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Celebrate International Craft Month! Tri-Fold Birthday Cards, Prizes and Blog Hop


March is International Craft Month, and I am kicking off this month’s Celebration with a stamping project. Throughout the month will be more new ideas using lots of crafty things.  In conjunction with Quilt Shop Gal, a number of bloggers will be sharing crafting ideas this month, particularly today.  Read all the way to the bottom for a huge giveaway opportunity!  To start the month of crafting projects, today I want to show you this Tri-Fold Birthday card.

Tri-Fold Birthday Card tutorial at From My Carolina Home

These stock cards come in packages of 10 with envelopes at the local craft supply store. It has been difficult to come up with a good design, so I put them aside for a long time. I do like the little window, so I decided to pull together several elements to make the three sections work together.  I made this design initially for my MIL’s birthday, then I needed another one quick so used the same design a few days later.

Tri-Fold Birthday Card tutorial at From My Carolina Home

I started by centering a cute saying in the window of the card.

Tri-Fold Birthday Card tutorial at From My Carolina Home

Using a black piece of throw-away paper, I masked off the under section of the card so I could use a large stamp on the second fold.

Tri-Fold Birthday Card tutorial at From My Carolina Home

I inked up a large flower with purple ink, and stamped the image. I put the word ‘smile’ at the top.

Tri-Fold Birthday Card tutorial at From My Carolina Home

I colored the flower with chalk pastels, and added a butterfly.

Tri-Fold Birthday Card tutorial at From My Carolina Home

On the front, I stamped ‘Celebrate’ at the top. You can see how the flower in the second section makes a pretty border on the sentiment visible from the inside.

Tri-Fold Birthday Card tutorial at From My Carolina Home

I added purple and yellow ribbons down the left side, and began putting scallop circles at the bottom.

Tri-Fold Birthday Card tutorial at From My Carolina Home

On the last circle, I stamped a little pansy.

Tri-Fold Birthday Card tutorial at From My Carolina Home

Of course, my personal stamp goes on the back, this time with a little butterfly.

Tri-Fold Birthday Card tutorial at From My Carolina Home

Inside has the cute candle sentiment, and Happy Birthday.

Tri-Fold Birthday Card tutorial at From My Carolina Home

A few days later, I needed another one for a special family member to go with an old photograph. So, having only a little time, I just did another one in the same basic design.

Tri-Fold Birthday Card tutorial at From My Carolina Home

This time I used a rose inside the second fold.

Tri-Fold Birthday Card tutorial at From My Carolina Home

Getting out the pastel chalks again, I colored the rose yellow.

Tri-Fold Birthday Card tutorial at From My Carolina Home

Then added a little butterfly.

Tri-Fold Birthday Card tutorial at From My Carolina Home

The yellow ribbon has little dots on the yellow, and I used green satin ribbon with it.

Tri-Fold Birthday Card tutorial at From My Carolina Home

Five scalloped circles in two sizes complete the front, with a butterfly accent. Celebrate is stamped at the top.

Tri-Fold Birthday Card tutorial at From My Carolina Home

As usual, my personal stamp goes on the back, this time in green.

Tri-Fold Birthday Card tutorial at From My Carolina Home

As I did with the first card, I also put a stamp on the envelope to dress it up a bit.

Tri-Fold Birthday Card tutorial at From My Carolina Home

Thank you so much for visiting!  If you are not a regular reader, please look around to see what my blog has to offer.  I blog about so many things, and I love having new followers.

bee creative kick off badgeNow for the prize news and Blog Hop!  We have nine bloggers participating with this fabulous Celebrate International Craft Month blogger event.  So, let’s Bee Creative! Thanks to Quilt Shop Gal, our hostess for this great event,  Aurifil, Timeless Treasures, Martingale, Dragon Threads, The Wooden Bear, and more have all confirmed donation of prizes, most of which will ship directly and be open to international participants.  So, click on a Rafflecopter giveaway , and then visit these fun blogs for even more entries.


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Are you crafting or stamping this month?


Please forgive me if I don’t answer your comments individually as I usually do, there may be just too many to do that.


Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


99 thoughts on “Celebrate International Craft Month! Tri-Fold Birthday Cards, Prizes and Blog Hop

  1. Wow, such beautiful cards! I like making cards but usually use fabric or photos as I don’t have a collection of stamps. I like stamps, but think I shouldn’t start another hobby — the sewing stuff is already filling several rooms of the house! I’ll be crafting this month, and every month. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Your stamped cards are so beautiful, I will show my mom your post as well, she likes to make cards herself. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

  3. Have not done stamping for years! It’s such good fun…however, I have a number of quilting projects I need to complete in the next few weeks and months. Better not get side tracked

  4. A beautiful project. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Cute cards

  6. I’m having a card making day on the 14th.

  7. These cards look wonderful!

  8. That is so cool and creative! I haven’t ventured into card making, I keep busy enough with my other crafts.

  9. I was scrolling and reading, and when I hit the yellow rose done with your chalks, it just popped off the page! I have these supplies, but like everything else I forget to use them unless reminded. What a brilliant idea for Easter cards, or the dozen spring birthdays. Lovely projects and thank you!

  10. Your cards are beautiful and would mean so much more than a store bought, thanks for the tutorial.

  11. Beautiful cards. You are very talented. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Great tute! I often make my own cards, but never tried a tri fold before! I love learning new things.

  13. Very pretty card. this is a craft I have never tried but it looks really inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Love the pastel touches, Carole
    I am always “crafting” hahaha for real.
    These cards are beautiful
    I am excited to visit these other blogs.
    Happy Tuesday, It is going to be a springy kind of day.

  15. Thank you for sharing your pretty cards. i love making my own cards to send also and enjoy it very much. I like to add glitter to mine. I guess it is the kid still in me.LOL

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  17. Your cards are absolutely beautiful. Whomever receives them will certainly treasure them. I love making cards, but don’t consider myself great at making them. Thanks for sharing your tips. I definitely want to pick up some tri-fold card stock as well as give stamps with chalk a try. Total #CreativeGoodness. Thanks for sharing and participating in this event. Great way to kick off and Celebrate International Craft Month.


  18. I never got into stamping, but those are so adorable! I do love sewing an quilting though!

  19. Cute card. I had a friend come in to a group I belong to and she did a program on pop up cards. We all did one and it turned out really good and was a lot of fun! Thanks for the tips!

  20. love stamping but haven’t done it in a while…still have all my supplies…thanks for the inspiration

  21. Your cards are very pretty, but I send Blue Moutain cards, which are very cute, animated, etc. It cuts down on paper and postage. I’m hoping to get back into sewing/quilting after spending some time at another location while our home is being remodeled.

  22. Your cards are beautiful.

  23. Lovely cards and now I know I could become totally addicted to stamps!

  24. great cards, I have a big box of stamps too and several from stampin up and I have a chalk set too 🙂 inspiring!!

  25. What a clever lady you are. You inspire me to try this… Thank you 🙂

  26. love your card, i will have to look for those at my lcs.

  27. I’ve never seen those cards before. Thanks for a great idea.

  28. What wonderful, beautiful, simply card ideas. I’ve only embroidered on card stock, but think I’ll give stamping a try. thanks.

  29. Hopefully I’ll bee quilting and appliquing.

  30. Love these cards. Thanks for showing how you made them. What craft store did you find the cards at? Joann’s, Michaels and Hobby Lobby around here don’t seem to have them.

  31. Those cards are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.


  33. your cards are lovely. thanks for sharing how to do them.

  34. Beautiful cards. Looking forward to all of the Craft Month posts.

  35. I am crafting and my sister is stamping!!!

  36. your cards are pretty, I like to buy ones that are different and these are.

  37. Lovely work. I enjoy cross stitch and love making cards with my finished projects x

  38. What beautiful cards. Will pass your blog along to a friend who does alot of card making. Thanks for sharing.

  39. A beautiful card anyone would love to receive.

  40. My comment did not show, so am trying again. Apologies if you get this twice. Thanks for sharing your cards. Really like the use of the chalk pastels for the flower. You certainly use many techniques to create these special cards. Will pass this blog post on to a friend whose passion is card making.

  41. Thanks for being part of a great giveaway!

  42. I have never attempted stamping. Looks like fun.

  43. Ha, haven’t made cards in some time…pretty!

  44. Your cards a beautiful, meticulously done. Thank you for sharing.

  45. Beautiful cards! I have never made cards like you do.

  46. I love making cards. Yours are beautiful!

  47. Your cards are very beautiful. I have some card supplies but have yet to make any. Maybe I will now.

  48. Lovely cards. Which reminds me that Easter is just 3 weeks away and I had better get going with making my Easter cards. I like the idea of using pastels (chalks), I have quite a large collection of them (far too many), but have been favouring water colours and Copic markers for colouring stamp designs.

    So I need to dig out my Easter stamps and finish the cards ready for mailing, before you post the next step of Scrapdance Tango…….

