

    There are many people who really do appreciate all the work that goes into providing a pattern and will happily pay for patterns created by Indi designers. The generosity of quilters and crafters is so amazing, and those who are trying to make a little money in their craft should be supported. None of us will get rich, but these purchases allow us to continue to provide quality tutorials, quilt-alongs, and other content at no cost to our readers in addition to our ‘for sale’ patterns. Thanks for helping to spread the word!

  7. OK. How is this going to work? Do you give us a Blogger who has designs to sell? I do not mind buying patterns. Thanks. I enjoy your blogs.

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