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A Little Something Card


This stamp set is really cute, and just the right idea for the card I needed. I wanted to send my cousin something fun. I also wanted to have some fun with my new embossing machine. It wasn’t a big expensive one, just a small one, but it works really well. So, I got out some blue cardstock and one of the embossing folders.

A Little Something Card at From My Carolina Home

I wanted to do just the front, and I thought I could just do that without doing the back. It would save paper by not having to glue a separate piece to the front. So, I put the front of the card into the embossing folder, folded the back to the outside, and went for it.

A Little Something Card at From My Carolina Home

Encasing it in the embossing pads, it went through the machine with just a few turns of the crank.

A Little Something Card at From My Carolina Home

It worked just fine!

A Little Something Card at From My Carolina Home

Of course, the embossing needed to be the star of the card, so the other elements were kept to a minimum.

A Little Something Card at From My Carolina Home

The yellow dotted ribbon was glued on at an angle, then the ‘something’ element was added.

A Little Something Card at From My Carolina Home

Inside, the sentiment was from another Stampin’ Up set, with the cute little bird.

A Little Something Card at From My Carolina Home

Of course, my special stamp went on the back.

A Little Something Card at From My Carolina Home

It went into the mail with season one on DVD of House of Cards. I hope she enjoys this show as much as I have.

A Little Something Card at From My Carolina Home

Are you having fun this weekend?  Anyone else a House of Cards fan?


Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


12 thoughts on “A Little Something Card

  1. Love the card. We have watched most of the House of Cards. We have been watching other things recently so I guess we’ll get back to it eventually. That’s what I like about Netflix, it’s always there waiting for us when we’re in the mood.

  2. I loved your card and I too make cards. I enjoy sending cards for no reason. House of Cards is one of my favorites too!

  3. Great card, love the embossing that you showcased on it. I have never seen House of Cards. I am getting ready to make my first t- shirt quilt. I haven’t quilted in many years. I did decide to use sashing on it. I am washing all the t-shirts today and will cut off all the sleeves, to see how big I can make the squares. I will be making a trip to Joanne’s on Monday to stock up on supplies.

  4. Good Morning Carole! Oh, your embossing machine did a beautiful job. The selection design you chose is beautiful and I agree that just doing the one side of the card was a good idea and leaving the rest for all of your other great and fun ideas. I do not know of the show you are mentioning. Hubby watches Netflix, I do once in awhile but rarely. I am going to be working on finishing quilting a couple of quilts this month and that is it for my plans. Hubby and I bought some more flower seeds, vegetable seeds and even a few plants to plant. But we actually had a light frost this morning, so we may end up holding off for a tad bit longer. All of the mountains around us got a substantial amount of snow the past few days also. I do hope that you have a fantastic creative day!

  5. Those are beautiful Carole! I have a Sizzix and bought a bunch of them when they were on sale, they are fun to use!

  6. Nice job! I missed my “card class” last month, where the leader brings her embossing machine. I think your card looks lovely!

  7. That card is precious. I didn’t know there were smaller models. What a cute idea. I love that movie too. I’ve only seen Season One but I thought it was really good acting.

  8. You are always being crafty Carole. And I love to see what you make. I never got into embossing although I did try it several times. I also tried scrapbooking but that was really boring to me. So I just stick to quilting. I have a daughter that makes cards although she hasnt made any in a long time.
    Thanks for sharing with us. Hope you have a great day today.

  9. I don’t know House of Cards. I do follow Heather North, who does CASual Fridays and Stampin’ Up, though.

  10. How lovely!! I haven’t watched that show yet but I must look it up now!!

  11. I havent watched House of Cards. I see that it is on Netflix though. Maybe one day Ill watch it.

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