  49. I have to share this with my friend. She’ll love it. Beautiful project!

  50. What fun! Your cards are lovely. I’ll have to look for some folded like that.

  51. Love this card ~ will be sure to make some for the holidays! thank you

  52. Awesome cards, i love the butterflies.

  53. Your cards are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them! This month I am making fabric baskets for a fundraiser.

  54. Lovely card. I like all the special details you added.

  55. Thank you so much for the card inspiration! We make almost all the cards we send, and I needed some fresh ideas. These are lovely- I’ve not seen the cards with the little windows before.

  56. You are very talented the card is beautiful . I have kept all the cards my friends have made they are special to me. Thank you for a chance to win .

  57. I will make a few cards for Easter but I am Spring cleaning. Yuck.

  58. I have been quilting for 25 years! Your cards are very pretty, thanks!

  59. I am new to your blog and am enjoying your posts. I was drawn in by your scrap quilt along. Keep up the good work.

  60. Good morning, good to know this is craft month-and I have felt more crafty too-looking more into recipes for using the oak galls I have collected in the woods, doing more hand stitching too as I am able.
    I love your card and your personal stamp especially -that is really nice
    thank your blog hop link

  61. I love your card. Thank you

  62. Beautiful cards! How thoughtful of you!

  63. Nice card my daughter just bought a big cricket …Shes a scrap booker and will come in handy for her cub scout things….

  64. What a beautiful talent you have! Luv your color combinations and inspirations.
    Would be sew fun to become lucky winner.
    Thanks for sharing your energies!

  65. Good Morning Carole! As you can tell, I am a day behind. Kevin and I had a busy day in town yesterday and I never had the opportunity to get online. Blog hops are always full of fun tutorials, great information and superb give aways! Your cards are gorgeous! I found it really fascinating that you used colored chalks to color with. Are they a special type that have some sort of oils added because they do not appear to be powdery. The way that they spread so nicely in your close tiny areas was amazing or is it just your brilliant artistic abilities that are shining through! I am glad that you shared them with us and your process for making your lovely cards! Thank you and have a fantastic creative day!

  66. Your cards are beautiful – a real labor of love. You are very talented. Thanks!

  67. Beautiful cards!!

  68. These cards are gorgeous!

  69. Such a pretty card! Thanks for the info.

  70. Love the cards. Great ideas

  71. Lovely cards–I’m working on finishing up quilted projects this month.

  72. You make beautiful cards, thanks for sharing

  73. I have lots of card making supplies that I haven’t used in years! I got hooked on quilting and haven’t made a card since; but it looks like so much fun! I think I’ll make cards for Easter this year instead of buying them. Thanks for the tutorial!

  74. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us, and thank you for this wonderful giveaway! Thanks and God bless! ILuvTheEucharist (at)

  75. Awesome cards. You truly have a talent. Not sure I could do that!

  76. What a wonderful way to personalize cards to suit the recipient. Thanks for being part of the blog hop and for sharing your talent(s). I’m working on scrap tango.

  77. I have just recently started making cards. Thanks for participating and sharing your talent and creativity!

  78. Beautiful cards. Thanks for sharing. vickise at gmail dot com

  79. Pretty cards! Looks like a fun project.

  80. Your cards are beautiful!

  81. I love your beautiful cards. Stamping looks like fun.

  82. Your cards are gorgeous – I make a few but not as lovely as yours which look very professional.
    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  83. thanks for sharing the cardmaking idea. This is one thing I almost never do even though I have many of the supplies!

  84. I am just “getting into” making my own greeting cards, so I enjoy your ideas and creative touches!

  85. I love your personalized stamp! My sister does Stampin’ Up, so I’ll have to find out more about it. This month, I’m just trying to catch up on last year’s Pat Sloan mystery BOM, finish my baby’s quilt, finish lots of quilts. I have a stack of quilt tops and some in sandwiches that I need to get quilting!

  86. I am doing tons of sewing, it is spring break and I have grandkids working on quilt projects. So fun. Love your cards. I am in awe of a DIL who creates works of art like yours. Thanks.

  87. I mostly sew but this makes me want to start paper crafting! Thanks for sharing.

  88. Your cards are so creative, it makes me want to break out my stamps.

  89. Lovely cards you are making! I have also looked at your quilt projects, they are very nice.

  90. I wish I had more time to do papercrafts like this.

  91. I just had a new floor put in my sewing area, so I am putting it back together, as well as sorting and rearranging my area right now. Still can’t find things I would need to make something!

  92. I didn’t realize cards could be so lovely,

  93. Lovely cards! I want to learn how to do that one day… along with a dozen other things! Thank you so much for sharing!

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